Engage and Educate with a Big Sister Bag!

With so much attention and excitement for the baby, Gabriel and I decided to put together a special gift for our little girl, who was also going to go thru a big change. Because being a big sister is life changing. And at times, pretty over whelming. So we put together a Big Sister Bag, with fun and educational related to being a big sister.


Gabriel and I were very open and honest with Luna throughout the pregnancy. We explained that a new baby was going to be joining the family. That she was going to be a big sister, like mom! Her eyes would open wide in amazement.


We’d take her to our midwife appointments were she would help put aloe on my tummy, and help find the babies heartbeat. She would also listen to the babies heartbeat thru the stethoscope. And even help measure my belly.

Luna loved going to the midwifes as she felt included. I think it is so important that your children feel included in the pregnancy. Whether it is accompanying mom to appointments, picking out clothes for baby, or even suggesting baby names.


We took the opportunity to educate our little moon about all the perks, fun and responsibilities of being a big sister thru play and stories. Some  of our favourite Big Sister (Brother) Books are: I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole, I Am a Big Sister by Caroline Jayne Church, Big Brother Daniel (the Tiger) by Angela Santomero and The Super Incredible Big Sister PERSONALIZED BOOK.

You don’t have to load a ton of things into a Big Sister Bag. I picked out the adorable Skip Hop Unicorn Backpack and a couple of educational items, and a new water bottle (you can never have enough) for Luna’s Big Sister Bag.

Big Sister Bag

Big Sister Bag-SkipHopUnicorn-MamaAmourPregnancyDoll-PuraWaterBottle-SuperIncredibleBigSisterBook

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack: Nothing more magical than this cute unicorn which will hold all of Luna’s goodies. I picked this backpack out because it has a front zipper with mesh that’s perfect for holding her little finger puppets, and other little trinkets. It also has a mesh side pocket, perfect for holding her water bottle. This backpack is durable and has many big sister adventures ahead!

MamAmor Doll: This doll is perfect for sibling preparation. I actually bought this doll for Luna at MommyCon Seattle back in 2015, during my second pregnancy. MamAmor Dolls are birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing dolls. Handmade in Canada.

MamAmor dolls are great gift for children, as they are able to discover the beauty of birth, breastfeeding and babywearing through play.

Educate Through Play

The Super Incredible Big Sister Personalized Book: I love this book, it comes personalized with big sister’s name and the name of the new baby. The story is really sweet, it reassures her that she is loved and appreciated… and it rewards her for helping out and being a “super star” with her new sibling. It even comes with a Super Incredible Big Sister medal that you can personalize with the proud sister’s first name!

Pura Stainless: These water bottle have become my favourite since discovering them a couple months ago. They are the only 100% plastic free bottles on the market. I really love how easy they are to clean, and that they are actually LEAK-PROOF! Luna also share my love for water bottles, so I knew I had to get a Pura Kiki Straw Bottle with PINK Sleeve! Also, Pura products have been certified by MadeSafe as NONTOXIC, the only such bottles on the global market to achieve this status.

Luna loved her Big Sister Bag and all the goodies inside. She definitely wears her Super Incredible Big Sister medal proudly. I’d love to hear what you would  include in a Big Sister/Brother Bag?

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