Quaker® Life Chia Fruit Bowl


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Hi NOTM readers! It’s Jessika writing in from Los Angeles, recovering from a hectic but wonderful holiday season. I can’t help but feel like I got hit by the Christmas train this time around. I’m sure that first time moms can relate but I had so much expectation for Nina Rose’s first Christmas that I may have run myself a little ragged in the process (We made tamales twice in one week!). At 10 months old she had no idea what was going on, but she really liked the wrapping paper! As 2014 came to a close I found myself reflecting on the most amazing year of my life (a wedding and a baby!) and the many lessons I’ve learned along the way. I’m sure that most parents would agree that the first year of parenting is so full of personal growth & probably growing pains if we are honest with each other.

I never knew how strong I could be and that’s why I am so excited for the New Year and making some really well thought out and ambitious new years resolutions. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and have only recently learned to accept and appreciate my curvy Latina figure (another thing I can thank motherhood for!) and stop struggling against it. Every single resolution I’ve ever made has been “I’m going to get skinny!” or “I’m going to loose this many pounds…or else!” But this time I am resolving to not make those types of resolutions. Because I’m resolving that in 2015 I am going to take better care of myself. I really want to be the best example for my daughter as I can be, and to me that means not focusing on a number on a scale but making the right choices. Taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Part of this resolution for me means eating a breakfast. I’ve always been bad about it. And when I do want to eat breakfast I want chilaquiles, tortilla con huevo, or a nice burrito with chorizo con papa… see my problem? Latin food is just so good! So I decided to take a bowl of avena and make it a fun breakfast for kids and parents. We spend the holidays with my parents in the suburbs and whenever I’m out there I love shopping at big stores! It’s something you don’t have access to when you live in the city and I miss it sometimes from my childhood. So with the baby asleep my Mom and I made a <Wal-Mart run. While we were there I picked up all my ingredients for my Quaker® Life Chia Fruit Bowl and a couple other items for easy baby friendly breakfasts while you are away from home. I grabbed a box of the Quaker® Squares and Quaker® Simply Granola so that I can throw them in the diaper bag for an easy snack while we run around town and also a Quaker® Real Medley. We loved the Quaker® Real Medley, I added milk instead of water and Nina Rose ate the entire container. I actually thought we would share but she didn’t give me a chance!IMG_3332 IMG_3336

This Quaker® Life Chia Fruit Bowl recipe is really great when you have kids who are old enough to help in the kitchen or who are crafty as it’s half recipe and half art project. Nina Rose and I both ate this for breakfast and we were ready to go and full of energy for a day at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. This is so easy to pack for on the go meals or as a busy project that they can eat! There are so many variations depending on the season, your mood, or just your favorites. I would love to see some of your creations and ideas to keep this recipe interesting and in your regular rotation!



Quaker Life Chia Fruit Bowl

Chia Seeds 4 Tablespoons

Organic Milk or Milk Substitute 1/3 cup

Greek Yogurt (Full Fat) 1/3 cup

Quaker Life Cereal ½ cup

Quaker oatmeal (I used orginal) 1/3 cup





Shredded Coconut

Mexican Cinnamon dash

Lechera 1 teaspoon

The night before mix chia, milk, yogurt, and oatmeal, cinnamon, and lechera in a bowl. Cover and regidgerate over night .


Dice fruit and decorate your bowl however you like!


That’s it! So easy and really delicious!

Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun Saucer – Update!

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Hi guys its Jessika,

As promised I wanted to follow up my previous post about the Evenflo Exersaucer. I am so glad to report back to Nina on The Moon that we still love it! And I am so relieved! Not only does Nina Rose enjoy her time in it, but also I’ve noticed that she has really started jumping in it! The first time she realized she could bounce in the Exersaucer the laughs and excited screams were adorable! So there you go mammas, if you are looking for a safe, educational, and entertaining solution (and who isn’t?) to keeping your little troublemakers safe and contained while you try and accomplish tasks or to play with together this is it. If you visit Babies R’ Us and decide to try it out there is a 20% off promotion going on now, here is the coupon. Let us know what you think and how your family enjoys it!


Thanks everyone!

-Jessika Sabillón

That truck sure must taste good!

That truck sure must taste good!

Don't bother me Mama, I'm playing!

Don’t bother me Mama, I’m playing!

Warming up with Grandma Zita´s Arroz Con Leche and Glade’s® Winter Collection

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I love the Holidays. I mean, I REALLY love the holidays. I am one of those women who suffer through the summer counting down the days until the weather cools down and the days get shorter. I’ve lived in LA my entire life and I swear it feels like every summer is hotter and longer than the last. But it’s November now and we are finally getting our version of cold weather. I won’t rub it in, I know 60° isn’t what most people consider winter but I’ll take what I can get! If I could convince my husband to decorate for Christmas November 1st, I would do it.

So when I went to Ralph’s and saw the Glade® Winter Collection had arrived,  I was so excited. I love walking in and seeing all the cute seasonal items. I’ve always thought that setting a scent atmosphere is so important in creating a mood and it’s important for me that my family and guests feel that when they enter our home. I continually transition Glade’s® seasonal products throughout the year and, by far, the Winter Collection is my favorite. Apple Cinnamon Cheer™ is my go-to Christmas scent.  So of course I just had to get the candle, wax melts, plug-ins (which I’m addicted to with a smelly bulldog in the house) and the aerosol spray. The aroma of cinnamon immediately takes me back to all of my favorite Mexican holiday foods. I actually never realized how prominently cinnamon or canela is used in Mexican holiday cooking until I sat down to write this. Café de olla, empanadas de manzana or calabaza, mole, & tamales dulces, just to name a few.


But since I really want to include Nina Rose in this year’s holiday (at nine months old, this girl still doesn’t have a single tooth!) as much as possible, there is one Christmas tradition that is so perfect for infants discovering table foods – Arroz con Leche! My Abuelita Carmen makes this every year for Christmas and when we were little, my Dad would make this for us on special occasions, or now that I think about it, maybe when he wanted to use the rest of the milk by the expiration date!

Arroz con Leche is simple to tailor to different dietary needs by using non-dairy milk, brown rice, agave or other sugar substitutes, all with great results. But this girl likes her Arroz con Leche the old-school way! I actually ended up asking my other Grandma for her recipe because, as some of you may have experienced, most Latin family recipes are passed down by instruction or orally and I didn’t have a written recipe. Luckily for me, my Grandma Zita is amazing at being able to explain a recipe over the phone and the arroz came out perfectly.

Feel free to add raisins or different spices to your liking. I’ve always wanted to try adding a dash of cardamom, or maybe something a little spicier but in the spirit of Christmas traditions I stuck with the original recipe.

Grandma Zita’s Arroz con Leche


  • 1 cup of washed short grain white rice
  • 5 cups of milk (I used whole milk)
  • 1 4oz can of sweet and condensed milk
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • Ground cinnamon for garnish


  1. In a bowl or colander wash milk until water runs clear.
  2. Add washed rice, milk, condensed milk, and cinnamon sticks to a heavy pot.
  3. Bring mixture to a soft boil or medium heat, stirring slowly the entire time.
  4. Once mixture is boiling turn heat down low and stir slowly until rice is tender and milk has thickened.
  5. Remove cinnamon sticks and serve with ground cinnamon as a garnish

If you like your Arroz con Leche a bit soupier add milk towards the end otherwise it will be very thick.

I hope you enjoy this family recipe. You can save on Glade® products with coupons. Find coupons for Glade® on 12/7/14 in most Sunday newspapers in the coupon section, you can also find digital coupons for Glade on coupons.com

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“How to Survive the Holiday with Kids?”

According to AAA last year 94.5 million people were on the roads, train tracks or in the skies during the holiday season.  That’s a lot of people! Then add your own kids into the mix of congestion and for some it can mean holiday headaches.  However, Safety 1st has some tips to help fight some of those headaches this season.

1.      Avoid peak travel days –Try not to fly or drive the days immediately before and after the actual holiday.  Those are the busiest travel days. However, if you fly or take a train you might save money by traveling on the actual holiday, the roads are less congested too.

2.      Prepare your child for the trip – Holiday parties can be overwhelming with sensory overload.  Especially for young children it’s good to talk about the upcoming trip days even weeks in advance.  This will help him or her get excited about the journey.  Show photos of family members or friends your child has not met yet, this way the new face might be a little familiar on arrival.

3.       “Are we there yet?” – To help avoid that dreaded phrase an hour into your six hour trip reserve a bag just for the kids, include books, toys, diapers a change of clothes and snacks.  Pre-load a tablet or smartphone with kid friendly apps or games. If you are driving keep all necessary items such as wipes, hand sanitizer or tissues easy to reach in a second – there are times you may not want to be digging through the bottom of a bag for such items. The Safety 1st Car Door Sanitation Station is a great solution.

4.      Car Seats – If you are flying check to make sure your car seat is FAA certified. If it’s not clearly labeled contact the manufacture. For parents with older children the Safety 1st BoostAPack can double as a kid survival kit, it’s FAA certified, and will fit in the plane overhead bin.

If you are driving make sure your car seat is installed correctly. If it’s been awhile since you visited a car seat check, it’s recommended to check your seat with a Certified Child Safety Technician in advance of your trip. Safercar.gov is a great resource.

5.      Prepare the guest room – If your child will be sleeping in a Play Yard during the trip, use that for bed or nap time the entire week before. This will help him or her get used to a new sleep environment.  Also if your infant or child sleeps better in a dark room or tends to wake up early with the morning light, bring garbage bags or dark fabric to tape over windows.

Safety 1st would like to give ONE NOTM reader a carseat! USA Residents only.
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Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun Saucer

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Hi everyone! So we have officially started the Holiday season here. We had such a great first Thanksgiving with Nina. She might not have any teeth yet but this girl loves to eat so she had turkey and all the fixings. It really is amazing to watch your family love your children. I’ve always appreciated how warm and loving my great big Latino family is, but seeing all that love and attention lavished on my baby really makes me love them all the more. (Update: as of this week she has a tooth!)

Getting ready for the holidays for me means lots of baking. Just for the Thanksgiving holiday I made two pumpkin pies, a pumpkin croissant bread pudding, devilled eggs, kale garlic dip, and an entire prime rib all from scratch! I love, love to cook. It’s my version of therapy or meditation, zoning out and completely focusing on the task at hand… until baby came. Unless my husband is home, cooking has become something of a juggling act that I do while entertaining her. So far her favorite play is just on a blanket in the living room with some wooden dinosaurs, a small tambourine, and a book. And while I do love how she can play on her own I can’t exactly focus on anything else now that she is mobile and she and our English Bulldog enjoy giving each other sloppy puppy kisses. So I have been on the hunt for something that would keep her safe and entertained and allow me to finish browning the shallots! We first tried the First Starts activity center. It did the job for maybe a week before Nina decided she rather be on the floor exploring so away that went. We have a clutter rule in our home, if she doesn’t use it then out it goes to storage, donations, or handed down to a friend or family. Living in the city with limited space we don’t like to keep extra stuff and also we try to follow a simplicity approach to parenting, but that’s a whole other post. Luckily for our dinners and me Evenflo approached Nina On the Moon with their Exersaucer to try out. Funnily enough my Mom and I had just seen it in Babies R’ Us and we both commented on how unique the play as you grow idea was. I like products with more than one purpose or as we all have come to know them “hacks” built in. This product starts as a gym and play mat, then becomes an Exersaucer, and eventually when your little one is walking or at least standing steadily a play table. How cool is that. When we got the Exersaucer Nina had just past the stage of being able to use the gym but I set it out for her anyways to see how she would react and although she was too big for it (She was like a baby version of King Kong grabbing the helicopter and trying to gnaw on it) she really liked the dangling toys on the bar. I loved the play mat. Having hardwood floors I’ve been looking for something with a soft and thick feel that was cute, and that didn’t come apart like those puzzle mats. This is exactly that. I only wish it was a little bigger so I could set her down on it and she could crawl and play. Seeing how into the gym she was I was pumped to build the Exersaucer so she could really play. I had built an activity center once before on my own so I though that of course I could do it again. I was so wrong. This thing is intense! It took my husband and I half an hour of teamwork to build it, but it was completely worth it. It’s the Mercedes of activity centers. The around the world travel theme is thought out really well with animals from different parts of the world as well as a camera, globe, mirror, and a bunch of other cool stuff. We went out of town after she only had a couple of days to interact with it so I’ll follow up in a couple of days to update everyone and hopefully we found our match! If you’re interested in getting this for your kiddos Babies R’ Us is offering 20% just follow the link . It would also make a great Christmas or Hanukah gift!

Checking on her first tooth every 5 seconds to make sure it's still there!

Checking on her first tooth every 5 seconds to make sure it’s still there!

Nina Rose concentrating on her safari adventure

Nina Rose concentrating on her safari adventure

Meet TheSABS

Hola! I have some exciting news, my good friend Jessika has joined the Nina on the Moon team! She will be writing about things that she enjoys and love, like DIY, Recipes/Cooking and Reviews! Jessika will also be writing about her little baby Nina Rose and the products that they both enjoy.

Get to know Jessika from TheSABS…
Jessika Sabillon is a mom and wife born and raised in Los Angeles. She studied design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and worked her way up the corporate ladder until Nina Rose was born in early 2014 when she became a stay at home mom. She and her husband enjoy taking their little family on adventures in and around LA & try to include their English Bulldog Fatty-Chula when they can.

I´m really excited to have Jessika join in on the fun and I can´t wait for you to get to know her.

The Avion Holiday Boutique Experience

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My family and I decided to get some holiday shopping done early this year in order to avoid the big crowds and last minute rush. We ventured to the Port Coquitlam Mall to hit all the great shops. I thought we had planned ahead but the mall was packed with other shoppers who clearly had the same idea! The Holiday cheer was high, however, halfway through our shopping we really needed to take a break from the busy crowds.

Luckily, I had my Avion card with me! This meant that we had the privilege of being able to relax in the exclusive family friendly Avion Holiday Boutique located on the second floor of the mall. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a couple of friendly faces welcoming us into the comfortable holiday lounge.We were happy to see there were a lot of places to sit down and relax.


But first, I made my way to the gift wrapping table. Gift wrapping is a perk (free) if you are an Avion card holder. If you are not an Avion card holder, you can get your purchases wrapped for a very reasonable price, as low as $2 per gift. They even had different ribbons and paper to choose from. I was excited to get both my shopping and wrapping done in the same day. After having my gifts wrapped, we took a seat at the cafe where they were offering complimentary food and drinks. I ordered a dark coffee and a round of peppermint hot chocolates which were topped with adorable red and green sprinkles and a generous spoonful of whipped cream, yum! The girls making our drinks were so hospitable and the cookies they were handing out were to die for, I could have sat at that coffee bar forever.


After getting our blood sugar levels back up, we decided to take a rest in the comfortable seating area. There was a great selection of children’s books and magazines to keep us entertained until we were recharged and ready to take on the holiday crowds.

The Avion lounge also offers coat check. Having the option to take those bulky winter jackets off our hands to free them up for more shopping was fantastic. And on top of this, they offer a valet parking service! No more circling around the parking lot trying to find that perfect spot.

I’m so happy to have been able to recharge and relax with my family in the comfort of the Avion Lounge amidst the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. It made our shopping trip a breeze. We will definitely be back to take advantage of this great space during the Holiday season. Thanks Avion!

Saludos from Guadalajara, Mexico

Hola, desde la bella ciudad de Guadalajara; home of the mariachis, tequila and tortas ahogadas. We arrived Sunday en la madrugada and will be here for exactly two months. We are really looking forward to spending some quality time with the Gabriel´s family.

The days before our departure from Vancouver were pretty crazy, cleaning, packing and more cleaning. I´m the type of person who has the luggage packed two weeks before, but this time around was a whole different story. There I was, the night before packing and unpacking because I had no idea what to take. Just to give you an idea, we have three weddings, baptisms and Christmas posadas, and beach time…so it seemed like I should be taking everything I own. Hahaha. It doesn´t help that I have to pack for two extra peoplebut atleast they are easier. For little moonpacked just about everything, imcluding her collection of cloth diapers. And for Gabriel, easy too, just have to make sure I pack his favorite Reef shoes, a couple jeans and button ups.

As the hour went by, I was getting more anxious, I would put something in, then and hour later take it out. About two hours went by because I was being so indesisive, I was exhausted by the time I finally zipped up my maleta and said YA, ya no me importa and I just zipped that maleta up and put it by the door.

Oops! Now here I am, missing several items, like my leather sandals, dress and Gabriel´s calzones, jajaja. Thankfully, I packed more than enough for little moon. Anyways, yesterday we went to the plaza to pick up the things I forgot! We picked up some sweet slip-ons for Gabriel, that are easy to dress up or keep casual for everyday use. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to find anything for myself.

I´m hoping that one of my sister in laws can help me out by lending me a couple dresses for the weddings. Por lo menos, si alcanze a empacar un par de tacones, uf, porque si no lo hubiera hecho, I probably wouldn´t be able to borrow a size 10 from them.lol.

I think next time I have to pack, I will make a check list of the special items I have to take on the trip, lol. Will probably save me the headaches hahaha.

Silk Creamy Cashew

Gabriel and I are both lactose-intolerant, so we are always on the look out for tasty milk alternatives. The newest milk substitutions that we have tried is Silk’s NEW Creamy Cashew. The name really says it all, it’s irresistibly creamy and delicious. Silk Creamy Cashew is really made of creamy cashews, no artificial flavours or colours here.

One of the main facts that caught my attention is that Silk Creamy Cashew has NO GMOs, as Silk is part of the NON GMO Project. In addition to being dairy and gluten free, Creamy Cashew is also SOY-FREE, which is great because about 93% of US soybeans are genetically modified. However, since Silk is part of the NON GMO Project, they only use non-GE soybeans in their other products.

silknewcreamycashewfreegmoDid you know that cashew milk renders many benefits? Silk’s Creamy Cashew is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Silk Creamy Cashew has as much calcium as dairy milk with only 60 calories per serving, 33% less calories than skim milk.

In our house, we enjoy cashew milk several different ways, either on its own or swapped. Swapped? Yup, instead of using milk in some of our cooking recipes, we use cashew milk. For example, in our morning pancakes, or our lattes and even our homemade ice-cream.

Here are some of my favorite things to Swap Silk for Milk in:

Baking/Desserts: Muffins, Cakes, Cookies, Arroz con Leche

Breakfast: Pancakes, French Toast, Smoothies

Lunch/Dinner: Creamy Soups, Salad dressings


Don’t be afraid to swap Silk for milk or cream in just about any recipe. Recently, I tried making a Brazo de Reina and swapped Silk! My family was a little hesitant to try it at first because they thought it wouldn’t be as yummy. But, I proved them wrong, it tasted just as good, if not better with my Creamy Cashew swap. It obviously tasted creamier and nutty, thanks to Silk Creamy Cashew.

NEW Silk Creamy Cashew is available in Canada. Make sure to check out Silk Canada on Facebook for more recipe ideas :)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Shopping Tips for Jeans

Comparing my pre and post pregnancy body, things have changed. My chest is bigger, my waist is smaller, and my hips are wider. You know what that means, right? It’s time to donate the clothes that no longer fit right and get some that do! I won’t be buying everything at once because that would be huge expense. So, I’ve decided the first staple that I will add to my closet is a couple of pair of perfect fitting jeans. Yeah, I know, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be stressful and time consuming. However, over the years I’ve mastered the technique, and now I’m sharing my shopping tips for jeans with you.

Personally, I like to shop for jeans at department stores, like The Bay, because they carry a wide variety of brands like Levi’s, COH and NYDJ. This way I can try a whole bunch of brands in one place.

Shopping for jeans for women doesn’t have to be a headache. So first things first – Dress Comfortably.  Make sure to wear clothes that are easy to slip in and out of since you’ll be trying on a handful of jeans. This means no layers.

You should also make sure you have enough time. We all know that rushing and shopping don’t mix. You need to set aside a couple hours so you can try on all of the jeans you picked out.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans:

  1. Color: Blue and Black jeans are a staple in every closet. Everyone needs at least ONE pair of dark denim jeans. Remember that the darker the colour, the easier it is to wear them from day to night. Black jeans also make your legs look longer and leaner.
  2. Pant Rise: Make sure to get a rise (the length from the waist to the center of the jeans between the legs) that works FOR YOU, not against you. Choosing the right rise can change your perceived dimensions, like elongating your short legs. Or, choosing the wrong type of rise will make you look disproportional. For example, if you’re really tall and wear low rise pants, you can look top heavy. Some brands carry jean and pant sizes in petite, regular and long inseams, which is also a consideration.
  3. Length: You want your jeans to be the perfect length, not too short and not too long. If I am looking for a pair of jeans that I want to “dress up” I make sure to try them on with a pair of heels. If I am looking for a casual pair of jeans, I make sure to wear my kicks.
  4. Butt: How does it look? Turn around and check yourself out. The perfect pair of jeans makes any booty look good! For example, NYDJ is the “original slimming fit” brand that incorporates an exclusive Lift Tuck Technology into all of their jeans. These slimming jeans flatten the front and lift the back.
  5. Size: Measure your waist at home and when you get to the store ask the sales associate to help you with finding jeans in that size. Remember that some fabrics shrink and others stretch, so make sure to ask your sales associate if your pair will do either of these.
  6. Cut: Choose a style that flatters your shape. For example, if you are busty, wide leg jeans will help balance out your bust so you don’t look too top heavy. If you are petite, high waisted trouser jeans, paired with a heel, will make you look taller.

Remember to take your time while shopping for jeans. Most importantly, don’t feel obligated and don’t settle. If you are not 100% satisfied with how they look or feel, don’t buy them.

I’d love to hear what some of your shopping tips for jeans are!