My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, A Milestone Moment.

    capturing a milestone moment during pregnancy with my baby's heartbeat bear

    They’re cute. They’re cuddly. And now, stuffed animals also make the perfect keepsake for expecting parents, thanks to My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear (MBHB). This unique kit consists of an adorable stuffed animal and a 20 second red heart battery recorder that captures the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat during your pregnancy.

    I received my first “My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear” during my pregnancy with Luna, almost three years ago. Gabriel and I were in awe of this unique way of capturing and preserving  our baby’s heartbeat in utero. Now, we have a very special keepsake of our pregnancy with Luna. We keep her MBHB Monkey in a special spot, and she loves listening to her heartbeat when she was in mamita’s pancita. Her eyes light up in awe and wonder while listening to her quick and mighty heartbeat.monkeyandbunny-mybabysheartbeatbear-milestonekeepsakepregnancy

    Now having a MBHB is kind of a family tradition. When we found out we were expecting our second child, we knew we had to get another MBHB. Additional hearts (recorders) can be purchased separately; which is great because we thought of having one to record the baby’s heartbeat, and another for Luna to record a special message for her little sibling.

    So, how does My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear work?

    It’s very simple and straight-forward. You simply take the recorder to your care provider (for us it was midwives) and simply press to record 20 seconds of your baby’s heartbeat. You then insert the recorder into the opening in the back of the stuffed animal; to close, pull and knot the interior drawstrings, then fasten the velcro closure securely.

    To enjoy your baby’s heartbeat, press the stuffed animal’s tummy and you’ll hear the recording for 20 seconds.capturing a milestone moment during pregnancy with my baby's heartbeat bear

    Not just for heartbeats…

    Transfer sounds from CD’s, phones or other devices to the recorder. You can use My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear recorder for spoken messages, songs, etc. I think it’s a perfect gift for children as well, especially if it has a special message from a grandparent or someone dear to them.

    Choose from 16 different Heartbeat Animals. Bestselling animals include elephants, monkeys, lamb and hippos.  Safe for ages three and up; as children grow they can enjoy the sound of their baby heartbeat. Each animal comes with replaceable batteries and the recording remains intact when batteries are changed, so no need to worry!my baby's heartbeat bear-monkey and bunny-pregnancy keepsake

    My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is an innovative gift that captures the precious sound of your baby’s heartbeat and creates a permanent treasure. To find one near you or purchase online visit: 

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