The Avion Holiday Boutique at Coquitlam Centre

Shopping can be exhausting, especially during the Winter season. There is always a moment during your shopping expedition that you a) want to give up b) take a break to refuel or c)throw all your bags and jacket into a locker.

Now what if I told you that you could you could do just that and more at Coquitlam Centre from November 22 to December 31, 2014? Pretty awesome, right?  The Avion Holiday Boutique is a unique and exclusive program designed to enhance the holiday shopping experience for RBC® Avion cardholders (Avioners).

RBC is providing Avioners providing with exclusive and complimentary services such as valet parking, professional gift wrapping, coat check and access to the VIP lounge and café. Fees from the coat/parcel check and gift wrapping fees are donated to charity! So forget about wrapping your presents and carrying your heavy coat and bags around, get it all done at The Avion Boutique and help charity.

Saludos from Guadalajara, Mexico

Hola, desde la bella ciudad de Guadalajara; home of the mariachis, tequila and tortas ahogadas. We arrived Sunday en la madrugada and will be here for exactly two months. We are really looking forward to spending some quality time with the Gabriel´s family.

The days before our departure from Vancouver were pretty crazy, cleaning, packing and more cleaning. I´m the type of person who has the luggage packed two weeks before, but this time around was a whole different story. There I was, the night before packing and unpacking because I had no idea what to take. Just to give you an idea, we have three weddings, baptisms and Christmas posadas, and beach time…so it seemed like I should be taking everything I own. Hahaha. It doesn´t help that I have to pack for two extra peoplebut atleast they are easier. For little moonpacked just about everything, imcluding her collection of cloth diapers. And for Gabriel, easy too, just have to make sure I pack his favorite Reef shoes, a couple jeans and button ups.

As the hour went by, I was getting more anxious, I would put something in, then and hour later take it out. About two hours went by because I was being so indesisive, I was exhausted by the time I finally zipped up my maleta and said YA, ya no me importa and I just zipped that maleta up and put it by the door.

Oops! Now here I am, missing several items, like my leather sandals, dress and Gabriel´s calzones, jajaja. Thankfully, I packed more than enough for little moon. Anyways, yesterday we went to the plaza to pick up the things I forgot! We picked up some sweet slip-ons for Gabriel, that are easy to dress up or keep casual for everyday use. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to find anything for myself.

I´m hoping that one of my sister in laws can help me out by lending me a couple dresses for the weddings. Por lo menos, si alcanze a empacar un par de tacones, uf, porque si no lo hubiera hecho, I probably wouldn´t be able to borrow a size 10 from

I think next time I have to pack, I will make a check list of the special items I have to take on the trip, lol. Will probably save me the headaches hahaha.

Silk Creamy Cashew

Gabriel and I are both lactose-intolerant, so we are always on the look out for tasty milk alternatives. The newest milk substitutions that we have tried is Silk’s NEW Creamy Cashew. The name really says it all, it’s irresistibly creamy and delicious. Silk Creamy Cashew is really made of creamy cashews, no artificial flavours or colours here.

One of the main facts that caught my attention is that Silk Creamy Cashew has NO GMOs, as Silk is part of the NON GMO Project. In addition to being dairy and gluten free, Creamy Cashew is also SOY-FREE, which is great because about 93% of US soybeans are genetically modified. However, since Silk is part of the NON GMO Project, they only use non-GE soybeans in their other products.

silknewcreamycashewfreegmoDid you know that cashew milk renders many benefits? Silk’s Creamy Cashew is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Silk Creamy Cashew has as much calcium as dairy milk with only 60 calories per serving, 33% less calories than skim milk.

In our house, we enjoy cashew milk several different ways, either on its own or swapped. Swapped? Yup, instead of using milk in some of our cooking recipes, we use cashew milk. For example, in our morning pancakes, or our lattes and even our homemade ice-cream.

Here are some of my favorite things to Swap Silk for Milk in:

Baking/Desserts: Muffins, Cakes, Cookies, Arroz con Leche

Breakfast: Pancakes, French Toast, Smoothies

Lunch/Dinner: Creamy Soups, Salad dressings


Don’t be afraid to swap Silk for milk or cream in just about any recipe. Recently, I tried making a Brazo de Reina and swapped Silk! My family was a little hesitant to try it at first because they thought it wouldn’t be as yummy. But, I proved them wrong, it tasted just as good, if not better with my Creamy Cashew swap. It obviously tasted creamier and nutty, thanks to Silk Creamy Cashew.

NEW Silk Creamy Cashew is available in Canada. Make sure to check out Silk Canada on Facebook for more recipe ideas :)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Shopping Tips for Jeans

Comparing my pre and post pregnancy body, things have changed. My chest is bigger, my waist is smaller, and my hips are wider. You know what that means, right? It’s time to donate the clothes that no longer fit right and get some that do! I won’t be buying everything at once because that would be huge expense. So, I’ve decided the first staple that I will add to my closet is a couple of pair of perfect fitting jeans. Yeah, I know, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be stressful and time consuming. However, over the years I’ve mastered the technique, and now I’m sharing my shopping tips for jeans with you.

Personally, I like to shop for jeans at department stores, like The Bay, because they carry a wide variety of brands like Levi’s, COH and NYDJ. This way I can try a whole bunch of brands in one place.

Shopping for jeans for women doesn’t have to be a headache. So first things first – Dress Comfortably.  Make sure to wear clothes that are easy to slip in and out of since you’ll be trying on a handful of jeans. This means no layers.

You should also make sure you have enough time. We all know that rushing and shopping don’t mix. You need to set aside a couple hours so you can try on all of the jeans you picked out.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans:

  1. Color: Blue and Black jeans are a staple in every closet. Everyone needs at least ONE pair of dark denim jeans. Remember that the darker the colour, the easier it is to wear them from day to night. Black jeans also make your legs look longer and leaner.
  2. Pant Rise: Make sure to get a rise (the length from the waist to the center of the jeans between the legs) that works FOR YOU, not against you. Choosing the right rise can change your perceived dimensions, like elongating your short legs. Or, choosing the wrong type of rise will make you look disproportional. For example, if you’re really tall and wear low rise pants, you can look top heavy. Some brands carry jean and pant sizes in petite, regular and long inseams, which is also a consideration.
  3. Length: You want your jeans to be the perfect length, not too short and not too long. If I am looking for a pair of jeans that I want to “dress up” I make sure to try them on with a pair of heels. If I am looking for a casual pair of jeans, I make sure to wear my kicks.
  4. Butt: How does it look? Turn around and check yourself out. The perfect pair of jeans makes any booty look good! For example, NYDJ is the “original slimming fit” brand that incorporates an exclusive Lift Tuck Technology into all of their jeans. These slimming jeans flatten the front and lift the back.
  5. Size: Measure your waist at home and when you get to the store ask the sales associate to help you with finding jeans in that size. Remember that some fabrics shrink and others stretch, so make sure to ask your sales associate if your pair will do either of these.
  6. Cut: Choose a style that flatters your shape. For example, if you are busty, wide leg jeans will help balance out your bust so you don’t look too top heavy. If you are petite, high waisted trouser jeans, paired with a heel, will make you look taller.

Remember to take your time while shopping for jeans. Most importantly, don’t feel obligated and don’t settle. If you are not 100% satisfied with how they look or feel, don’t buy them.

I’d love to hear what some of your shopping tips for jeans are!

Be Good To Your Face: Dual Exfoliation Facial at Eccotique Spa


When Eccotique Spa invited me to try out their NEW Dual Exfoliation Power Facial last month, I couldn’t resist. After all, I had never had a facial before. Can you believe that? Timing for a facial couldn’t be better, as our skin routines transition from Summer warmth to the crisp Fall.  A facial is the perfect way to  get your skin ready for Fall​.

The Dual Exfoliation Power Facial was recently added to the spa service menu at Eccotique Spas. The facial is a non invasive, skin renewing, resurfacing treatment, that combines Aveda’s naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one powerful service.

One of the reasons I was really excited to try the Dual Exfoliation Power Facial is because Eccotique uses plant-based line of Aveda products that are chemical free. The ambiance at Eccotique Spa Metrotown is calm and cool, from the relaxing music, dim lighting, and aroma-therapeutic scents.


 After finishing my cup of organic tea, I was escorted into a private room where the esthetician asked me to remove my jewelry and everything from the waist up. I slipped under the covers and waited for the esthetician to come back. Before experiencing my first facial, she asked me to smell a couple of essential oils and to choose one that would be a part of the journey. I obviously went for the Lavender essential oil.


From the moment, she asked me to close my eyes, inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth, I was both physically and emotionally ready to relax. The dual exfoliation facial is made up of several steps and it was the most relaxing 45 minutes of my life. I really don’t know how I’ve never had a facial before. Besides working my face, she gave me a nice neck/shoulder massage.

As soon as the esthetician was done, I was very eager to not only touch, but look at my skin. I was impressed, my face felt as soft as my little moon’s skin! The facial seemed to improve skin texture, clarity and radiance; smoothed appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and refined pores, revealing fresher, younger-looking skin! I am definitely looking forward to having another facial again.

When was the last time you had a facial?

My New Look (Haircut + Colour) by Suki’s Salon Kitsilano

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

I’ve always loved change, and one of the easiest things to change is hair. Whether it be a cut or colour, it makes a huge difference.  After pregnancy and birthing my precious little moon I felt like I needed a change to commemorate the new journey that I was embarking on, motherhood. I wanted a new look, something classy, fun and easy to maintain.

I was lucky enough to have my friends at Suki’s on West 1st help me out with this life changing moment. I say life changing because that’s exactly what a new hair cut and colour can do to you. Cutting off your hair is liberating, I feel like the more hair you have, the more energy it takes from you. And as a new mom, I can use all the extra energy, hahaha. A hair cut can mark a milestone, the end of a story and the beginning of a new one.

I was pampered as soon as I walked through the doors at Suki’s Kitsilano, a warm hello, and a hot cup of tea. I had an in depth consultation with Colour Designer, Ashley and stylist Paola, to make sure that we were all on the same page about what style/colour would suit me best.

Ashley took into consideration that I wanted a colour that was going to be low maintenance, so we went for a warm brown with some honey/blonde highlights and subtle ombre.  The colour is rich and you could never tell that the base is actually dyed. Ashley is highly skilled at selecting colours that will complement your skin tone, eye colour, and suit your desired look.

I knew that I wanted to cut off a whole bunch! So, Paola and  I decided that we’d go right up to the collar bone, which was just enough length to still tie it in a cute pony tail if need be. As a new mom, this is the perfect hair style for me because it saves me so much time, from washing to styling. I love that whether I style it or not, it still looks good.

A hair cut and colour not only changes the way you look, but the way you feel. After a great hair cut and colour, I feel sexy, confident and unstoppable. And I just want to thank Ashley, Paola and Ken at Suki’s for being a part of this memorable moment in my life.

1805 West 1st Avenue

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew Review + Giveaway

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for my editorial consideration and I decided to review it, based on my own experience and opinions.

Our little moon has started teething, which means she is drooling and always putting stuff in her mouth, whether it be her fingers, Sophie, or anything she can get her tiny hands on.  On a typical teething day we can go thru several bibs and toys, which can be a bit of a hastle because some of the bibs aren’t very absorbent and get her clothes wet too. And the toys, well they happen to fall every once in a while, especially when we are out an about, so they get put away since they are dirty.

So when I heard about Cheeky Chomper’s Necherchew I was excited, it offered a practical solution to some of our teething problems.


The Neckerchew is an awesome 2-in-1 product, a drool bib with a teether attached to the bottom! Now I don’t have to worry about our little moon dropping, dirtying or loosing her teethers.

I wondered how Lunita would feel about her Neckerchew, and as soon as I put it on she was all giggles and grabbed the teether right away and put it right into her mouth. Moooove over Sophie, hehehe.

Besides being super cute, the Neckerchew is also very stylish, it comes in a variety of prints and colours. Oh, did I mention that it is reversible? I like that the Neckerchew is not shaped like your typical bib, it’s triangle shaped like a bandana, super fashionable! Our print is “Flutterby” with purple butterflies on one side and a solid pink reverse. The fabric is 100% cotton, soft and super absorbent, Luna can wear one from 10am-5pm and the drool wont soak thru the three layers, which totally impressed me. It also dries really quickly. It’s easy to clean, and after many washes, the Neckerchew is still in great condition!


One of my favorite things about the Neckerchew is the teether sewn onto the bib! What a brilliant idea, a teether that the baby can’t drop, dirty or loose. Awesome, right? The teether is surprisingly soft, pliable and durable. The teether is also made of silicone that doesn’t flake or peel and it’s BPA free, so I feel at ease knowing that my little moon can teeth safely. It has texture that helps baby’s teeth brake thru.

The Neckerchew grows with baby, it is one size with two adjustable snaps and is suitable from 2 months to 2 years. The snaps are strong enough so that Lunita can’t pull it off herself, but easy for an adult.

We are so happy with our Flutterby Neckerchew because Luna can grab, chew and drool without worrying that her teether will fall or her shirt wet. I’ve already added a couple more to our collection, you can pick them up at ToysRus.

What do you think about the Neckerchew?!


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5 Reasons to stay at the Comfort Suites in Kelowna, BC


On our recent trip to Kelowna, BC we were fortunate enough to book a room at the Comfort Suites Kelowna. It was our first time staying at a Comfort Suites, so we were really looking forward to the experience. The reviews I read online were AMAZING, and their social media presence is very active; always responding to their guests and making suggestions of what to check out in their beautiful city via their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Like I mentioned in the previous post about our trip to Kelowna, Carla and her team at the Comfort Suites really made us feel welcomed and at home. They took the time to learn our names, suggested places we should visit and eat, and even gave our little Luna a present. The welcome basket in our room was full of treats like chocolates, fresh Okanagan cherries and two tickets for wine tastings at Sandhill winery.

The suites are contemporary, and the layout is spacious. All of the rooms are equipped with a microwave and refrigerator.

  1. Free HOT breakfast: Probably the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had. Comfort Suites Kelowna provides a large variety of breakfast foods; you can choose from your typical “continental breakfast” (cereal, breads, yogurt, and fruits) options, hot eggs, hot meats and make your own waffles.comfortsuiteskelownafreehotbreakfast
  2. Pool/Slide: One of our favorite things about the Comfort Suites Kelowna is the 40-foot indoor waterslide, fun for all ages. The landing pool is the perfect size for lounging and playing games. You can also soak in the hot tub!ninaonthemoon-kelownacomfortsuitespoolhottubindoorslide
  3. Pet Friendly: The Pet Friendly rooms can accommodate up to two pets. Rooms are conveniently located on the ground floor to allow easy access to outside. Your furry friend will also receive a specialty gift bag complete with treats, waste bags, a guide to the local dog parks, and more. We are definitely tempted to take our little Bobi on the next trip.
  4. Contemporary Rooms: The suites are spacious. Besides the bed(s) there is a sitting area with an ergonomic couch and coffee table, and a desk with computer chair for business clients. Each room has in-room coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators and individual climate controls. The beds/pillows are very comfortable. Oh, wired and wireless internet!ninaonthemoon-spaciouscontemporaryroomscomfortsuiteskelowna
  5. Convenience: Located near lots of shopping/restaurants, world-class wineries, great golf courses, on and off leash parks, and of course, the beautiful downtown and Okanagan Lake beaches.

It’s no wonder that the Comfort Suites Kelowna has won the Choice Hotels Gold Awards three consecutive years.  If you’re headed to Kelowna, I highly recommend staying at the Comfort Suites Kelowna, their customer service, housekeeping and product quality exceeds standards. You’ll feel right at home.

Comfort Suites Kelowna
2656 Hwy 97 North
Kelowna, British Columbia, V1X 4J4, Canada
 Fax: 250-861-1180


Easy Savings with RESPwithRBC

“Disclosure: I am part of the RBC RESP blogger program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


Thankfully, I don’t have a student loan debt, but that’s because I didn’t take a loan. My parents didn’t pay for my post secondary education either, they didn’t have the means for it. So how did I afford to go to post secondary if my parents didn’t pay for it and I didn’t borrow? Well, I planned. I worked two jobs throughout my schooling, and I always had the Summer’s off to work full time at both to earn a lot more money. It definitely wasn’t easy, there were days were I didn’t know how I was going to make it to work or school because of the lack of sleep and exhaustion. I look back and don’t have a clue how I did it, honestly….

I don’t want my little moon to have to go through that when she is in post secondary. I’d like to help her out, even if it’s a little bit, so I’ve started saving a little here and there. While I was making a deposit, the teller asked me if I had started an RESP for our little girl, and I just looked at her like a deer in head lights…


I was kind of embarrassed, I didn’t know what an RESP was…and I think she got my cue hahaha. She explained that an Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a tax-sheltered plan that can help you save for a child’s post-secondary education.

Lets face it, post secondary education seems to be getting more expensive as the years go by. Many of my friends have huge student loan debts and face so much stress because of this. I would hate for my little girl to be in debt after finishing her post secondary education. Gabriel and I would like to help our little moon with her post secondary fund, so we’ve decided that it would be best (easier) if we start saving early (as in NOW!) and contribute regularly. For example, if we were to contribute regularly $25 a week, that can add up to $50,911 in 18 years!


Put in as much or as little as you want and whenever you want. I deposit a minimum of $100 a month into Lunita’s RESP. And I plan on depositing all monetary gifts she receives on her birthday or other special occasions. Slowly, but surely it will all add up by the time she is ready for post secondary.

Overwhelmed? Walk into your local RBC branch and ask an RBC advisor for more information about the RESP. The RBC advisor will take the time to understand your goals and recommend the best investment strategy.


Use the RESP for university, college, apprenticeship, non-credit courses etc. So what if your child doesn’t go to post secondary school? You can use your contributions and earnings to fund your Registered Retirement Savings Plan!


Income earned on investments is not taxed as long as the funds remain in the plan


The Canada Education Savings Grant will match up to 20% on the first $2,500 contributed annually. That could mean up to an additional $500 a year in your RESP, up to a lifetime maximum of $7,200! YES, FREE MONEY! That’s a pretty good incentive to start saving for your kid’s RESP, right.


  •  Instead of giving your child an allowance, put it into their RESP.
  • Deposit ANY/ALL monetary gifts from relatives and friends into RESP.
  • Deposit a weekly contribution that fits your budget into RESP.
  • Have a bottle drive w/in your family and deposit money earned into RESP.
  • Have a garage sale deposit earnings into RESP.

Have you started saving for your child’s FUTURE? You can find more great tips on saving for your child’s education here: and 

Guess what, RBC is giving away $500 for your child’s RESP. FOUR lucky winners have the chance to grow an RESP with RBC!  Join the #RESPwithRBC Twitter party on October 1, where SIX participants will win a $100 gift card!

Raising Awareness about Domestic Abuse with the Allstate Foundation PurplePurse

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Allstate Foundation® and Latina Bloggers Connect.


We all know someone that is affected by domestic violence, I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Throughout our lives, we’ve either seen it happen or have heard of it. Domestic violence happens in different forms from physical to verbal and financial. Did you know that financial abuse happens in 98% of all domestic violence cases, and is one of the most powerful ways to keep a victim trapped.

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is making it fashionable to talk about domestic violence and the financial abuse that traps women in abusive relationships. Two-thirds of Americans believe that domestic violence is a serious problem, yet just over 1 in 3 have ever talked about it. The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is fundraising for more than 140 national, state and local domestic violence organizations. Funds raised will support life-changing financial empowerment services to help domestic violence survivors build safer lives for themselves and their families.

For example, we know of a young mother of two who was in a toxic relationship, her partner would abuse her emotionally- he would constantly insult, intimidate, humiliate, and threaten her. He isolated her from her friends and family. When she decided to leave him, he threatened her, he said he would expose her immigration status, take the kids and keep the house. He told her that she would loose everything and she would regret leaving him. The number one reason domestic violence survivors stay, leave or return to an abusive relationship is that they don’t have the financial resources to break free.

Our friend was one of the lucky ones, who was able to leave her abusive relationship safely with her kids. She had the support from her family and friends and help from her local domestic violence organization. Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $40 million across the USA to help domestic violence survivors regain control of their finances and break free from abuse.domesticviolencedidyouknowfact

To help ensure domestic violence survivors aren’t financially trapped in an abusive relationship, join the Purple Purse Challenge. Open your heart and wallet to stand up for survivors and the organizations that serve them at The Allstate Foundation is investing more than half a million dollars in the Purple Purse Challenge. The more donations each nonprofit gets, the more it can compete for Allstate Foundation incentive funding. Go to between Sept. 2 and Oct. 3 to join the Challenge and help a nonprofit near you.

You may have seen Kerry Washington, Emmy-nominated actress and domestic violence activist in a Purple Purse commercial. She is serving as a Purple Purse ambassador to help raise awareness for the cause and has designed a limited-edition purple purse. The purse was created to represent the center of a woman’s financial domain and to inspire women to reclaim their financial independence. Purple is the national color of domestic violence.

To turn any purse into a Purple Purse, The Allstate Foundation is widely distributing Purple Purse charms so you can show your support and attach to your favorite bag year round. They are being distributed with inspiring survivor stories through Purple Purse Challenge participants and Allstate agency owners.

Check out important tips and tools to help you recognize domestic violence and financial abuse on If you or someone you know needs immediate help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224.