Tiny Teethers Silicone Teething Necklace Review

No teething experience is the same, every child is different. From when teeth emerge to the symptoms they have, and that’s totally normal. For example, one of our little friends is just breaking a tooth in at 13 months, and our Little Moon now has 7 teeth and 4 molars emerging, OUCH! Symptoms of teething can be short, or linger around for some time. And some of these teething symptoms include, but are not limited to drooling, biting/chewing on everything , difficulty sleeping, lower appetite, and irritability.

When I notice a couple of these symptoms together, I know that my Little Moon is teething and I quickly offer remedies to  treat the discomfort. When we are home, I will usually give her a couple teething tablets, frozen fruit,veggies to chew on. But there are times where we are out and about and I don’t have any homeopathic teething tablets or frozen goodies for her to chew on, and thankfully I have been wearing my Tiny Teethers, silicone teething necklace, phew!


Tiny Teethers, silicone necklace has now become one of my favourite accessories because it’s not only fashionable, but functional! Before, I would tuck my necklace into my shirt because I didn’t want to worry about Little Moon putting it into her mouth, tug it so hard she would brake it. Or, I would just opt-out of wearing a necklace, it was so much easier. But since discovering Tiny Teethers, silicone teething necklaces I have been wearing a necklace almost daily, especially when we are going out.

Tiny Teethers are teething necklaces that look good on mom and are safe for babies to chew or suck on, a win-win for both parties! :) Tiny Teethers are made of solicone, the same material used for pacifiers and bottle nipples. They are free of BPA, Lead, cadmium and pthalates.
Luna loves to teeth on my Tiny Teethers necklace while she is in her carrier or sitting in my lap. She also loves to play with it while nursing (sensory tool). I’ve also been able to use it at restaurants when she is being fussy, I will snap it off and put it on the high chair so she can play/teeth on it. I also really like that it is super easy to clean, simply wash with soap and water.

Tiny Teethers offers affordable, on-trend styles and colours while being completely safe for baby to touch, tug and teethe on. I love my ivory Tiny Teether silicone necklace, the colour and simplicity of the round beads allows for this necklace to match well with any outfit. So I never have to think twice, I just grab it, put it on and voila ;) Looks great.

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Summertime Beauty Essentials

For the past two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some skin care essentials and makeup by Lise Watiér, Marcélle, Annabelle and NYX and they’ve proven to be Summertime Beauty Essentials!

The Age Control Supreme skin care line by Lise Watiér have become a big part of my morning routine. After hopping out of the shower, I start my day by applying the ‘Age Control Supreme – Ultimate Body Butter’ made from rich and creamy Shea and Argan Butters and Labrador Tea Extract to awaken the skin. It’s Paraben Free, which is a bonus! For those who aren’t familiar with Parabens – they are a synthetically produced preservatives that are linked to skin irritation, contact dermatitis and rosacea for those with sensitive skin. There are also links to cancer, but it’s not 100% proven – so, I’m happy to avoid them when I can!


After applying the body butter, I apply the ‘Age Prevention Supreme – Global Preventer Serum’ to my freshly cleansed face. Like the body butter, the Age Prevention Serum creates a long lasting barrier to contain moisture and protect my skin from harmful UV rays, pollution, stress and fatigue (a much needed potion for a downtown living & working girl).


Next up is the ‘Age Prevention Supreme – Moisturizing Emulsion’ which has a similar effect as the serum, providing another much needed layer of protection against harmful environmental stresses. I especially enjoy the ‘eye dropper’ design of this product, it’s fun to apply!


After this, I add the Age Prevention Supreme ‘Specific Eye Care’ to get rid of the dark circles that show up uninvited on Monday at 6 AM when I have to get up for work. It works wonders, after just two weeks I’ve noticed that I look much less tired – despite my unchanged sleep schedule.


At night, rather than the Moisturizing Emulsion, I use the Marcélle Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Boost ‘Power Serum’. Which is Hypo Allergenic, Gluten and Paraben Free. This serum works to improve the texture and radiance of my skin with powerful peptides, which are anti-aging proteins that help to repair damaged skin and hold moisture in (a key proponent to the anti-aging process as dry skin ages faster). I prefer this lotion in my night-time routine because I like to allow the product to settle into my bare skin over night to work it’s magic, rather than be covered with makeup.

After prepping my skin for the day comes the makeup.


I apply the Annabelle ‘Instant Perfecting Base’ (also Paraben Free) on my whole face. It leaves my face feeling smooth without being too oily (unlike many bases I have tried in the past). The base works to neutralize my skin and reduce redness for an even complexion.

I dab a bit of The ‘Angel Veil Primer’ by NYX under my eyes, as primer is great for sealing any lines so makeup can be applied smoothly. This product is also great for all over coverage, it’s just a matter of preference!


Now that my face is ready for makeup I start with the NYX Stormy Skies eye shadow palette. The variety of cool colors gives me many options to play around with. My favorite are the dark grey, neutral and shimmery white I use to make my eyes really pop and appear larger.

Next, I apply the NYX ‘Two Timer’ eye liner. I absolutely love this product! One side is a fine tip marker and the other is an eye liner stick. The fine tip marker works wonders to create a perfect line. Because it has a thin to thick pen shape, it works really well to create both subtle fine lines and a thicker winged look. The other side, which is the eyeliner stick, is great for filling in the lower eyelid for a more dramatic smoky eye.


After I’ve finished my eyes, I apply the Annabelle ‘Matte Biggy Bronzer’ in the creases of my cheeks, forehead and anywhere the sun would naturally touch my skin. The bronzer gives me a natural sun kissed glow without looking too heavy. I’ve had many compliments on my ‘tan’ when I wear this bronzer!

When I want a more flushed look, I apply the Annabelle blush to the apples of my cheeks. In combination with the bronzer, it looks as though I’ve spent a lovely afternoon in the sun.


Last but not least comes my lips. The NYX ‘Lip Butter’ in Licorice left them feeling smooth and hydrated with a deep color for a more dramatic look. The NYX ‘Butter Gloss’ in Madeline is great for a more glossy neutral lip and pairs perfectly with a smoky eye created with the ‘Stormy Skies’ Eye Shadow Palette and ‘Two Timer’ Liner for nights out.

I absolutely adore the ‘Lipsies’ by Annabelle in Cherry and Lychee (two of my favorite flavors!). Both are perfect on summer days for moisture and protection, while adding a subtle pop of color. I carry these around in my purse and apply them throughout the day.


It’s hard to choose my favorite products out of this bunch but I have to say, I’m really impressed with the ‘Two Timer’ NYX liner, the Lise Watiér face serums and the Annabelle ‘Lipsies’. I would highly recommend using these in your day to day makeup and skin care routines. There’s no better accessory than a fresh face, defined eyes and a pop of moisturizing colour on your lips for the summer!

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El poder de las caricias a tu bebe

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Una de las primeras memorias que tengo de mi niñez es viendo como mi mama nos cuidaba y particularmente como me enseñaba e enculcaba el cuidado de mis hermanos, pues yo soy la hija mas grande. Y una de mis responsabildades como big sister era jugar con ellos y cuidarlos. Ya cuando crecimos, y era una teenager ya no nesitaban de mi cuidado, y empeze a trabajar como niñera. En donde pude poner en practica todo lo que habia aprendido de mi experiencia anterior.


Pero nada de eso se compara cuando tienes tus propios hijos. Ningun libro que lei durante mi embarazo logro describir la sensacion que te regala las carias de tu bebe. La manera primordial y maternal de comunicacion entre un bebe y su mama, que empieza desde el vientre. Yo me recuerdo de la primera vez que senti a mi pequeña Luna moverse en mi vientre, fue algo fuera de este mundo al sentir que una vida crecia en mi. Durante mi embarazo, le hable mucho a mi bebe y solo sentia buenas vibras. De hecho, el primer estimulo sensorial del bebe empieza con el tacto mientras se encuentra en el vientre.

Otra de mis primeras memorias con mi hija, fue el momento que nacio y mis parteras me la pusieron en mi pecho, piel-con-piel. Time was at a stand-still, no podia quitar mis ojos de este hermoso regalo de Dios, mi hija. El contacto piel-con-piel de 25-120 minutos post parto, puede afectar positivamente las interacciones entre mam y bebe un año mas tarde.


Yo siempre e sido una persona cariñosa, so ni se diga con mi hija hehehe. Durante nuestras rutinas diarias siempre estamos jugando peek-a-boo, cantando, bailando y explorando cosas nuevas, como texturas y olores.  Nos gusta tambien aprovechar bath time, para estimular su sentidos de olfato y tacto (oliendo y jugando con los bubbles), the brain’s process for learning is enhanced when multiple senses are stimulated versus just using one. Despues de su baño la secamos bien y hacemos un masajito con asiete de lavender, para que se relaje y este lista para dormir. Research has revealed routine touch and massage by a parent or loving caregiver is critical to baby’s growth and development, communication and learning.

Una de nuestras actividades favoritas al momento es caminar en nuestro jardin y oler la variedad de flores y hierbas que tenemos. Como el sage, lavender, rosas y hay las cuales tambien nos gusta probar, despues de oler, como la menta y licorice. Sabias que el olfato es el sentido numero 1 vinculado con la memoria? Yo tengo olores que me traen muchos recuerdos de mi niñez, y asi seguira toda la vida.

Recuerda que no solo es muy importante expresar nuestro amor  palabras, pero con caricias tambien. Son estas caricias las que estimulan el cerebro de tu bebe y juegan un papel muy importante en un desarollo saludable. By age three, 85% of a baby’s brain is developed, so it’s important to engage with your child from the first moments of his or her life


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MODERN mama’s Bump Social Vancouver

Being pregnant can be a little over-whelming, even intimidating. Sometimes you just want to hang out with other pregnant ladies, who understand and feel what you are experiencing.  At least, I did. The only problem I had was finding other pregnant women to be friend, seriously. Or maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough?

I don’t know, none of my local girl friends were pregnant, and my mid-wife appointments were always the last ones of the day, so we were the only couple in there, LOL. So, one day my God-sister was like “Carolina, have you heard of MODERN mama’s Bump Brunch event?” NOPE. She enthusiastically explained that MODERN mama is a company dedicated to getting moms out of the house, where women can get out and enjoy being themselves, while staying attached to their babies. My God-sister raved about MODERN mama’s Bump Brunch she attended when she was pregnant in 2012 and highly recommended I attend their event. Long story short, I attended the BUMP BRUNCH last year and LOVED IT. I was able to connect with so many moms (seasoned and first timers, like me!). There were photographers taking bump photos, delicious food and AMAZING prizes!

It was really a great experience meeting other mamas, talking not only about pregnancy, but fashion and food too, obviously, LOL. Bueno, MODERN mama is at it again this year, hosting a BUMP SOCIAL.

In a fun, casual format, there will be nibbles and mocktails.  Several guest speakers who will address some pregnancy topics important to you, and there are PRIZES too! MODERN mama’s BUMP SOCIAL is taking place at the beautiful WestCoastKids on Main Street on May 20th from 5.30-8pm with discount shopping afterwards!

Get all the details and register here.

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Easy Mexican Recipe for Dia del Niño: Left-over BBQ Enchiladas

This post is sponsored by HERDEZ® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Dia del Niño, or Day of the Child, is a festive holiday celebrated across Mexico and many Latin American countries to honour and appreciate children. Growing up, I remember my cousins in Honduras would always ask me what I got for Dia del Niño, as it is custom that children receive regalos como en Navidad or similar to their birthday. Dia del Niño is a lively celebration which more than often includes a piñata, cake, presents y comida y refrescos tipicos de el pais. But, since I didn’t grow up in Honduras, my family didn’t celebrate Dia del Niño… and I always felt like I was left out, hahaha. I mean who doesn’t like a party with delicious food and games?

So, now that I have a child of my own, I am determined to celebrate Dia del Niño, especially since she is Half Mexican/ Half Honduran. Our plan is for her to have a couple of pen-pals via SNAIL MAIL and see how other children celebrate Children’s Day in their country or even family.

We will also make a traditional dish, as a family. It’s important to include your child in food prep/cooking, so they can get their hands dirty and have some fun cooking as a family. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of grocery shopping and helping my parents prep/cook, they inspired the chef in us from a young age. And we want to continue that tradition with Little Moon :) It’s a great way to show her how to use her senses (taste, smell, touch, sight…).


A favourite (and easy) dish to prepare are BBQ Left-over enchiladas, an easy Mexican recipe. For the stuffing of the enchiladas, I used our left-over rice and meat from the BBQ the night before). First, I sauteed onions, cilantro and mushrooms in a skillet. Then, I added the meat (chicken , which I shredded off bone and beef that I minced up), stir. Add in the rice, a can of black beans and a cup of  delicious  sauce. Simmer.

Throw in 6 tortillas into the microwave and heat em up for 30 seconds, then grab a tortilla…and grab a couple cucharadas of the enchilada filling and colocar right down the middle of tortilla. Then you wrap that bad boy up and place into an oven dish and repeat until all of your tortillas are stuffed.

Now comes my favourite part, DROWN the enchiladas in the mouth-watering Herdez® Salsa Verde. Just thinking of this salsa is making me drool, for reals. Top off with shredded cheese and cover with aluminum foil. Pop into over for 15 minutes.


Can’t forget about the creamy  avocado sauce to lather your enchiladas in. Super easy to make. In a bowl, mash a whole avocado and add Herdez® Salsa Verdad and mix. Yummm.

I serve the enchiladas on a bed of spinch salad and a side of creamy avocado sauce :) Let me know what you think recipe, and you can check out more  easy Hispanic recipes for Day of the Child by clicking here! :)


As this holiday celebrates the kid in everyone, HERDEZ brand is holding a #ThrowbackThursday photo contest on its Facebook wall! This promotion will last from April 6th to – April 30th.

Each week, three winners will be chosen to win a Día del Niño prize pack. One grand prize winner each week will win a socialmatic camera, film, HERDEZ product, HERDEZ apron and recipe cards. Two runner up winners each week will win a selfie stick, HERDEZ product, HERDEZ apron and recipe cards.

To enter submit your favorite childhood photo tagged with #ThrowbackThursday directly onHERDEZ’s Facebook page.

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ViandVa Dolls inspired by Latino cultures

This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Vi-and-Va Logo

What girl doesn’t love to play with dolls? I started playing with dolls at a very young age, and continued up until I was probably twelve. I actually still have a doll in a box, she was the last one that I received and I knew I wanted to save her for the future, when I had a daughter. I would always try to go for the ones that kind if resembled like me, which obviously meant a doll with dark hair and brown eyes. But who am I kidding, there weren’t dolls that looked Latina back then. So if a doll didn’t resemble me, we often chose one that I could relate to, like a dancer, or an athlete.

Boy, have times changed!

I recently learned about Vi and Va, a recently launched fashion doll line inspired by Latino cultures.  Vi and Va (pronounced like Viva!) are two teenage sisters: Viviana (Vi) and Valentina (Va).  They are also joined by their best friends, cousins Felicia and Roxxi. I admire and appreciate that Vi and Va  were created to help girls honor and embrace their heritage. I know so many girls are excited to finally have a doll that not only looks like them, but that they can relate too aswell.

Por ejemplo, Vi, 16, is spontaneous and easy going. She loves music, and she also enjoys playing her guitar at family gatherings. Tambien le encanta crear nuevos estilo como fashion designer.

Va, es la hermana menor, ella tiene 15. She is neat y bien organizada. She loves learning to cook de su mama y abuelas. She’s already perfected several savory family recipes, like empanadas. Tambien es peluquera estilista.

For these girls, every day is an adventure and a reason to celebrate the bonds of family and friendship.  The themes and storytelling within the line focuses on both family and culture.  The 4 main characters are not just friends, they are also family!

Felicia and Roxxi are Vi and Va’s cousins. Felicia is 17 years old y es una artista que le encanta pintar. Roxxi is 18 years old and loves to dance to different genres, from ballet to salsa to hip-hop.

Vi and Va includes several dolls and activity sets that help little girls play out each character’s storyline and enjoy her special talents. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the line also has a Birthday Collection, where the family combines celebrations of  Vi’s Sweet 16, and Va’s Quinceañera.  It’s sweet because it shows that you can be proud and celebrate both of your cultures/traditions (Latino and American). Many of my Latina friends either celebrated their Sweet 16 or Quinceañera. I actually celebrated my Quinceañera when I was 16, Hahahaha.

Girls can even dress up and join the fun with role play and styling accessories. Dolls play such a big role in a little girls imagination. Not only do they decide how to dress them, do their  hair, but they also get to either play out the storyline (like singing and playing the guitar with Vi), but they can create their own too.

Me encanta lo que Vi and Va representan porque ethnic diversity is critically important to a healthy community. Y me da mucho gusto decirles que estamos sorteando a Va, la peluquera estilista!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Vi and Va Hair Stylist Doll ValentinaThe full assortment of “Vi and Va” fashion dolls is available at Target stores and on Target.com. For more information, please visit Vi and Va Dolls and join the conversation with our social community at ViandVa Facebook and ViandVaDollsTwitter.

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Tangle Teezer Review

TANGLETEEZER-COMPACTSTYLER-INSTANTDETANGLINGHAIRBRUSHI have many memories of my mom combing my hair when I was little. I can’t help but smile when I remember how I used to wiggle in my bed or chair when she would be yanking combing the knots out. It didn’t matter if my cabello was dry, wet or damp…there always seemed to be some nudos.

Well not much has changed since then, I still get a ton of knots from bed head…and obviously not combing my hair for a couple of bed head days leads to bigger knots, aka un nido. JAJAJA. One of the main reasons why I don’t comb my hair is because it hurts trying to comb thru tangled hair! If you go to slow, it takes forever to get the tangles out and if you do the opposite, and brush thru the tangles quickly, you damage your hair. Oh, and don’t forget the brush. You have to have the right brush/comb or that maine of yours is going to pouff!

Pero adivenen que?! Encontre la solucion a ese problema.

Cuando anduve por Mexico de vacaciones, my sister-in-law showed me this cute little hot pink hairbrush called the Tangle Teezer. She swore by it, saying that it was the best detangling hairbrush. She showed me how it instantly detangles wet or dry hair, making styling quicker, easier, and pain-free.

No lo podia creer, was the Tangle Teezer actually going to solve MY HAIR (TANGLES) PROBLEMS?

Lo tenia que probar…

WOW! Me encanto tanto que necesitaba uno propio.

El Tangle Teezer is a hairbrush that detangles gently, sin lastimar tu cabello. La verdad es que me impresiono mucho lo rapido que el Tangle Teezer desenreda el pelo mojado o seco sin causar dolor y sin lastimar el pelo.

El diseño es unico en que cabe perfectamente en la palma de tu mano y los dientes son flexibles, especialmente dise~ados para moverse facilmente a traves de pelo for sleek, smooth, tangle free hair. The Tangle Teezer has a removable cover to protect the patented and innovative teeth from fluff and dirt. It’s small and compact, so can easily move from purse, to diaper bag.


Speaking of diaper bag…Tangle Teezer is SO gentle,  I can use it on Little Moon! It doesn’t snag or pull, just runs through smoothly. It works great on all hair types, whether straight or curly, long or short, smooth or frizzy.

Hoy me peino diario, for a sleek, smooth, tangle free hair gracias to the best detangling brush, Tangle Teezer. I highly recommend the Tangle Teezer, especially if you hate batallando con tu pelo, o el de tu bebe. Te va ahorrar mucho tiempo y gritos! Hehehe.

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Birth Injury, what you don’t expect when you’re expecting.

There are so many things going on when you are trying to birth a child into this big beautiful world. You trust that your care-providers will guide support, and take care of you during the birthing process. We look forward to having healthy babies, without any complications. Unfortunately, birth injuries do happen.

Dr. Brad Bradshaw is a licensed physician, surgeon, and lawyer who has has highly specialized training in preventable injuries. He currently has practices in several locations throughout the US, and is expanding his presence to Vancouver. Through his legal practices, Dr. Bradshaw helps ensure families have the finances to pay for the lifetime care of a child injured during birth.

At a recent lunch, I was able to ask Dr. Bradshaw a couple of questions about Birth Injury.

What is birth injury?

Birth injury is damage sustained during the birthing process, usually occurring during transit through the birth canal. There are different forms of birth injury, which include, but are not limited to: Cerebral Palsy, Forcep Marks, Spinal Injuries and Brachial Plexopathy. Some birth injuries may even lead to intellectual and/or physical disabilities. And in the worst cases, birth injury can be fatal.

What is the most common birth injury? 

Cerebral palsy, which is a  life altering condition that frequently requires ongoing medical care. Cerebral palsy is actually a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions including movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. There are several different types of cerebral palsy, including spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, hypotonic, and mixed.

How does birth injury occur?

Many birth injuries are preventable, caused by inexperience, negligence or mistakes/errors in the medical healthcare environment. We often forget that Doctors are human, and sometimes make mistakes. And these mistakes have life-long effects on the child and/or mother and their families.

What do you do if you think you/baby suffered birth injury?

Contact a lawyer immediately to share your experience and discuss your options. Document everything. And call us at 604-337-1616.

Why don’t we hear more about birth injuries?

The unwillingness of people to question their doctors, and healthcare providers to admit they have made mistakes.

Are doctors and hospitals protected?

Yes, doctors and hospitals have medical malpractice insurance.  This protects them when they make a mistake, and more importantly, it protects those who they have hurt.

Raising public awareness about birth injury is important so that those affected by it can receive the proper care and help they deserve. And that those who caused the injury can be held accountable for their actions. To learn more about  birth injuries contact Dr. Bradshaw and his team by visiting www.vancouverbirthinjurylawyers.com.

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SNICKERS® When I’m Hungry

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias.


I am a HUGE fan of the hilarious “You’re not you when you’re hungry” SNICKERS® commercials. You know, the ones where someone is not acting like themselves. My favorite  SNICKERS® commercial happens to be the one where Marcia Brady is acting a little hostile and aggressive (not like herself) and we see her as Danny Trejo (whose characters are hostile/agressive) until she has a  SNICKERS® and is “back to normal” acting like herself.

You can relate, right? I mean who hasn’t had one of those moments when you are NOT feeling or acting like yourself?

I know I have. Being a new mom, sometimes I feel like a zombie! You know those days where you’ve barely slept, haven’t been able to sit down for a meal and just about EVERYTHING irritates you? UGH! Well, I’ve realized that I am not me when I’m hungry. I don’t like being snarky, hostile or rude, but it happens when hunger gets the best of me, and sometimes somethings as small as a SNICKERS® bar makes me fell ME again, happy-go-lucky!

So, it’s important that even when I don’t have time to eat a meal, I have to grab something that will satisfy my hunger, like a  SNICKERS® bar. It’s just something about SNICKERS® milk chocolate and nuts that keeps the hunger at bay and the crazy away! Jajaja, and I don’t have to worry about not acting like myself.SNICKERS-keephungeratbayandcrazyaway-whenimhungry-cbias-AD-711

Personally, I like to keep  delicious treats like  SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares in different places like diaper bag, purse, car, stroller caddy because you never know where hunger will creep up on you. And lets face it, we want to keep the cray away, for everyone’s sake.

We usually pick up our SNICKERS® bars from our local 7-11. They are in the candy/chocolate aisle.


To see more great SNICKERS® recipes and fun stories check out the SNICKERS® social hub.

You can also enter the SNICKERS® “Who are you when you’re hungry?” contest by uploading a personal photo or video from your computer, Facebook, Instagram or use the SNICKERS® Meme Generator to create something new! Voting begins at Noon on 5/11/15 and ends at 11:59:59 AM ET on 7/15/15.

Who are you when you’re hungry?

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Milkies Milk-Saver Review

ninaonthemoon-milksaver-saveeverydrop-reviewBeing a new mom for me means many things, like constantly learning new things, and leaking breasts, hahaha. As my milk production increased I noticed that my breasts would leak, especially during feeds. While my little one is feeding on one breast, the opposite one is leaking a ton of milk. It’s uncomfortable because it’s not a little drip every couple of seconds, it’s like a fountain, continuously shooting out. Hahaha, I just had to provide that visual so you know what I mean.

Anyways, after a month of soaking thru bras, nursing pads, shirts, burp cloths I got annoyed and a light bulb went off in my head! I was like “someone must have invented something to stop this leaking thru layers while feeding!!!Ugh!!!” So I quickly googled “breast milk catcher” and voila, there it was, Milkies Milk-Saver!

Sigh of relief.

I couldn’t believe it, someone had actually invented something to catch breast milk, keeping mom dry and comfortable. The Milkies Milk-Saver collects milk from non-nursing side while breastfeeding.

I couldn’t wait for shipping, so I crossed my fingers and headed to a local baby store, Room for 2 (on Commercial Drive) and asked if they carried “milk catchers.” The sales associate happily showed me to the Milk-Saver! YES, I was so excited to try it out.


Did you know that the average nursing mom leaks 1-4 ounces of milk each time she feeds her baby? The first couple of months, the Milk-Saver  would catch anywhere from 2-3 oz of milk, from just ONE of my breasts. The Milk-Saver reservoir holds 2+ ounces of milk. We all know that milk during those first months is precious and we would do anything to catch every last drop. The milk caught with the Milk-Saver can be stored and used for bottle feeding or fortifying cereal.

The Milk-Saver is discreet and easy to use. It fits into any bra or snug tank. The only thing that I didn’t like was that sometimes I would forget that I had the Milk-Saver in and I’d  bend over to pick something up and get wet (or wet something/one else). Yes, the Milk-Saver is actually that comfortable that I would forget that I was wearing it.

The Milk-Saver is a great eco-friendly alternative for disposable nursing products, since it is durable and re-usable. It is BPA and Pthlate free, safe to boil, dishwasher safe. The Milk-Saver also comes with a case that keeps it clean and protected, and makes it great for travelling. It is also made in the USA.

We are almost one year into our breastfeeding journey and my milk is regulated, so I don’t use my Milkies Milk-Saver anymore. But, I have it in the baby cabinet for the next time we have a newborn.

What do you think of the Milk-Saver? Did you use anything to catch your milk during breastfeeding?

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