5 Reasons Why You Have To Attend MommyCon

When you become a parent, you become part of a whole new world. You are introduced to things you’ve never dreamed of…or things you have, hahaha. Being a parent is a whole different ball game; you are constantly learning and being questioned by yourself, spouse, parents/inlaws..even kid(s). But, one of the dope things about being a parent is that THERE ARE NO RULES, THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY..

There is acceptance. You accept you might have done something one way, and your partner another. You may accept and recognize the differences. It is important to accept the differences in parenting between parents, families, friends and even strangers because that’s what makes a community stronger. That’s the beauty of parenting.

So when I realized that MommyCon was coming up to the West Coast, to Seattle specifically, I just about lost my mind…in a good way. Hahaha. I was overjoyed that FINALLY I was going to be able to join this boutique style convention dedicated to bringing modern parents and mothers-to-be together.


MommyCon focuses on natural and organic parenting methods and timeless tidbits as we journey through parenthood together. MommyCon’s seminars and workshops include; babywearing, birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, car seat safety, natural health and medicine, baby gear, childproofing and so much more!

Gabriel and I have been fans of MommyCon since welcoming our Little Moon last year. You don’t realize how many new communities you become a part of when you become a parent. Like, the cloth diapering community or the baby-wearing community for example. You see another mom wearing her baby and you can’t help but smile, and if she’s wearing a Tula, you shout TULA IN THE WILD, and hope she replies with a CAW and doesn’t just stare at you like “you’re a weirdo”…hahahah I am neither going to confirm or deny that this has happened to me :P

Anyways, MommyCon will make their Seattle debut this fall at the Motif Hotel in downtown Seattle. The event will take place on November 21, 2015. Below, I’ve listed  my TOP 5 Reasons Why YOU HAVE TO ATTEND MommyCon.

Speakers: At MommyCon Seattle there is no shortage of amazing speakers from every realm of the natural and organic parenting world. I am a huge fan of Cotton Babies, so I am VERY EXCITED to  join CEO and Founder of Cotton Babies (BumGenius + Flip) Jenn Labit as she shares the story of her company and an introduction to cloth diapering. The Leaky Boob and The Baby GUY NYC are also amongst the roster of amazing speakers at MommyCon.

Educational: The fourteen seminars and workshops offered at MommyCon Seattle are very informative and educational. They range from cloth diapering 101, breastfeeding, babywearing, car seat safety, wrapping, potty training and even SEX AFTER BABIES. MommyCon has identified each session as either: The First Year, The Second Year, Toddlers and Beyond, Designed for Mom, and Great for Dad.

You can even book a sleep consultation.

Family Orientated: MommyCon plans around the growing family and offers a changing room, plush feeding area and even a play area. There is even a Babywearing Lounge which boasts a selection of woven wraps to soft structured carriers and everything in between. Master babywearing educators  will guide you through proper baby carrier usage, and assist you in finding a carrier (or carriers) that are right for you and your family.

I am personally excited to check out the Babywearing Lounge to try some woven wraps and even Lunita can try on the ErgoBaby Doll Carrier in the lounge! I know she’ll love that since she is always wearing her stuffies and dolls.

Yes, I will be taking Lunita to MommyCon Seattle; children are welcome. There is a play zone to boot. Gabriel is coming too!

Shopping: MommyCon Seattle will have over 35 exhibitors in attendance in addition to their signature event elements.

Donations: MommyCon has teamed up with Share the Love for cloth diaper donations and The Carrying On Project for baby carrier donations. Both of these organizations take new and used items to give to families in need. Share the Love provides cloth diapers to families who could not otherwise afford them, and the Carrying On Project provides baby carriers to military families.

At MommyCon you will meet other like-minded parents and probably make new friends too! I am looking forward to finally meeting a couple of instagram friends IRL at MommyCon. So, I guess I actually have 6 reasons why I’m attending MommyCon, and you should too! Make sure to check the 2016 calendar here.

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Speaking your language: multicultural maternity care in Vancouver

I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own.

We found out we were pregnant during a checkup at our family doctor, and a couple days later decided that the best option for us was to continue care with a midwife. Living in a City, like Vancouver while pregnant has many amazing perks, like finding mulitcultural maternity care, relatively easy access to family doctors and many high quality options for care.

We are so fortunate to have options so readily available for our care, unlike many other countries in the world. I have friends and family who have had children in 2 different countries and often hear of the many differences between the two. For example, in Honduras where my parents are from, women who are labouring in public hospitals are often attended by an intern doctor doing their first year of public service.

In public hospitals in Honduras, women labour together in one room on a hard table, often with little or no privacy. You aren’t allowed to have any family or friend with you, not even one. And on-on-one nursing care is not available.  Just typing that out scared me, I couldn’t imagine birthing in that situation. Every woman should have the right to pre/post natal care and a safe birthing experience.

Unlike some parts of the world, in BC family doctors regularly care for pregnant women and deliver babies. About a third of the births in Vancouver are attended by family doctors and even more in rural areas of the province. In many parts of the world, pregnancy doctors work exclusively out of hospital clinics. The majority of Vancouver family doctors see patients in their own private offices.

In Canada, most women will meet with their care provider 12 to 15 times during their pregnancy. This will give you plenty of time to ask questions and receive the best care possible for you and your baby. Sometimes, as soon as I would step out of the office, I would remember a question that I forget to ask. So, I’d jot it down in my note pad for the next visit.

Vancouver is a multicultural city, and our care providers are no exception. Did you know that the directory on pregnancyvancouver.ca includes doctors that speak Spanish, Japanese and French amongst other languages? If you feel more comfortable/adequately communicating in another language (other than English), you may benefit from seeing a family doctor who has experience helping pregnant patients from other cultures.

Having a care provider that spoke both English and Spanish was amazing for not only Gabriel and I, but also my Mom who was very present during my labouring. They understood our culture, which made things a lot easier. Also, it was pretty awesome for Gabriel to address any questions or concerns in Spanish, as he feel more comfortable expressing himself in it. And sometimes, I couldn’t find the right word in Spanish, and would use English..and our care providers understood perfectly!

Having a care provider who speaks the same language(s) as you will help address any questions specific to your own family, culture and traditions. Also, to learn about and access other parts of the health care system.

Pregnancyvancouver.ca also has a list of prenatal classes that are available in many languages other than English, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and Iranian/Persian.

You can find a family doctor for your pregnancy and beyond at Pregnancy Vancouver.
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10 Reasons why families love Jady Babys Soft Soled Boots

Jady Babys are a soft soled boot designed and finely crafted with your child’s foot growth and development in mind. Jady Babys are breathable and lightweight, allowing your babys foot to continue developing. Jady Babys soft soled boots are flexible, non-slip and don’t need breaking in. If you’re on the hunt for your babys first shoe, or a new pair for your toddler/child, then this post is for you! Below are my top 10 reasons why you’ll LOVE Jady Baby soft soled boots.  


Highly recommended by Pediatricians

Soft soles are highly recommended by Pediatricians when choosing foot wear for your child. The soft soles allow your little ones foot to move, flex and grow freely without restrictions. The feel of the earth below your little ones toes will create a more confident walker causing less tumbles and better posture. The square toe box found on your Jady Babys allows your little ones toes to spread naturally without deforming to the shape of a shoe. 

Perfect for any age

From newborn to toddler, to child, teen, even adults. Yes, Jady Babys are sometime offered in adult sizes. Can we say Mommy & Me boots? Luna received her first pair of  Jady Baby soft soled boots at 12 months. She was mobile, just crawling around and starting to show interest in walking. It was nice knowing that her shoes weren’t going to fall off while she crawled around.

As she started trying to walk on her a couple of months later, I noticed that some of her shoes would be to bulky and actually cause her to trip and fall. Or, she would were her warm wool booties and she would slip and fall because they didn’t have any grip or non-slip soles.

So, I would put on her Jady Babys and they were MUCH better! I felt a little more reassured knowing that she wasn’t going to trip (over herself) or slip and fall because of her shoes. She wore her Jady Babys day in and day out everyday while she mastered her walking! And still loves wearing them till this day (we got a new pair, woohoo).



You can count on your pair of Jady Babys to last a lifetime, or almost. I’ve heard many stories of one pair going through 3-4 kids and still holding up  in great shape. That’s pretty amazing, right? I believe it, Luna wore her for months on end and I’ve just recently washed them and they came out looking NEW, so I’ve stored them away for the next one. 

Jady Babys are probably one of the best investments if you’re planning on having more kids.

Easy on easy off

Probably the easiest shoes to put on and take off a newborn-toddler. I love that as hard as Lunita may try to take them off, they just don’t budge. Oh, and it really helps not having to worry that Jady Babys will fall off while Lunita is in her carrier.

Guaranteed to stay on!

Valid for 2 weeks  after arrival on original boots only. If they don’t stay on, you should  contact Jady Baby immediately, and they will send you a new pair. I have never heard of such a thing like this before, it’s a great guarantee.DSC_0373

Easy to clean

After walking around in shoes for a while, they get dirty, obviously! Especially after playing at the park, or playing in the dirt. I personally love Jady Babys soft soled boots because they are SUPER easy to clean. Just throw them into the wash (cold), dry on low and they come out looking BRAND NEW! Doesn’t get much better than that really, right? Because I know how many times I’ve thrown in another  brand of Luna’s soft soled in the wash, and they came out looking a hot mess, LOL.  

Year Round Wear

Jady Babys soft soled boots are perfect for any season. Little Moon has worn them in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. 

Indoor & outdoor friendly

 I really like that Lunita can wear  her Jady Babys ANYWHERE. Non-slip for indoors, waterproof for outdoors.DSC_0369


No animals were harmed in the making of Jady Baby  soft soled boots.

Support Small Business

Jade Barr is the amazingly talented mother (of 3) behind Jady Babys. Jady Babys soft soled boots are handmade in small batches and each stocking is unique.

When bare foot is not a practical option, choose Jady Babys.  You can shop for Jady Babys online- their shop may be empty because of very high demand, but if you can subscribe to get updates for each stocking so you don’t miss out! I would also recommend joining the Jady Babys factory and stock update page.

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Tips for Baby’s First Christmas Meal

The Fall festivities of  Thanksgiving and Halloween are now past us, so obviously it’s never to early to talk Christmas! This month of November we’re talking about how to prepare for baby’s first Christmas meal. Sometimes the festive season can bring a change of schedule for your baby. With your baby’s first Christmas just around the corner, it’s certainly an exciting time. From experiencing a family holiday, to enjoying new sights and smells, there is so much to look forward to.

Naturally, one of the things that should be top-of-mind is what your baby will taste this Holiday season.

While there is great joy in showing your baby everything that this wonderful holiday has to offer, it’s also important to ensure you know what they can and cannot eat and how to offer them Christmas foods. Below are some tips for preparing baby’s first Christmas meal.HNCK2737

Turkey Time

Gobble, gobble, baby’s first Christmas meal MUST include TURKEY! Iron-rich meats are a great choice for introducing to your baby after the age of 6 months, so don’t shy away from giving your baby some delicious turkey . Turkey was one of Luna’s first foods, we pureed the meat until it was very smooth using a hand-held blender on pulse. The final product should drip easily from a spoon. I would also change the consistency and texture as Luna got older by not pureeing it as much and adding some veggies. If the consistency was thick, I would add breast milk (it works for everything!). You can try adding that, formula or water to the mixture too. Fattier meat from the turkey thigh or leg works best for this baby-friendly Christmas staple.

Variety of Veggies

Those delicious side dishes of green bean casserole, glazed carrots and mouth watering buttery mashed potatoes are another Christmas dinner staple. And baby shouldn’t be missing out on these either, so put aside some of the carrots and beans to puree for baby to enjoy. As for the mashed potatoes, make sure to set aside some of  the PLAIN mashed mixture (before adding butter, cheese and bacon). Like the turkey, if the consistency of the mash is too thick, you can think it with breast milk or formula.

Know the Ingredients

While we all have our traditional family recipes, if you’re dining with a new family or a new recipe is introduced, ensure you know what’s in the food before serving to baby. Things like nuts, heavy cream and spicy seasonings can be hidden from the naked eye in casseroles and stuffing. Be sure to double check with your host on these items ahead of time. To be safe, bring along your own Christmas-themed baby-friendly food option like PC® Organics Apple Strained Baby Food Pouch or PC® Organics Pumpkin, Apple, Peach & Buckwheat Strained Baby Food.

Sweet Treats

We love having a warm slice of apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream after our Christmas meal. This obviously would have too much sugar for Little Moon, so we would have a warm apple puree with a pinch of cinnamon for her. Again, depending on how we wanted the consistency we would add breast milk. You can also skip the extra effort by offering baby a sweet treat like PC® Organics Blackberry Cobbler Flavour  pouch. Remember to keep the sweet servings small while you introduce your baby to this new area of deliciousness.

Foods to Avoid

Who doesn’t LOVE drowning their turkey in the special Christmas condiments like gravy and cranberry sauce? Although adults may love their sauces, serving these items to your baby might not be the best idea because of all the salt and sugar these condiments contain. Babies don’t need added salt or sugar. Stick to plain foods as your baby gets used to consuming and digesting solids.

No matter how you decide to celebrate you baby’s first Christmas, it’s sure to be one to always remember. Take lots of pictures, invest in creating family memories and, most of all, have fun!

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The basics of introducing solid food to your baby with PC® Organics

Introducing solid foods to your baby can be a little overwhelming with so much information from websites/books and family/friends. It can even cause confusion when one person is telling you to start solids at 4 months, and another person is telling you to start at 6. To this day, my parents are still on our case that we introduced solid foods “too late” to Luna because she is a “picky eater.” *rolls eyes* hahaha I hope my mom doesn’t ready this, or else I’m going to get la chancelta thrown at me hahahaha.

Anyways, below are some helpful tips for introducing solid foods to your baby. Please note that it is recommended to wait until 6 months to introduce solid food.

Know the Signs

I breastfed Luna exclusively for the first seven months, and am still going strong at 19 months with appropriate complementary feeding. I started introducing solids to her as soon as noticed that she was interested in our food. She would try and reach for our food, or open her mouth when she saw us eating. Your baby may be ready for the transition to solid foods when you see the following signs:  holding their heads up and sitting upright in their high chair or seat, opening their mouths proactively for food when it is offered and turning away when they don’t care for it, and closing their lips over a spoon when its offered, keeping food in their mouth and swallowing.

Take Baby Steps

Introducing solid food to your baby is exciting, but remember to take baby steps. It’s best to to take a slow and steady approach to introducing new foods. The first solid food that Luna tried was a banana, and she didn’t like it. I tried it again another day, and she still didn’t like it. A year later I am still trying to get her to eat banana and she just wont budge, hahaha. She’ll have a bit, chew and then spit it out! And I’ve tried giving it to her different ways; whole, sliced, diced, mushed and even frozen…nada. We tried beans next, and she LOVED them, any kind of beans: chick, pinto, white, turtle, kidney, she’ll take it! PHEW.Always introduce new foods when your baby is happy and hungry to ensure a great first impression. Also, offer single foods first before offering blends of flavours. If your little one doesn’t like something, try it again another day.

Lead by Example


We always try to have our meals together as a family, especially dinner. I find that Luna eats best when she is served the same food as “the adults” (in a form they can eat) since she likes to pick from our plates. Even though she may not always eat everything on her plate, it is important for us (and her) to still serve her a plate of food at the table so that she learns healthy eating habits. From healthy dinner favourites like roasted chicken and veggies, to sweet treats like abuelita’s famous banana bread, Luna eats the same meals we do. With baby food like PC® Organics food pouch your baby can easily enjoy the same nutritious food your family does. Remember that your baby learns to eat by watching you, so lead by example and never turn your nose up at a new food in front of your child since they may notice and mimic the behaviour.

Unplug During Meal Times

In our home, we try hard to not have any electronics on during our meal time. I know it can be really hard, especially when there is a new episode of Survivor, This Hour Has 22 Minutes or Rick Mercer, so we are guilty of having our TV on during dinner sometimes. But, we are a little stricter when it comes to tablets and cell phone during meal time, they are not brought to the table, so that we don’t have ANY distractions. Focusing on your meal will teach your baby that meal time is important. Remember, families that eat together, eat healthier.

Introduce Iron-Rich Foods First


At around six months of age, the iron stores that babies are born with begin to decline and they need iron-rich foods to meet the nutrient needs of their fast growing bodies. Luna loves to eat salmon, eggs, beans which are iron-rich foods. I also like making her smoothie popsicles with iron-rich veggies and vitamin C, to help her absorb the iron. It is common in Canada that  iron-fortified infant cereals like PC® Organics Mixed Grains baby cereal is the first solid food introduced to baby.

Spice Things Up


Plain food can get boring, at least for us. Gabriel and I love that extra flavour, we’ve always cooked with a mix of herbs and spices, so it’s no wonder why Luna loves it too. Obviously, if something has a little bit of a kick, we reduce it for Luna. She loves butter chicken. Gabriel is a salty man, he loves to put it on everything, even when it doesn’t need it, so I have been working with him to limit the amount he adds when he is cooking, since it is unhealthy for our baby’s diet. I suggest he adds fresh or dried herbs and spices to switch flavours up. I also don’t have a salt shaker in my house, lol..and if he wants to add salt to his food, he has to take his plate to the kitchen and manually grind the salt crystals there. Try spicing up PC® Organics Strained Unsweetened Applesauce with a small pinch of cinnamon, yumm!

Stay Hydrated

We started giving Luna water at six months, she would drink small amounts from our cups. Water helps ease digestion, reduce tooth decay and prevents dehydration. We would offer her water during the day, especially during meals. She loves carrying her water bottle around and a meal time drinks from her own cup.

It can be difficult to know when to transition your little one to solid food while ensuring they get the nutrients they need. With so many conflicting resources available, it can also be challenging to know who to listen to. While you always want to ensure your baby is reaching each eating milestone, you also want to ensure his or her individual needs are being met. Your local Loblaws® Registered Dietitian is a great place to start to discuss your specific questions and  concerns. A Loblaws® Registered Dietitian is available in Loblaws® stores in BC, they can field your specific questions and provide you with professional advice you can trust. You can find your closest Loblaws® Registered Dietitian here.

Now that you have read a little bit about our experience of introducing solid foods to Luna and some of our tips, I would love to know at how many months did you introduce solid foods to your baby? And do you have any tips to add to the list?

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Happiness Boutique Statement Earrings

I was so excited to wear the beautiful earrings I received from Happiness Boutique. Happiness Boutique specializes in timeless, classic and vintage inspired clothing and jewelry. Their unique designs are made with the intention to help women look and feel their best, spreading happiness through their beautiful, high quality products. And best of all, they offer FREE shipping worldwide. ­Check out their online store here.


I wanted to showcase how beautiful these earrings look in both day and night – the perfect statement pieces to pair with both casual and formal looks.

Day Look | Wearing the Snow White Statement Earrings 

Happiness Boutique - DaySONY DSC

Night Look | Wearing the Elegance Statement EarringsProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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The Ultimate Lobster Experience with Chef Matt Dean Pettit and Samuel Adams beer

This is part of a sponsored campaign. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Food is fun, whether I’m  the one doing the cooking/entertaining, or enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant. Food allows you to connect with yourself, family, and friends and create some long lasting memories. There are even moments where your love for a certain type of food allows you to meet like-minded people and make connections.

In a couple of weeks, Chef Matt Dean Pettit of Toronto’s Rock Lobster Restaurants, in partnership with Samuel Adams beer, will be travelling to Vancouver, B.C., to collaborate with three talented chefs at their respective restaurants, in what has been dubbed as  The Ultimate Lobster Experience. It is no surprise that Chef Matt Dean Pettit is a part of The Ultimate Lobster Experience since he is the author of THE GREAT LOBSTER COOKBOOK.

Chef Matt Dean Pettit  will be collaborating with chefs from YEW seafood + bar, Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food, and The Watershed Grill. Each will craft a unique menu alongside Chef Pettit that highlights the fresh ocean bounty from the Pacific Coast and in particular, showcase the delicious creations lobster can offer us on a plate.

There is a growing connection between food and Samuel Adams Beer, and that events like The Ultimate Lobster Experience pave the way for collaborative, community-driven experiences for foodies.

The Ultimate Lobster Experience kicks off on November 2nd with the first event at YEW seafood + bar. Expect a lavish array of cold and hot sustainable Oceanwise - approved seafood items prepared by Chef Ned Bell and Chef Pettit.  The 5 dishes also include 2 Samuel Adams beer pairings.
For tickets, contact HERE.yew

Over at Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food, a celebration of seafood will be in full-swing on November 3rd. Traditional Lebanese food will be given Chef Matt’s infusion of lobster-love.  The evening will get spiced up with a 4-course tasting menu.

To purchase tickets, contact jamjaronthedrive@gmail.com or phone 604-252-3957.

Jamjar Social Media Artwork_001


The whirlwind cooking tour in Vancouver will end on November 4th. Steps from Squamish River, soak up the amazing waterfront vistas with a 3-course meal and 2 Samuel Adams Beer to pair with at The Watershed Grill. Lobster, along with a bevy of seafood wonders will be dreamed up differently, so arrive hungry!

To purchase tickets for this event, please call 604.898-6665.watershed

Chef Matt Dean Pettit’s The Great Lobster Cookbook is available for purchase at each event for only $15. I look forward to The Ultimate Lobster Experience at Jamjar on Commercial Drive. Make sure to grab your tickets by calling your restaurant of choice.

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Mudderella Whistler 2015

“I participated in an Influencer Campaign on behalf of Influence Central for Mudderella. I received complimentary admission to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Our excitement was building up as we drove from Vancouver to Whistler for Mudderella 2015, the first and only full-day “athletic” event series designed for women, by women, to challenge all-round strength, balance, endurance and agility in a team environment. It was the first time any of us would be participating in a mud-run obstacle course, and as we got closer to “Mudderella Village” our nerves started to kick in.

You could feel the buzz as soon as we stepped out of the car, teams of women getting pumped to rock Mudderella. As we worked our way through the registration, we had one last shot of tequila to warm up our bodies and cheers to Liz’s birthday. Hahaha. We were pumped and ready to rumble, but first we had to hit up “The Works” and put the finishing touches on our team spirit!

After some temporary tattoos on and face paint, Muddy Mamitas were ready to rumble. We headed up to the starting line, where everyone was led into a brief warm up and then off we went.

I thought that the beginning would be “easy,” but boy was I wrong. Hahaha, the first 3KM was a steep hike up Blackcomb Mountain. But, you know what? After that steep 3KM hike, I felt like I could do anything. And I was determined to keep positive and take Mudderella by storm, while being strong, having fun and enjoying the day with my Muddy Mamitas.

There were some moments where members of our team were exhausted and felt like throwing in the towel, but we banded together as a team and encouraged one another to keep on going. Positive words and acts of kindness because we were a TEAM and were going to complete the course together.Ninaonthemoon-Muddderella2015WhistlerBC-LatinaBloggerVAncouver

One of the most beautiful things that I witnessed on the Mudderella course is how teams would encourage one another. For example, one of our members was having trouble with an obstacle course and after several tries decided that she wanted to “bypass” the obstacle. But as she was heading down, another team shouted YOU CAN DO IT, DON’T GIVE UP! And other teams joined in on rallying for her. And they made her get back up there, and even gave her a push up, and just like that…she climbed the wall! The roars were loud once she got up the wall and down the other side. It was electric and we felt so proud.Ninaonthemoon-Mudderella2015Whistler-OwnYourStrong-LatinaBlogger

I had never been a part of something where the energy  was so contagious and where other teams were so encouraging and motivating. It was such a wonderful experience. I think that my favourite obstacle was the last one “Hat Trick” where we had to climb up a rope and go down a huge slide into a pool of glacier cold water. Brrr

We thoroughly enjoyed Mudderella from start to finish, and are already looking forward to next year. If you have ever wanted to participate in a mud-run obstacle course, you should definitely do it. The sense of accomplishment and PRIDE once you complete the course is amazing. I felt like I could do anything. And the last time I had that feeling was when I birthed my Little Moon, lol.


Remember, you are strong enough to do anything you set your mind to! I would love to hear if you have you participated in a mud-run before? 

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Little Lime by Limeapple, Age Appropriate Girls Clothes.

Shopping is a ton of fun, especially when I am buying cute things for Little Moon. Sometimes I can spend hours browsing through online shops and even fill up my cart, but when I’m about to “check-out” there’s always something that holds me back, especially when I am shopping for Luna. I always seem to have these two questions on my mind when shopping online…

  • Is this age appropriate?

I feel like society is geared towards making kids grow up so quickly. I am glad that Summer is over because it was really hard to find some “normal” shorts for Luna. I mean I kept on finding short shorts and even crop tops or “shark bite” shirts. I often found myself in the little boys section and buying her shorts from that department because the shorts were actually knee length or just above the knee. Oh gaaaaaawsh, and don’t even get me started on finding age appropriate bathing suits for toddlers. Why do only boys get long sleeved rash-guards and board shorts?! Ugh, that’s a post for another day..

Pffft, which reminds me, the other day we were in a children’s department store and walked by the underwear area, and there were PADDED BRAS! I couldn’t believe it, why would someone make a padded bra for a LITTLE GIRL? Way to set “standards” and brain wash her into thinking she needs to appear “bigger.” Just let little girls be little girls. Oh,and have you seen some of the children’s Halloween costumes, specifically little girls costumes?

Oh right, on to question number two… (I got distracted, sorry).

  • How is the quality?

One of the disadvantages of buying online is that you never know how the quality of the garment is until you receive it. Sometimes, you can receive pieces from the same store that have different quality, its happened to me a couple of times. You order something that looks nice in the photo and when you receive it, it doesn’t look as good/high quality.

So one day while browsing online I stumbled upon Limeapple, a Canadian brand that believes in little girls being little girls for as long as possible. And that’s evident in their wide variety of feminine, fun girls’ clothes that range in sizes 12 months to 14 that fit, flatter, move and breathe.adelinalittlelimebylimeapple-ninaonthemoonreview-latinablogger-ageappropriategirlsclothes

I absolutely fell in love with the energetic, bright, comfortable and age-appropriate clothes. One Little Lime set that really caught my eye was Adelina. I mean, just look at the cascading hearts, bright pink and stripes. Cute, right? I couldn’t wait to receive our Little Lime set to put it to the test.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received our Adelina set. It’s even cuter in person, very age appropriate. But, what I was impressed by the most, was the quality. The fabric feels AMAZING. The fabric has a bit of spandex which helps it retain its shape after so much play (and washing)! After months of washing, the colour is just as vibrant as the first day we received it. And the shape has kept up as well. Luna is wearing a size 2T, which gives her some growing room :)ninaonthemoon-littlelimeageappropriatetoddlergirlsclothes-canadiankidsbrand-limeapple


Luna has been wearing her Adelina set for several months now and we love how comfortable it is. It fits Luna perfectly; breathable (not tight), and allows Luna to move around comfortably and play while looking super cute. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for style!

Limeapple sets and individual pieces can be mixed and matched, or worn separately, creating unique and fun outfits, which rocks for when your child wants to start picking out (styling) their own clothes.


Limeapple offers comfortable styles that are as easy to wear as they are fun to look at, take a look at Limeapple.ca, which set catches your eye?

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ChooMee, The Perfect Snack Pouch Solution™!

I remember when baby food only came in bulky glass jars and cup. Parents weren’t able to give their baby/toddler the glass jar full of puree, because of 1) glass is breakable and 2)what a mess. Baby food in glass jars is a thing of the past!  Baby food has taken a a new shape; flexible, resealable pouches are quickly replacing traditional bulky glass jars and cups.

Resealable pouches are very convenient, they allow parents and babies a bit of independence and freedom when it comes to feeding. We use food pouches when we know we are going to be out for a couple of hours. Oh, and we love to use them during road-trips. Pouches come in a multitude of brands, flavours, stages and sizes, but they ALL have on thing in common: A sharp, rigid, plastic spout that their food dispenses from.

Although we love our pouches, we often hesitated to give Lunita one because she would squeeze the pouch and food would EXPLODE in every direction and when she was teething, she would bite the spout and hurt her gums. So, we found ourselves holding the pouch while she sucked the food, in order to regulate the mess. More than often pouch feeding results in: a crying child, a mushy mess, wasted food and wasted money.

choomee-sipnsofttop-perfectsnackpouchsoloution-review-vancouverblogger-latinamombloggerThat is until I discovered ChooMee Sip’n Soft Top. ChooMee created the first and only pouch top providing flow control and cap. The Sip’n soft top is a chewy silicone valve used for pouch feeding which provides multiple features and critical benefits for both baby and parent. Honestly, the ChooMee Sip’n Soft Top has probably been one of my favourite baby product finds because not only has it made my job a little easier, but it has helped Little Moon’s independence. I am no longer having to hold the pouch, or hover over her when she holds the pouch on her own because I know that there won’t be any mess. Ugh, I remember how she would freak out when I would hold the pouch because she wanted to hold it all on her own, but I wouldn’t let her because she would squeeze the pouch and the food would just go everywhere…stains on her clothes, wasted food and money.

Luna also enjoys chewing on the Sip’n Soft Top, especially when she is teething, so it serves as a double purpose. It is BPA and Pthalate free, so no need to fret.

ChooMee Sip’n Soft Top easily attaches to food pouches to ensure that you maximize  pouch performance. Make sure to push down until you hear a “click” to ensure the cap is on securely, or you can have a mess on your hands. SIP IT: Attach to pouch to protect child’s mouth and control the flow of food. CAP IT: Fold-over cap to securely close your pouch when baby feels full. Can save for later.STRAP IT: Wrap the strap around your pouch top to easily pair them on-the-go.


Forget the chewing and squeezing that leads to spilling and screaming, ChooMee is The Perfect Snack Pouch Solution. 4 key benefits:

  1. Protect Mouth: The Sip’n features a  chewy soft silicone valve designed to fully cover the rigid plastic spout of  a pouch. Finally baby can comfortably chew away while snacking.
  2. Prevent Spills:  The Sip’n includes a critical flow control valve that prevents the mess and keeps food within pouch where it belongs, until there is pressure from sipping (Sip’n!)
  3. Maximize Nutrition:By controlling pouch flow and preventing spills, the Sip’n not only minimizes pouch waste but can also maximizes baby’s caloric intake. Every healthy sip counts and using a Sip’n soft top means more food makes it to their little mouth.
  4. Promote Independence: Transitioning from milk to solid food is a significant stride toward independence. A heavy weight is lifted when baby no longer depends on mom for each individual bite. Our Sip’n eliminates pouch frustration and allows babies to hold and eat on their own.

ChooMee Sip’n Soft Top is reusable. It’s super easy to clean with soapy water. It’s also resistant to both food odors and colour stains, so you don’t have to worry. The Sip’n Soft Top can also be purchased in a convenient travel case and is available in 4 different colours, make sure to check out the different Sip’n Soft Top packs available at ChooMee.com.

I’d love to know whether or not you have heard or used of ChooMee Sip’n Soft Top before.

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