Children’s Music Artists You Should Know

I’m going to say what many parents have thought about children’s music, but have felt guilty for saying it. It can be a little annoying, there I said it, and it felt good haha. We have been able to find 5 children’s music artists that we actually enjoy and have on rotation in our car, and home. Our favourite children’s music artists have one thing in common, they are dedicated to connecting children to culture, nature and each other,with music, movement and make-believe. Below, we’ve listed 5 Children’s Music Artists You Should Know and our favourite albums.

Children’s Music Artists You Should Know:

  • ¡Uno, dos, tres, Andres! – En español y en ingles (Music for Children in 2 Languages)

We discovered ¡Uno, dos, tres, Andres! last year while streaming via Apple Music. We heard his song, ¡Salta, Salta! and were instantly drawn to upbeat rhythms, and catchy melodies. We purchased his debut, Latin-Grammy nominated album (En español y en ingles) and were pleasantly surprised that it features 22 songs in Spanish and English. It’s ideal for kids and families to enjoy together, or also perfect for the classroom. Get ready to dance (and sing-along, too!) because ¡Uno, dos, tres, Andres! En español y ingles is warm and infectious, you wont be able to sit still.

Some of our favourite songs from En español y ingles are: ¡Salta, Salta!, If I Had A Mariachi,  Mi Amigo Paul, Where Does My Salad Come From?

¡Uno, dos, tres, Andres! recently released his much anticipated album to En español y en ingles, Arriba, Abajo! Which is just as warm, upbeat and infectious as his debut, Latin-Grammy nominated album.

  • Bobs & Lolo – Dirty Feet

Our friend Jessica introduced us to Bobs & Lolo last year. Bobs & LoLo have written and recorded six award-winning albums, a musical DVD and a children’s book called Run Salmon Run. Alongside the adoration of the young and the young at heart, Bobs & LoLo have received critical acclaim from the likes of the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Western Canadian Music Alliance, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and the JUNO Awards.

Rcently named Canada’s Favourite Kids’ Entertainer in a nationwide poll by CBC Music, this dynamic duo is dedicated to connecting children to nature.

Some of our favourite songs from Dirty Feet are: Dirty Feet, Run Salmon Run and Busy Bee.

Children's Music Artist You Should Know- [Uno, dos, tres, Anders], [Jessie Farell], [Will Stroet], [Bobs & Lolo], [Sonia de los Santos].

Children’s Music Artist You Should Know- [Uno, dos, tres, Anders], [Jessie Farell], [Will Stroet], [Bobs & Lolo], [Sonia de los Santos].

  • Sonia de los Santos – Mi Viaje de Nuevo Leon to the New York Island

We found Sonia de los Santos via ¡Uno, dos, tres, Andres! Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island  (Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award Winner) is a collection of songs that reflect her experiences growing up in Mexico, moving to another country, learning about other cultures, and in the process, feeling closer to her own heritage.

Sonia de los Santos cd is a mix of old and new songs. By old, I mean traditional children’s songs, like, “This Land Is Your Land,” translated into Spanish by Sonia, “Esta Es Tu Tierra.” Mi Viaje de Nuevo Leon to the New York Island excites children and grown ups of all backgrounds.

Some of our favourite songs from Mi Viaje de Nuevo Leon to the New York Island are: Esta es tu Tierra, Luna y Lucero, Tan Feliz and Chocolate.

  • Jessie Farrell – Take Me Outside

We first heard Jessie Farrell’s catchy and whimsical songs in “Scout & The Gumboot Kids,” a Kids’ CBC television series. Jessie’s music is featured in every episode of the show. Take me Outside is probably one of my favourite children’s albums. It has a great variety of songs that will make you get up and dance around, or perfect for some cuddles and chilling. Jessie’s Take me Outside stays true to her country and folk roots.

Some of our favourite songs from Take me Outside: Marvelous Mud Pie, Feeling Free, Bugs & Slugs, Why Love a Little, Bees.

  • Will Stroet – WORD PLAY

Will’s Jams, a preschool television series on Kids’ CBC is where we first heard of Will Stroet and his music. Will is an award-winning children’s musician, inspires kids to be active, healthy, creative and engaged in the world through educational music in English and French. Word Play is a bilingual (English and French) album with some rock and roll/ blues vibes.  You’ll definetly catch yourself bopping your head along to Will’s catchy tunes.

Some of our favourite songs from WORD PLAY: Share With You, Robots & Tots, Lets Have Fun, and La Recreation.

Make sure to check out each musician’s website where you can listen to some great music that both you and your children will enjoy

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