Milkies Milk-Saver Review

ninaonthemoon-milksaver-saveeverydrop-reviewBeing a new mom for me means many things, like constantly learning new things, and leaking breasts, hahaha. As my milk production increased I noticed that my breasts would leak, especially during feeds. While my little one is feeding on one breast, the opposite one is leaking a ton of milk. It’s uncomfortable because it’s not a little drip every couple of seconds, it’s like a fountain, continuously shooting out. Hahaha, I just had to provide that visual so you know what I mean.

Anyways, after a month of soaking thru bras, nursing pads, shirts, burp cloths I got annoyed and a light bulb went off in my head! I was like “someone must have invented something to stop this leaking thru layers while feeding!!!Ugh!!!” So I quickly googled “breast milk catcher” and voila, there it was, Milkies Milk-Saver!

Sigh of relief.

I couldn’t believe it, someone had actually invented something to catch breast milk, keeping mom dry and comfortable. The Milkies Milk-Saver collects milk from non-nursing side while breastfeeding.

I couldn’t wait for shipping, so I crossed my fingers and headed to a local baby store, Room for 2 (on Commercial Drive) and asked if they carried “milk catchers.” The sales associate happily showed me to the Milk-Saver! YES, I was so excited to try it out.


Did you know that the average nursing mom leaks 1-4 ounces of milk each time she feeds her baby? The first couple of months, the Milk-Saver  would catch anywhere from 2-3 oz of milk, from just ONE of my breasts. The Milk-Saver reservoir holds 2+ ounces of milk. We all know that milk during those first months is precious and we would do anything to catch every last drop. The milk caught with the Milk-Saver can be stored and used for bottle feeding or fortifying cereal.

The Milk-Saver is discreet and easy to use. It fits into any bra or snug tank. The only thing that I didn’t like was that sometimes I would forget that I had the Milk-Saver in and I’d  bend over to pick something up and get wet (or wet something/one else). Yes, the Milk-Saver is actually that comfortable that I would forget that I was wearing it.

The Milk-Saver is a great eco-friendly alternative for disposable nursing products, since it is durable and re-usable. It is BPA and Pthlate free, safe to boil, dishwasher safe. The Milk-Saver also comes with a case that keeps it clean and protected, and makes it great for travelling. It is also made in the USA.

We are almost one year into our breastfeeding journey and my milk is regulated, so I don’t use my Milkies Milk-Saver anymore. But, I have it in the baby cabinet for the next time we have a newborn.

What do you think of the Milk-Saver? Did you use anything to catch your milk during breastfeeding?

Making Bath Time So Much More


This is a compensated collaboration with Johnson’s® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Bath time in our house has always been a ritual that we look forward to, especially since our little moon has joined us. Before Lunita was here, we would have candle lit baths to relax, now we find ourselves splashing, singing and playing with her collection of ducks. Bath time is definitely a lot more fun! Bath time is a great way to bond with baby. Did you know that, two in three parents in the US say they hate missing bath time (66%), especially Hispanic parents (79% vs. 63% non-Hispanic parents)?

As Lunita has grown, we’ve realized just how important rituals are, including bath time, to stimulate baby’s senses and provide an opportunity for us as parents to nurture baby’s ability to learn, think, love and grow. Which is exactly what the JOHNSON’S® SoMuchMore campaign is all about.

The simple act of bathing is a big sensory experience for baby. There is so much to see, touch, smell, and more during bath time. We start our bath time ritual by singing “Do you know what time it is?BATH TIME!” and make funny faces while we remove clothes and wait for bath tub to fill up. Bath time is a good opportunity to stimulate my child’s senses (touching, smelling, seeing, hearing)- Hispanic 53% strongly agree- to 35% non-Hispanic.

Once she is in the tub, we let her explore and play for about 15 minutes. Using different toys during bath time allows your baby to develop certain skills. Our little moon loves to play with her growing collection of rubber duckies, that are great for imagination. She has a couple bath toys that we use to show her about filling, pouring and stacking. We also like to use play-by-play commentary, to show/explain what a toy may be doing. For example, “This little fish is going to the bottom of the tub to find his friend.”

We also give her things that have different textures so she can feel how each is different. For example, sometimes she will have a couple ducks, a bath sponge, a loufa, and wash cloth to name a few. Oh, and I almost forgot about BUBBLES! She loves touching bubbles and blowing the foam off of her hands. When either one of us are in the tub with her and we have the bubbles, we cover our faces/hair with bubbles and it cracks her up. Then we do it to her! Playing with bubbles helps babies develop hand-eye coordination and discover objects exist even when they can’t be seen. 

We also like to sing “Rubber Ducky” during bath time. She loves it when we sing to her. Did you know that singing can help expand her music and language skills?  While we are washing her, we like to sing what part we are washing to the tune of “La Bamba” hahaha. It goes a little like “Hoy me lavo las manos, hoy me lavo las manos con jabon y un poquito de agua,” and then brazos, pelo and so on. Did you know that  Listening to bath time music or talking back and forth with baby can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory and language development. Studies show infants who are spoken with more have larger vocabularies by 24 months of age.

Smell in general can evoke powerful emotions, and a clean, fresh, after-bath smell appears to be no exception for parents in the US, especially Hispanic parents. We like to use lavender for our night time baths, as it is a scent that is soothing, yet refreshing.

When we are all done bath time, we dry her off and give her a relaxing lavender oil body massage. Research shows that infants who experienced routine touch and massage (a big part of the after-bath routine) were 50% more likely to make eye contact and 3X more likely to have an overall positive expression. 

After her massage, she is ready for story time and some ZZZz’s. The sensory effects of bath time stay with them long after bath time is over (77%), especially for Hispanic parents (88% vs. 74% non-Hispanic parents). Bath time is the perfect opportunity to bond with your little one and enrich their senses. Although only 45% of parents say bath time is extremely important to their child’s brain development, though Hispanic parents are a bit more in the know (57% say it is extremely important vs. 41% non-Hispanic parents), these everyday interactions are the perfect opportunity to stimulate baby’s senses and lead to happy, healthy development.

What does your bath time ritual look like?Johnson_BathTimeIsForMore_Infographic_w28

Dr. Woods Soap Review

Dr.Woods Soap

In our home, we try to be conscious about what goes into our body, whether it is ingested orally or absorbed through the skin (via soaps, makeup). We try to buy things that are NATURAL, and I  mean that they are really NATURAL and not “natural” as part of the registered name/trademark of the brand (read my post about GREENWASHING).  It’s important to buy products that don’t have harmful ingredients, like synthetic agents and harsh chemicals.

I remember that the first products that we threw out were all from our washroom. We dumped the hair products, lotions and soaps because they had some of the nastiest chemicals in them. So over the last year and a bit, we have been trying out natural, hand made soaps. Some of my favourite soaps are made by Dr.Woods.

Dr.Wood’s soaps are:

  1. All natural (NO DETERGENTS)
  2. Vegetable Based
  3. With Fair Trade Shea Butter
  4. Triple milled
  5. Biodegradable
  6. Lauryl/laureth sulfates free
  7. Paraben and Phthalate free
  8. NO artificial colours
  9. NO animal ingredients
  10. NOT tested on animals
  11. Eco-Friendly
  12. Made in USA

On Lunita, we use the Unscented Baby Mild Soap. I really like this soap because it is actually UNSCENTED, yes, NO fragrance. Woo-hoo. Its lower pH balance ensures a gentler clean, which is ideal for sensitive skin. Dr. Woods Unscented Baby Mild Castile Soap is also hypoallergenic, made with organic essential oils, organic shea butter and Vitamin E. It lathers well and can be used on body and hair.

Dr. Woods Unscented Baby Mild Castile Soap is gentle on Lunita’s delicate/sensitive skin. It leaves her skin soft and moisturized.

Ingredients in Dr. Woods Unscented Baby Mild Castile Soap : Organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, water, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, vitamin E.

Gabriel and I have tried both the Ginger Citrus Castile Soap and Shea Vision, which is a liquid soap.

Ginger Citrus Soap.  We like this soap because it awakens and restores. The ginger and citrus combo is revitalizing and pleasant scent, which is light, not over-bearing. All of Dr. Woods soaps don’t contain detergent, so it doesn’t strip away skin’s natural moisture. In fact,, the Vitamin E, organic shea butter, and blend of organic jojoba and olive oils leaves your skin feeling naturally soft, clean and moisturized.

We love that Dr.Woods soaps are versatile for everyday use as a body wash, facial cleanser, even shampoo! It lathers great. I have used it on my body, face and hair, and found that it leaves my skin feeling super soft and has even helped minimize the redness/blemish on my face.

Dr. Woods Bar Soaps come in nine different scents and types- allowing you to choose the type that best matches your skin’s needs.

  • Ingredients: Organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide*, water, natural ginger citrus fragrance, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter, citric acid, vitamin E.

Dr. Woods also makes a liquid soaps,Shea Vision, which comes in a variety of natural scents: Lavender, Peppermint, Almond, Tea Tree and Pure Black Soap. We had tried the later, Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap, and swear by it, its ideal for skincare.

Dr.Woods Pure Black Soap is by far my favourite soap because it’s multi use, it can be used as a facial cleanser, body wash, shaving lather, shampoo,a soak AND you can even use it as an all natural cleaner (to clean floors, countertop, etc). Dr. Woods Shea Vision Pure Black Soap With Organic Shea Butter gently exfoliates dead skin, leaving your skin looking radiant. I noticed after several used that my skin was looking brighter and felt softer too.  Dr. Woods Shea Vision Pure Black Soap With Organic Shea Butter has also done wonders with my blemishes (undiagnosed rosacea), it reduces the redness.

The light scent is also very relaxing, Dr. Woods Shea Vision Pure Black Soap With Organic Shea Butter leaves both my body and mind feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Uses for Dr. Woods Shea Vision Pure Black Soap With Organic Shea Butter:

  • Daily Facial Cleanser: Massage onto wet face in circular motion with fingers; rinse with warm water.
  • In Shower: Apply generous amount onto wet hands, washcloth, or loofah and massage over body; rinse well. Apply small amount to palm and massage into wet hair; then rinse.
  • In Bath: Squeeze a capful or two into running water to form a wonderful, soothing soak.
  • All Natural Cleaning: Use 4 parts water to 1 part Dr. Woods for dishes, floors, counters and more!

Ingredients: Water, Saponified Coconut, Hemp & Olive Oils with retained Glycerin, Black Soap Concentrate,Organic Shea Butter (Butyrospermun Parkii), Fragrance, Vitamin E Oil, (Tocopheryl Acetate), Peppermint Oil, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Extract, Caramel.

If you are looking for a soap/shampoo/cleaner that has NO synthetics, NO artificial colours, NO parabens and pthalates, NO lauryl/laureth sulfates, in other words 100% NATURAL AND cruelty free, vegan and organic…you have to try Dr. Woods soaps. They won’t disappoint.

Tips for staying healthy

The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them.  I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.

So many things change when you become a parent, for the better.  When I found out I was pregnant with our Little Moon I decided that I wanted be the “BEST” version of me. That meant everything from expressing myself creatively, learning something new and to ultimately develop and maintain healthy habbits. Not only for me, but for my now expanding family.

The last one, developing and maintaining healthy habbits is especially important because as a parent, your child picks up everything from you. Children are always watching and learning, that’s why it is important for parents to establish healthy routines, including physical activities and healthy eating habbits. So as a parent, you have to lead by example.

Being healthy is a lifestyle, it is a commitment that will benefit not only yourself, but everyone around you. As I mentioned before, I started focusing on my health habbits during pregnancy because I knew once my baby was born, it would be a lifestyle.  So I’ve been on this healthy lifestyle for about a year and a bit now, and I have really enjoyed  the process and am happy that I started when I did.

And now that Lunita is growing, I notice that she is getting used to some of our healthy routines, which includes,going for walks and eating veggies and fruit. Below are some of my tips to help you keep your family healthy:

  1. Healthy Eating:
  • Don’t skip meals. Always eat breakfast.
  • Snacks:  I enjoy simple snack, like hard boiled eggs with a plate of veggies and fresh fruit with a side of hummus.
  • Smoothies: You can throw in veggies/fruit, oatmeal, chia seeds.

2. Water: Drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. I have a tall glass of water in the morning, in between meals and one before bed. It helps that            in my home I don’t buy juice or soda.

3. Physical Activity: Do something you enjoy. You don’t have to go to the gym, you can go for a bike ride, or simply go for a nice walk around                   the neighborhood.

Starting a healthy routine is easy, keeping it may be another story. But take it one day at a time and make the effort for you and your family, it’s one of the most important things you can do.

Safe Sleeping with HALO

Hi NOTM readers, it’s Jessika from L.A. again! Hope you all are enjoying the recipes I’ve shared so far. Our little family has finally recovered from all of the holiday and New Year madness that always accompanies January. Little Nina Rose is about to turn one (where has the time gone?) at the beginning of February and we are in the midst of planning her first birthday party! All of this build up to her birthday has really had me reminiscing over the last year and all the amazing ups and unexpected downs of my first year of motherhood.

One thing I never expected to experience was the constant justification of the big three. Breastfeeding, Vaccinations, and Sleeping. There is such an overwhelming amount of information on these topics it can seem dizzying. As parents we all have the same motivation, to do the best thing for our children. We want them to be safe, happy, and healthy.

Busy day in Venice Beach means an early bedtime in her Halo® Sleepsack for Nina Rose

Busy day in Venice Beach means an early bedtime in her HALO® SleepSack for Nina Rose

While so much of parenthood is choosing what feels right for your family, one choice I think we should all make is to have our babies sleep on their backs in cribs that are safe. I was so excited to decorate and so bummed when my babies crib had to go without all the adorable accessories they sell. Then Nina Rose came home and I was terrified every time she slept. I think I watched her sleep her entire first month home! I had done everything to ensure she was safe. No blankets, stuffies, bumpers. But she seemed so cold and our little escape artist was out of that swaddle in no time flat. It wasn’t until my Mom picked up a HALO® SleepSack that I felt comfortable knowing she was warm AND safe. I so often roll my eyes at all the niche baby gadgets aimed at overwhelmed parents (check this out if you think I’m exaggerating) but the HALO products are a must have for every mom out there. I’m currently pining away for their sweater knit SleepSacks, so cute! Nina has two at the moment in the cutest prints and they are the perfect weight to keep her warm without overheating her with our temperamental California weather. If you live in colder climates they also offer warmer versions to keep your little bugs nice and snug! If you or anyone you know still isn’t sure why babies should sleep on their backs until they can flip themselves on their own take a look at this article.

A quick thanks to HALO for sending Nina the Sleepsack you see in the picture. We were already fans to begin with!


Quaker® Life Chia Fruit Bowl


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Quaker. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #LoveMyCereal #QuakerUp

January 5, 2015  Quaker®LifeChiaFruitBowlMandalaDesignSnackFamily

Hi NOTM readers! It’s Jessika writing in from Los Angeles, recovering from a hectic but wonderful holiday season. I can’t help but feel like I got hit by the Christmas train this time around. I’m sure that first time moms can relate but I had so much expectation for Nina Rose’s first Christmas that I may have run myself a little ragged in the process (We made tamales twice in one week!). At 10 months old she had no idea what was going on, but she really liked the wrapping paper! As 2014 came to a close I found myself reflecting on the most amazing year of my life (a wedding and a baby!) and the many lessons I’ve learned along the way. I’m sure that most parents would agree that the first year of parenting is so full of personal growth & probably growing pains if we are honest with each other.

I never knew how strong I could be and that’s why I am so excited for the New Year and making some really well thought out and ambitious new years resolutions. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and have only recently learned to accept and appreciate my curvy Latina figure (another thing I can thank motherhood for!) and stop struggling against it. Every single resolution I’ve ever made has been “I’m going to get skinny!” or “I’m going to loose this many pounds…or else!” But this time I am resolving to not make those types of resolutions. Because I’m resolving that in 2015 I am going to take better care of myself. I really want to be the best example for my daughter as I can be, and to me that means not focusing on a number on a scale but making the right choices. Taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Part of this resolution for me means eating a breakfast. I’ve always been bad about it. And when I do want to eat breakfast I want chilaquiles, tortilla con huevo, or a nice burrito with chorizo con papa… see my problem? Latin food is just so good! So I decided to take a bowl of avena and make it a fun breakfast for kids and parents. We spend the holidays with my parents in the suburbs and whenever I’m out there I love shopping at big stores! It’s something you don’t have access to when you live in the city and I miss it sometimes from my childhood. So with the baby asleep my Mom and I made a <Wal-Mart run. While we were there I picked up all my ingredients for my Quaker® Life Chia Fruit Bowl and a couple other items for easy baby friendly breakfasts while you are away from home. I grabbed a box of the Quaker® Squares and Quaker® Simply Granola so that I can throw them in the diaper bag for an easy snack while we run around town and also a Quaker® Real Medley. We loved the Quaker® Real Medley, I added milk instead of water and Nina Rose ate the entire container. I actually thought we would share but she didn’t give me a chance!IMG_3332 IMG_3336

This Quaker® Life Chia Fruit Bowl recipe is really great when you have kids who are old enough to help in the kitchen or who are crafty as it’s half recipe and half art project. Nina Rose and I both ate this for breakfast and we were ready to go and full of energy for a day at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. This is so easy to pack for on the go meals or as a busy project that they can eat! There are so many variations depending on the season, your mood, or just your favorites. I would love to see some of your creations and ideas to keep this recipe interesting and in your regular rotation!



Quaker Life Chia Fruit Bowl

Chia Seeds 4 Tablespoons

Organic Milk or Milk Substitute 1/3 cup

Greek Yogurt (Full Fat) 1/3 cup

Quaker Life Cereal ½ cup

Quaker oatmeal (I used orginal) 1/3 cup





Shredded Coconut

Mexican Cinnamon dash

Lechera 1 teaspoon

The night before mix chia, milk, yogurt, and oatmeal, cinnamon, and lechera in a bowl. Cover and refridgerate over night .


Dice fruit and decorate your bowl however you like!


That’s it! So easy and really delicious!

Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun Saucer – Update!

THis is a compensated campaign  in collaboration with Evenflo and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.

Hi guys its Jessika,

As promised I wanted to follow up my previous post about the Evenflo Exersaucer. I am so glad to report back to Nina on The Moon that we still love it! And I am so relieved! Not only does Nina Rose enjoy her time in it, but also I’ve noticed that she has really started jumping in it! The first time she realized she could bounce in the Exersaucer the laughs and excited screams were adorable! So there you go mammas, if you are looking for a safe, educational, and entertaining solution (and who isn’t?) to keeping your little troublemakers safe and contained while you try and accomplish tasks or to play with together this is it. If you visit Babies R’ Us and decide to try it out there is a 20% off promotion going on now, here is the coupon. Let us know what you think of the Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer and how your family enjoys it!


Thanks everyone!

-Jessika Sabillón

That truck sure must taste good!

That truck sure must taste good!

Don't bother me Mama, I'm playing!

Don’t bother me Mama, I’m playing!

Glade’s Winter Collection

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #CollectiveBias #GladeHolidayMoodgladecampaignwintercollection-arrozconleche

I love the Holidays. I mean, I REALLY love the holidays. I am one of those women who suffer through the summer counting down the days until the weather cools down and the days get shorter. I’ve lived in LA my entire life and I swear it feels like every summer is hotter and longer than the last. But it’s November now and we are finally getting our version of cold weather. I won’t rub it in, I know 60° isn’t what most people consider winter but I’ll take what I can get! If I could convince my husband to decorate for Christmas November 1st, I would do it.

So when I went to Ralph’s and saw the Glade’s Winter Collection had arrived,  I was so excited. I love walking in and seeing all the cute seasonal items. I’ve always thought that setting a scent atmosphere is so important in creating a mood and it’s important for me that my family and guests feel that when they enter our home. I continually transition Glade’s® seasonal products throughout the year and, by far, the Winter Collection is my favorite. Apple Cinnamon Cheer™ is my go-to Christmas scent.  So of course I just had to get the candle, wax melts, plug-ins (which I’m addicted to with a smelly bulldog in the house) and the aerosol spray. The aroma of cinnamon immediately takes me back to all of my favorite Mexican holiday foods. I actually never realized how prominently cinnamon or canela is used in Mexican holiday cooking until I sat down to write this. Café de olla, empanadas de manzana or calabaza, mole, & tamales dulces, just to name a few.


But since I really want to include Nina Rose in this year’s holiday (at nine months old, this girl still doesn’t have a single tooth!) as much as possible, there is one Christmas tradition that is so perfect for infants discovering table foods – Arroz con Leche! My Abuelita Carmen makes this every year for Christmas and when we were little, my Dad would make this for us on special occasions, or now that I think about it, maybe when he wanted to use the rest of the milk by the expiration date!

Arroz con Leche is simple to tailor to different dietary needs by using non-dairy milk, brown rice, agave or other sugar substitutes, all with great results. But this girl likes her Arroz con Leche the old-school way! I actually ended up asking my other Grandma for her recipe because, as some of you may have experienced, most Latin family recipes are passed down by instruction or orally and I didn’t have a written recipe. Luckily for me, my Grandma Zita is amazing at being able to explain a recipe over the phone and the arroz came out perfectly.

Feel free to add raisins or different spices to your liking. I’ve always wanted to try adding a dash of cardamom, or maybe something a little spicier but in the spirit of Christmas traditions I stuck with the original recipe.

Grandma Zita’s Arroz con Leche


  • 1 cup of washed short grain white rice
  • 5 cups of milk (I used whole milk)
  • 1 4oz can of sweet and condensed milk
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • Ground cinnamon for garnish


  1. In a bowl or colander wash milk until water runs clear.
  2. Add washed rice, milk, condensed milk, and cinnamon sticks to a heavy pot.
  3. Bring mixture to a soft boil or medium heat, stirring slowly the entire time.
  4. Once mixture is boiling turn heat down low and stir slowly until rice is tender and milk has thickened.
  5. Remove cinnamon sticks and serve with ground cinnamon as a garnish

If you like your Arroz con Leche a bit soupier add milk towards the end otherwise it will be very thick.

I hope you enjoy this family recipe. You can save on Glade® products with coupons. Find coupons for Glade® on 12/7/14 in most Sunday newspapers in the coupon section, you can also find digital coupons for Glade on

#GladeHolidayMood #CollectiveBias

Surviving the Holidays with Kids and Safety 1st

According to AAA last year 94.5 million people were on the roads, train tracks or in the skies during the holiday season.  That’s a lot of people! Then add your own kids into the mix of congestion and for some it can mean holiday headaches.  However, Safety 1st has some tips to help fight some of those headaches this season.

1.      Avoid peak travel days –Try not to fly or drive the days immediately before and after the actual holiday.  Those are the busiest travel days. However, if you fly or take a train you might save money by traveling on the actual holiday, the roads are less congested too.

2.      Prepare your child for the trip – Holiday parties can be overwhelming with sensory overload.  Especially for young children it’s good to talk about the upcoming trip days even weeks in advance.  This will help him or her get excited about the journey.  Show photos of family members or friends your child has not met yet, this way the new face might be a little familiar on arrival.

3.       “Are we there yet?” – To help avoid that dreaded phrase an hour into your six hour trip reserve a bag just for the kids, include books, toys, diapers a change of clothes and snacks.  Pre-load a tablet or smartphone with kid friendly apps or games. If you are driving keep all necessary items such as wipes, hand sanitizer or tissues easy to reach in a second – there are times you may not want to be digging through the bottom of a bag for such items. The Safety 1st Car Door Sanitation Station is a great solution.

4.      Car Seats – If you are flying check to make sure your car seat is FAA certified. If it’s not clearly labeled contact the manufacture. For parents with older children the Safety 1st BoostAPack can double as a kid survival kit, it’s FAA certified, and will fit in the plane overhead bin.

If you are driving make sure your car seat is installed correctly. If it’s been awhile since you visited a car seat check, it’s recommended to check your seat with a Certified Child Safety Technician in advance of your trip. is a great resource.

5.      Prepare the guest room – If your child will be sleeping in a Play Yard during the trip, use that for bed or nap time the entire week before. This will help him or her get used to a new sleep environment.  Also if your infant or child sleeps better in a dark room or tends to wake up early with the morning light, bring garbage bags or dark fabric to tape over windows.

Safety 1st would like to give ONE NOTM reader a carseat! USA Residents only.
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