Confessions From My First Trimester

I’m going to admit that my First Trimester of pregnancy wasn’t as fun as I thought it be, hahaha. I had heard stories of moms not having any symptoms of morning sickness and other’s who were puking either in the morning or all day.  For some reason I thought it was going to be a breeze for me…as it was for my mom (she never had morning sickness with any of her pregnancies!)

Girrrrl, was I wrong! It’s probably the worst I’ve ever felt in my life…no pain, just all sorts of uncomfortable! Imagine having the worst hangover of your life EVERYDAY for 3+ months? Walking around with an upset stomach, feeling like you have to puke every step, every smell, sight and even thought of meat made you gag. Blah! Oh right, and absolutely having no energy at all…the worst. Ugh, I am so happy those months are behind me.

My nausea was so bad, I had to carry bottle of spearmint essential oil with me at all times, and rub it on my wrists and take deep breaths to try to relieve it, especially on public transit. I got all sorts of crazy eyes from people thinking I was probably sniffing something else ahahaha.

A lot of questions get asked when people find out that you are pregnant, which can also be a little annoying and uncomfortable. One of the popular questions was “did you guys plan it?” Ugh, just the worst question I think, seriously, what do you care if it was planned or not? What difference will it make if I answer this question? 

Another question that was asked often is “are you guys ready?” I’d just gave them a blank stare followed by laughing. Yes, I completely ignored the question and let them interpret my reaction how they pleased. I think parenting/raising a child is a natural instinct.

Ohh and my favourite “you don’t look pregnant” comment… *rolls eyes* hahaha. I don’t know if this is a dis or a compliment? 

The second trimester has been different from the first, PHEW!! I am so excited that I’m almost finished my Second Trimester, I can’t wait for the Third. Closer to being able to have my baby in my arms!!!

What’s confession do you have about your first trimester?

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