Bamboobino After-Bath Hat for Baby Review

Our little Moon has a ton of hair, which I often dried with a baby cloth. But, I often found myself wondering if there was something else that could help her hair dry naturally, like the hair towel wrap I use. And, that’s when I was pleasantly surprised to find Bamboobino After-Bath Hat.bamboobino-afterbathhatreview-ninaonthemoon-yvrmoms

Bamboobino is a nationally recognized brand and an industry leader in bamboo children’s clothing, bed + bath and accessories, that is made right here in Vancouver. Bamboobino was created by a mum of 2, Sharon Chai, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bamboobino is the result of wanting the softest, most practical and least damaging (to humans and to the environment) fabric.

I love Bamboobino After-Bath Hat, it is super soft and very absorbent. Bamboobino After-Bath Hat is made of  70% rayon from bamboo, 30% organic cotton, which is more absorbent than cotton. The After-Bath Hat wicks moisture away naturally, is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Little Moon uses her Bamboobino After-Bath Hat for only about half an hour after her bath. Not only do we use it for after-bath, but for after-swimming too! It keeps her head warm while absorbing that last bit of moisture after bath and swim time toweling.

Bamboobino After-Bath Hat  is so great, even Gabriel uses it after his showers. The  After-Bath Hat fits Gabriel like a glove, it’s very snuggly. So, it doesn’t just have to be for baby, it can be used by siblings, and even dad.

Bamboobino After-Bath Hat is eco-friendly, as bamboo is a sustainable choice. Bamboo is perfect for baby skin as it gets softer and more absorbent with each wash. And don’t worry, it’s easy to care, just machine wash and tumble dry, or hang dry.

Bamboobino has a great assortment of super soft, absorbent, easy care wear and accessories for baby and toddler. Oh, and a couple things for mom too, like nursing pads.

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Allstate Foundation #GetThereSafe Tips for Parents with New Teen Drivers

This is part of a sponsored safety campaign with DiMe Media and  Allstate Foundation. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


The Allstate Foundation’s “Driving Change” program – is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, the Foundation has reached more than 56 million people with resources and information that have contributed to driving down teen car crash fatalities by nearly 48 percent.


Did you know that parents are the NUMBER ONE influence on teen drivers? That’s why it is VERY important for parents to lead by example. Make sure to buckle up, don’t use your cell phone and don’t speed.

Tips for Parents:

  • Model your own good driving behavior behind the wheel. And remember, your teen is watching.
  • Use these laws as a starting point to setting your own rules of the road for your child.
  • Ride with your teen driver at least 30 minutes a week, especially the first year after your teen is licensed.

I think it’s very important that parents start a conversation with their children even before they get behind the wheel for the first time. For example, my parents would always explain to us how driving was a big responsibility because not only is the driver in control of their lives, but the ones of their passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians. My parents also sat us down and told us what they expected from us while driving. I know some families who even had a hard-copy agreement that clearly stated the family driving rules, expectations and penalties if rules/expectations are not met/broken.

Below, are some of  our tips for parents of new teen drivers:


  1. Buckle up. 61% of teen passengers killed in a car crash weren’t wearing a seat belt.
  2. Put phone AWAY. Absolutely no talking/texting.
  3. Slow down. 84% of parents and 79% of teens admit to speeding.
  4. Don’t drink and drive. Not even a drink because that will show your teen exemption.
  5. Limit night driving. 6PM to midnight is the most deadly time for teens on the road.
  6. Limit passengers. Teens are 4x more likely to be killed in a car crash with 3+ friends in the car.
  7. Create rules. Like the ones listed above and penalty if they are broken.

85% of parents worry about their teen getting in a car crash, and one of the most important things a parent can do is take an active role in educating their teen driver (or soon to be drivers), it can save lives. Head on over to the Foundation’s helpful resources including the Parent/Teen Driving Agreement and the Driver Coaching Guide as well as information regarding Teen Driver Laws from around the country:

Allstate Foundation is running a social media sweepstakes through July 3. All you have to do is share some of your tips for new drivers/teen drivers to #GetThereSafe via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tagging @AllState. All eligible entries will be placed into daily drawings to win $1,000.  For more information about Driving Change, visit

Watch the video below, where we share a couple of our family tips for parents with new teen drivers:

It’s our responsibilty as parents to educate our young *new* drivers, it can save lives! @Allstate #GetThereSafe #Ad #Sweepstakes

Un vídeo publicado por Nina Gonzalez (@ninaonthemoon) el

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MyChelle ‘Hello, Beautiful’ Collection for Sensitive Skin

Hello, beautiful! Let me introduce you to Mychelle Dermaceuticals, who create the most effective, nontoxic skin care products. MyChelle products deliver fast, powerful, visible results without nasty ingredients or toxic chemicals. Mychelle experts scoured the world for the most potent natural ingredients and put them to work in their skin-saving formulas that calm, nourish, treat and love your skin to its most beautiful.

Yesterday I tried out the MyChelle Demaceuticals Pure Harmony ‘Hello Beautiful Collection’ for Sensitive Skin. First of all I have to say, I love that these products are vegan! I started out with the Pure Harmony Cleanser – eliminating any residue left from my busy day downtown.


The cleanser was gentle and hydrating, leaving my skin clean, smooth and ready for the Pure Harmony Mask. I applied the mask all over my face and left it on for 20 minutes. The mask was incredibly soothing on my skin, working to calm any irritation caused by environmental stresses.

After wiping away the mask, I applied the Pure Harmony Serum. The serum is packed with anti-oxidants and works to reduce the appearance of puffiness and redness by calming the skin. I absolutely love serums, I feel like they really penetrate the skin with an abundance of nutrients.

Next came the Pure Harmony Mist – which is also rich with nutrients, awakening the skin and promoting regeneration. The mist was a nice touch to the step by step process.

After the mist, I applied the Pure Harmony Cream, adding even more nutrients and moisture to my skin without any irritation – a perfect ending to the five step process.mychellehellobeautifulcollectionforsensitiveskin

The collection also includes an SPF cream that I used the next morning under my makeup to protect my skin from sun damage, slowing down the aging process I just worked (not very hard and with enjoyment) to prevent.

The “Hello Beautiful” collection has 5 sets, “Sensitive Skin,” “All Skin Types,” “Age Spot/UV Recovery,””Dry Skin,” and “Youth Blemish Control.”  The “Hello Beautiful” collections make excellent sample sets (to try something new), travel companions (take your MyChelle faves everywhere you go) and even gifts. Plus, the collectible box is something you can use long after the products are gone. 

For those of you with sensitive skin – who are also looking for the added benefit of health safe ingredients, I would recommend checking out MyChelle Dermaceuticals, which can be found at ALL Whole Foods. mychelle-hellobeautifulkit-

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Mudderella Whistler 2015

“I participated in an Influencer Campaign on behalf of Influence Central for Mudderella. I received complimentary admission to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Believe it or not, I used to be athletic…many years ago, obviously hahaha. I don’t know why I stopped, it just happened so quickly (or so I thought) that after a couple years it was intimidating to get back on the field with grown ass women. I don’t know, maybe it was the scheduling with school, work and other activities?  Ugh, anyways, after  several failed attempts at joining team sports as a young adult, I decided to take a different route and do individual work-outs to stay fit, like running and swimming.

Maybe it’s just me, but I realized as I got older that getting in shape and staying fit can be a solitary event due to schedules (work, kids, etc.). And now that I have a little family of my own, I crave something that is more social. So, that’s when I got the idea to invite a couple of friends out for a walk/run twice a week. It turned out to be perfect for us because we’re able to get a lil’ sweaty and catch up (especially while doing some lunches, opps, I mean LUNGES!).


We usually work out for about an hour. We like to change things up with every City block. For example, we’ll start at one corner and sprint to half the block then jog to the end of the block. Then on the next block we’ll start with lunges until we reach a certain tree, then we’ll sprint to another tree or end of the block (depending how far, LOL). And so on… We’ve also started running up the stairs at the local school and swinging, I mean trying to do pull-ups on the monkey bars, which I am awful at…but we just laugh it off.

Our workouts are fun and give us something to look forward to. It’s a great way to bond, encourage one another, and feel empowered. Yeah, we still got it, girl! I’ll be honest, during the winter we slack, but during the summer we’re on-top of things. And  this year we are taking our team to the next level by  participating in  Mudderella Whistler, a full-day athletic event series and experience for women. The Mudderella Training Program tips has also been very helpful, so make sure to check’em out to if you need some ideas/tips for training.

Muderella is the first and only full-day athletic event series designed for women, by women, to challenge all-round strength, balance, endurance and agility in a team environment. We are so excited to step up to the challenge and prove to ourselves that we are much stronger than what we believe. And about spending a fun day in Whistler together, obviously!

Fitness goals, as well as success, vary from person to person. My goal for Mudderella Whistler is to accomplish a challenging obstacle course, get COVERED in mud while having a killer time with my girlfriends! :)

Have you ever competed in Mudderella? Be sure to check out for all the latest info. The current 2015 event schedule of events is:

– NorCal – June 27, 2015 – Vallejo, CA

– Toronto – July 11, 2015 – Kitchener, ON Canada

– Capital Region – July 25, 2015 – Clarksburg, MD

– Colorado – August 22, 2015 – Snowmass Village, CO

– Pittsburgh – September 12, 2015 – Slippery Rock, PA

– Whistler – September 26, 2015 – Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC

– New England – October 3, 2015 – Thompson, CT

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Citrus Verbena ‘Fresh Body Milk’ and ‘Fresh Shampoo’ by L’Occitane


I am obsessed with the scent of the Citrus Verbena ‘Fresh Body Milk’ and ‘Fresh Shampoo’ by L’Occitane en Provence. Verbena is the perfect summer fragrance with origins in Provence, France – making it an exotic little getaway in a bottle. It’s fresh, fruity and the perfect pick me up for summer mornings. I’ve also read that verbena has a calming effect on the nervous system, perfect for those who have a tendency to feel a little overwhelmed or overworked at times. The Fresh Body Milk left my skin feeling smooth and the Shampoo left my hair squeaky clean, with a softness that comes naturally from citrus. The Verbena scent is lemony and vibrant, awakening the senses without being overly perfumed.

And I can’t forget to mention that L’Occitane is a wonderful brand, with a serious dedication to protecting the environment. They’re committed to limiting their impact on the environment through responsible production, distribution and recycling of products. All of the key ingredients in their products such as Verbena are produced using organic and sustainable practices. They even go as far to focus their sustainable practices within the designs of their stores – using energy efficient lighting, sustainable wood, low VOC emission paint (VOC stands for ‘volatile organic compounds’ – which are known to cause a number of health problems) and renewable energy sources. It’s just wonderful to see such dedication to our environment on so many different levels. Considering this dedication and the lovely Verbena scent, I will be coming back for more once I run out (which is probably going to be soon!).

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Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review


We love exploring big cities, it doesn’t matter if it is our fifth time there, we explore it with just as much enthusiasm and curiosity as the first time. Before, we used to explore and wander a lot by foot or public transit, but as time has gone by and our family has grown, we’ve realized that it’s just a lot more comfortable and efficient when we have our own mode of transportation.

On our most recent trip to LA, we found ourselves zipping around in a sleek 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for a week. The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport quickly caught our attention with its luxurious bold character line running the length of the vehicle, and chrome accents.


As we set up Lunit’a car seat and later got comfortable ourselves we noticed that  the Outlander looks small on the outside, but the inside is wide. It seats 5, which makes it a  perfect match for a small family who wants to travel comfortably, while enjoying the perks of a SUV, like the panoramic glass roof with adjustable LED mood lighting. Looking up through the panoramic glass roof during the day and night was probably Little Moon’s favourite part of the Outlander Sport.  She would gaze up at the moon and I would get lost in her eyes as she focused up top.Ninaonthemoon-DriveMitsubishii-OutlanderSport2015Review

Some other  perks of the the Mitsubishi Outlander is that it has a 6.1-inch touchscreen audio display and Digital HD Radio® and rear-view camera. The rearview camera has to be one of the greatest inventions, right? It is great for parallel parking and/or letting you know when you are getting to close to an object when you are backing up, with a warning that quickly catches your attention.

The trunk is a good size, our luggages and stroller fit perfectly. We also realized that the back seats also fold down if extra space is needed. Perfect if you’re planning to pick up some small furniture or helps a friend move. We would definitely love to take the Outlander out on a road-trip to explore some other Cities across the USA, as it is GREAT on gas and smooth cruisin’


Another one of my favourite features of the Mitsubishi Outlander is the rain-sensing windshield wipers, AMAZING. I wish the car we owned had these, LOL. They are perfect for the random rain storms you get in LA on a Spring day/night, am I right? Oh, did I mention the automatic air conditioning climate control, mhmmm :)

Gabriel really enjoyed the fact that the Outlander allows the driver to choose whether or not to drive standard or automatic, with just the click of a couple buttons by the wheel. We really enjoyed cruising and exploring LA in the eye-catching Outlander Sport, we felt like we fit right in with the cool kids hahaha.

Que te parece el Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, esta bonito, no?


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Taslie Natural & Organic Skin Care Review

In our house we love trying out new NATURAL and ORGANIC (actually natural, and not GREEN WASHED) products. Especially for Little Moon’s bath time. So, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of our favourite NATURAL and ORGANIC baby bath products with you via reviews.

We discovered Taslie Skin Care when Little Moon was just a few months old, and have been using it consistently for almost a year now! :)

Taslie natural and organic skin care creates products that are gentle on the most sensitive skin. Taslie products are biodegradable and specially formulated to cleanse and moisturize with natural and organic ingredients. Taslie believes a fantastic product is as important as environmentally friendly packaging. Just take a look at their cute, fun recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Taslie products are recyclable HDPE bottles and soy printed labels.


Taslie Skin Care products are natural, PH Balanced, Hypo- Allergenic and Tearless.

Taslie Skin Care does NOT contain: Sodium Laureth Sulphates, Lanolin, Parabens, Triclosan, Pthalates, Synthetic Colours or Fragrances. And last, but not least, they are NOT tested on animals.

Head to Toe Body Wash is one of our favourite bath products because it is a 3 in 1 product, it may be used on hair, body or as a natural bubble bath. We love the soft scent of mandarin and vanilla essential oil, which is so relaxing and gets Little Moon in the mood for bedtime. Taslie’s Head to Toe Body Wash is specially formulated to cleanse and moisturize with natural ingredients. Gabriel and I like Taslie’s Head to Toe Body Wash so much that we even use it sometimes too.

As some of you know, Lunita is in cloth diapers and we only use wipes when we are out and about. When we are at home, we usually have a spray bottle/cloth wipes for diaper changes or just wash her under the sink. I was excited when I saw that Taslie also makes a natural Cheeky Bum Wash, which is designed to gently cleanse the most sensitive skin in between diaper changes. All ingredients are natural and plant based and can be used to calm and soothe any skin irritations. Fresh, fruity scent of grapefruit and mandarin essential oil. This bottle, like the rest of the Taslie products are recyclable and biodegradable.

Taslie products are proudly made in Canada, eh! Which product would you be interested in trying out?


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Tiny Teethers Silicone Teething Necklace Review

No teething experience is the same, every child is different. From when teeth emerge to the symptoms they have, and that’s totally normal. For example, one of our little friends is just breaking a tooth in at 13 months, and our Little Moon now has 7 teeth and 4 molars emerging, OUCH! Symptoms of teething can be short, or linger around for some time. And some of these teething symptoms include, but are not limited to drooling, biting/chewing on everything , difficulty sleeping, lower appetite, and irritability.

When I notice a couple of these symptoms together, I know that my Little Moon is teething and I quickly offer remedies to  treat the discomfort. When we are home, I will usually give her a couple teething tablets, frozen fruit,veggies to chew on. But there are times where we are out and about and I don’t have any homeopathic teething tablets or frozen goodies for her to chew on, and thankfully I have been wearing my Tiny Teethers, silicone teething necklace, phew!


Tiny Teethers, silicone necklace has now become one of my favourite accessories because it’s not only fashionable, but functional! Before, I would tuck my necklace into my shirt because I didn’t want to worry about Little Moon putting it into her mouth, tug it so hard she would brake it. Or, I would just opt-out of wearing a necklace, it was so much easier. But since discovering Tiny Teethers, silicone teething necklaces I have been wearing a necklace almost daily, especially when we are going out.

Tiny Teethers are teething necklaces that look good on mom and are safe for babies to chew or suck on, a win-win for both parties! :) Tiny Teethers are made of solicone, the same material used for pacifiers and bottle nipples. They are free of BPA, Lead, cadmium and pthalates.
Luna loves to teeth on my Tiny Teethers necklace while she is in her carrier or sitting in my lap. She also loves to play with it while nursing (sensory tool). I’ve also been able to use it at restaurants when she is being fussy, I will snap it off and put it on the high chair so she can play/teeth on it. I also really like that it is super easy to clean, simply wash with soap and water.

Tiny Teethers offers affordable, on-trend styles and colours while being completely safe for baby to touch, tug and teethe on. I love my ivory Tiny Teether silicone necklace, the colour and simplicity of the round beads allows for this necklace to match well with any outfit. So I never have to think twice, I just grab it, put it on and voila ;) Looks great.

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Summertime Beauty Essentials

For the past two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some skin care essentials and makeup by Lise Watiér, Marcélle, Annabelle and NYX and they’ve proven to be Summertime Beauty Essentials!

The Age Control Supreme skin care line by Lise Watiér have become a big part of my morning routine. After hopping out of the shower, I start my day by applying the ‘Age Control Supreme – Ultimate Body Butter’ made from rich and creamy Shea and Argan Butters and Labrador Tea Extract to awaken the skin. It’s Paraben Free, which is a bonus! For those who aren’t familiar with Parabens – they are a synthetically produced preservatives that are linked to skin irritation, contact dermatitis and rosacea for those with sensitive skin. There are also links to cancer, but it’s not 100% proven – so, I’m happy to avoid them when I can!


After applying the body butter, I apply the ‘Age Prevention Supreme – Global Preventer Serum’ to my freshly cleansed face. Like the body butter, the Age Prevention Serum creates a long lasting barrier to contain moisture and protect my skin from harmful UV rays, pollution, stress and fatigue (a much needed potion for a downtown living & working girl).


Next up is the ‘Age Prevention Supreme – Moisturizing Emulsion’ which has a similar effect as the serum, providing another much needed layer of protection against harmful environmental stresses. I especially enjoy the ‘eye dropper’ design of this product, it’s fun to apply!


After this, I add the Age Prevention Supreme ‘Specific Eye Care’ to get rid of the dark circles that show up uninvited on Monday at 6 AM when I have to get up for work. It works wonders, after just two weeks I’ve noticed that I look much less tired – despite my unchanged sleep schedule.


At night, rather than the Moisturizing Emulsion, I use the Marcélle Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Boost ‘Power Serum’. Which is Hypo Allergenic, Gluten and Paraben Free. This serum works to improve the texture and radiance of my skin with powerful peptides, which are anti-aging proteins that help to repair damaged skin and hold moisture in (a key proponent to the anti-aging process as dry skin ages faster). I prefer this lotion in my night-time routine because I like to allow the product to settle into my bare skin over night to work it’s magic, rather than be covered with makeup.

After prepping my skin for the day comes the makeup.


I apply the Annabelle ‘Instant Perfecting Base’ (also Paraben Free) on my whole face. It leaves my face feeling smooth without being too oily (unlike many bases I have tried in the past). The base works to neutralize my skin and reduce redness for an even complexion.

I dab a bit of The ‘Angel Veil Primer’ by NYX under my eyes, as primer is great for sealing any lines so makeup can be applied smoothly. This product is also great for all over coverage, it’s just a matter of preference!


Now that my face is ready for makeup I start with the NYX Stormy Skies eye shadow palette. The variety of cool colors gives me many options to play around with. My favorite are the dark grey, neutral and shimmery white I use to make my eyes really pop and appear larger.

Next, I apply the NYX ‘Two Timer’ eye liner. I absolutely love this product! One side is a fine tip marker and the other is an eye liner stick. The fine tip marker works wonders to create a perfect line. Because it has a thin to thick pen shape, it works really well to create both subtle fine lines and a thicker winged look. The other side, which is the eyeliner stick, is great for filling in the lower eyelid for a more dramatic smoky eye.


After I’ve finished my eyes, I apply the Annabelle ‘Matte Biggy Bronzer’ in the creases of my cheeks, forehead and anywhere the sun would naturally touch my skin. The bronzer gives me a natural sun kissed glow without looking too heavy. I’ve had many compliments on my ‘tan’ when I wear this bronzer!

When I want a more flushed look, I apply the Annabelle blush to the apples of my cheeks. In combination with the bronzer, it looks as though I’ve spent a lovely afternoon in the sun.


Last but not least comes my lips. The NYX ‘Lip Butter’ in Licorice left them feeling smooth and hydrated with a deep color for a more dramatic look. The NYX ‘Butter Gloss’ in Madeline is great for a more glossy neutral lip and pairs perfectly with a smoky eye created with the ‘Stormy Skies’ Eye Shadow Palette and ‘Two Timer’ Liner for nights out.

I absolutely adore the ‘Lipsies’ by Annabelle in Cherry and Lychee (two of my favorite flavors!). Both are perfect on summer days for moisture and protection, while adding a subtle pop of color. I carry these around in my purse and apply them throughout the day.


It’s hard to choose my favorite products out of this bunch but I have to say, I’m really impressed with the ‘Two Timer’ NYX liner, the Lise Watiér face serums and the Annabelle ‘Lipsies’. I would highly recommend using these in your day to day makeup and skin care routines. There’s no better accessory than a fresh face, defined eyes and a pop of moisturizing colour on your lips for the summer!

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El poder de las caricias a tu bebe

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Una de las primeras memorias que tengo de mi niñez es viendo como mi mama nos cuidaba y particularmente como me enseñaba e enculcaba el cuidado de mis hermanos, pues yo soy la hija mas grande. Y una de mis responsabildades como big sister era jugar con ellos y cuidarlos. Ya cuando crecimos, y era una teenager ya no nesitaban de mi cuidado, y empeze a trabajar como niñera. En donde pude poner en practica todo lo que habia aprendido de mi experiencia anterior.


Pero nada de eso se compara cuando tienes tus propios hijos. Ningun libro que lei durante mi embarazo logro describir la sensacion que te regala las carias de tu bebe. La manera primordial y maternal de comunicacion entre un bebe y su mama, que empieza desde el vientre. Yo me recuerdo de la primera vez que senti a mi pequeña Luna moverse en mi vientre, fue algo fuera de este mundo al sentir que una vida crecia en mi. Durante mi embarazo, le hable mucho a mi bebe y solo sentia buenas vibras. De hecho, el primer estimulo sensorial del bebe empieza con el tacto mientras se encuentra en el vientre.

Otra de mis primeras memorias con mi hija, fue el momento que nacio y mis parteras me la pusieron en mi pecho, piel-con-piel. Time was at a stand-still, no podia quitar mis ojos de este hermoso regalo de Dios, mi hija. El contacto piel-con-piel de 25-120 minutos post parto, puede afectar positivamente las interacciones entre mam y bebe un año mas tarde.


Yo siempre e sido una persona cariñosa, so ni se diga con mi hija hehehe. Durante nuestras rutinas diarias siempre estamos jugando peek-a-boo, cantando, bailando y explorando cosas nuevas, como texturas y olores.  Nos gusta tambien aprovechar bath time, para estimular su sentidos de olfato y tacto (oliendo y jugando con los bubbles), the brain’s process for learning is enhanced when multiple senses are stimulated versus just using one. Despues de su baño la secamos bien y hacemos un masajito con asiete de lavender, para que se relaje y este lista para dormir. Research has revealed routine touch and massage by a parent or loving caregiver is critical to baby’s growth and development, communication and learning.

Una de nuestras actividades favoritas al momento es caminar en nuestro jardin y oler la variedad de flores y hierbas que tenemos. Como el sage, lavender, rosas y hay las cuales tambien nos gusta probar, despues de oler, como la menta y licorice. Sabias que el olfato es el sentido numero 1 vinculado con la memoria? Yo tengo olores que me traen muchos recuerdos de mi niñez, y asi seguira toda la vida.

Recuerda que no solo es muy importante expresar nuestro amor  palabras, pero con caricias tambien. Son estas caricias las que estimulan el cerebro de tu bebe y juegan un papel muy importante en un desarollo saludable. By age three, 85% of a baby’s brain is developed, so it’s important to engage with your child from the first moments of his or her life

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