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Buenos Dias readers! Today, I would like to introduce to you, a new friend of mine, MJ Lindo. I stumbled across MJ a few months ago while browsing the #Latina on instagram. Now I usually browse hashtags that I can relate to, like my ethnicity, where i live, my favorite tv show, etc. Something that I find annoying is that more than often, when I use #Latina, I get waaaaay too much TNA, and not enough art, culture, food, photography, etc. Anyways, I was SO pleased to have stumbled into MJ! Truly a blessing to find her and her work, there is something so raw and sincere about the women  she draws. 
MJ is from the Bay Area, USA. She is a lover of tattoos, graffitti, and most things art related. We’ve done a brief interview, presented below. Hope you enjoy and most importantly, are inspired by her words and amazing art.

N: What inspires you?
MJ: Too much! Hahaha…I’m mostly inspired by culture though.

N: Have you always been this good at drawing and painting? Like a natural born talent,or have you practiced to perfect your art?
MJ: I’m consistently trying to improve but I don’t remember ever not doing some type of art. I’ve moved around a lot so art is something that I’ve been able to keep with me.

N: Can you explain the symbolism in your art?
MJ: Symbolism in my art is different for each viewer. People see things in my art that I never see, I just let people take what they want from my work.

N: Can you describe the women you paint, where do their emotions come from?Son historias reales or fiction?
MJ: The women I paint are mixture of women I know, look up to, or just stories I want to translate into some thing I can understand.

N: Where do you see yourself in five years?
MJ: It’s hard for me to think that far in advance…hopefully I’ll still have my arms so still painting hopefully!

N: Any words of advice/tips for people who want to express their creativity, but don’t know how?
MJ: I am the worst advice giver…I guess I would suggest experimenting with different mediums until something sticks.

MJ is going to give one lucky Nina on the Moon reader, a giclee print of the illustration pictured below! 🙂

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