Quick + Healthy Snacks with Lifeway Kefir

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle, I eat a balanced diet and get a little bit of exercise in here and there. But sometimes life can get so busy that we forget to eat, which is no good! Everyday life stressors also have an impact on our health as well, so it’s important to make sure that we atleast have some healthy snacks in our home.
And that’s where Kefir comes in- a smooth, tart and refreshing cousin of yogurt. I first heard of Kefir a year ago while researching for creamy dairy beverages that were lactose free since I am lactose intolerant. I was a bit hesitant to try kefir at first because the smell is a bit tart, but after the first gulp I was addicted, I was pouring it into everything.
Now it was time to let  Gabriel have a try. I just poured it into a glass and served it to him, I just said it was a smoothie and he drank it right up. When I told him that it was kefir, he was like “QUE es ESO?” y le dije “Kefir is related to yogurt, but it’s way better because it’s more than 90 % lactose free, so it wont hurt us.”
He was estatic since he is also lactose intolerant. Kefir is also great because it is rich in protein, Lifeway Kefir contains 7g of protein per 3/4 cup (175 mL) and contains 12 live and active Probiotic cultures that support the immune system and balance digestive health.
That’s why when I saw that #CollectiveBias had this campaign with Lifeway Kefir I jumped at the chance to share my experience with you guys.
We had only tried the “Original” Kefir  flavour before, so this time around we picked up a bottle of Peach and Strawberry flavour from Safeway, in the dairy aisle. In our local safeway, the Lifeway Kefir can be found in aisle 7, with the eggs, yogurt, cheese, spices, cake mixes and jelly powders.lifewaykefirasile7safewaybroadwaycommercialcollectivebias
Kefir is indeed a great alternative for milk! It’s just as good or even better than milk because of all the health benefits and it can be enjoyed in a varierty of ways. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the “overnight oats” for breakfast! Super easy breakfast, especially for new moms like me, who can’t seem to get enough time to cook a good hearty breakfast, let alone have a hot cup of coffee.
Like I mentioned before, this is currently my go-to breakfast. It take less than 5 minutes to prepare and is ready to eat in the morning for breakfast. I usually make 5 at a time. Follow the easy steps below to make your own overnight oats using Lifeway Kefir.
  1. Grab a mason jar
  2. First place oats in the jar, as much as you want
  3. Add fresh fruit
  4. Top up with Lifeway Kefir
  5. Add seeds
  6. Close with lid and shake
  7. Store in fridge.
Here are some more of my favorite ways of drinking/eating kefir:
Alone: Simply pour into cup and serve with a straw.
Smoothie: With the strawberry and peach flavour , I just pour into blender and add ice. For the “Original” flavour I like to add fruit or seeds.
Over Fruit: Cut up some fresh fruit, place in bowl and pour kefir on top.
With Cereal/Granola: Pour kefir over cereal/granola
Freeze as Popsicles: Pour kefir into popsicle container and freeze over night.
Instead of milk/water for pancakes.
As a substitute for milk in baking

Family Adventure: Roadtrip to Kelowna

ninaonthemoon-familyroadtripkelownabc-tiguanvw-comfortsuites-lavenderfieldsRoadtrips have always been a part of my life, I have so many awesome memories of when my parents would pack up the van and take us on a trip down to Honduras, Tennessee and New Orleans.  My brothers, sister and I loved to read/tell stories, play guessing games and sing in the car. Those were really special moments, family bonding at its best.

So it’s no surprise that I want to continue that tradition of exploring and family bonding with my own little family.  Gabriel had to go to Kelowna to shoot a wedding for a couple of days, so I decided it would be fun for Lunita and I to tag along for the ride. Our plan was that while he worked, we would hang out at the hotel and when he was off, we’d explore the town of Kelowna together.

Alright, I’ll admit it, I was a feeling a little bit of apprehension since the drive to Kelowna is about a four hours and Luna was only four months old. I wasn’t sure how she’d deal spending so much time in her car seat. Thankfully, it was smooth sailing, she slept most of the way. And when she woke up, we pulled over, had a nice stretch and took a couple minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Okanagan.


We checked in at the Comfort Suites Kelowna, a Gold Award-winning hotel just minutes away from wineries, the lake and Downtown. The staff and GM Carla really go above and beyond to make their guests feel right at home, from the moment you step into their hotel you a greeted with a hello and warm smile. We were in awe when we entered our room, it was spacious, great natural light and a nice view of the mountains.

But what really won me over, was the welcome basket. It was packed with treats, tour pamphlets/guides, 2 tickets for wine tastings, a handful of FRESH Okanagan cherries and a warm welcome note! Oh, and the team gave Lunita a cute blanket too.

While Gabriel was working, Lunita and I hung out in the hotel pool. This was her FIRST time in a pool and she really loved it.

Breakfast was HOT, delicious and FREE; to eat the options are hot eggs, hot meats, make your own waffles, breads, cereals and yogurt. And to drink: coffee, tea, milk and a variety of juices. I made myself two breakfast sandwiches with hot eggs and hot bacon. Gabriel made himself some waffles and couldn’t resist some bacon.

Overall, our stay at the Comfort Suites Kelowna was very comfortable and enjoyable.


Of the four days we were in Kelowna, Gabriel had two of those days off, so we were able to check out the Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm, a beautiful farm property with sweeping views of Okanagan Lake. I loved walking around the gardens, smelling the different lavender and listening to the buzzing of all of the honey bees. Like the name states, there is also a large variety of herbs grown on the property.

We enjoyed walking around the hedge and grass maze, as well as writing wishes onto the wishing tree.

Did I mention that you can pick your own lavender? Gabriel and I each cut a bunch of the darker lavender, which is better for drying.

The views from the patio on the second floor of the main building are breath taking. We had some tasty lavender infused treats, including lavender lemonade and a locally made sourdough and cheese at their Small Bites Cafe.

Also located in the main building is the boutique, where they sell products that they have produced from their harvested lavender and herbs. You can find bath & body, culinary and comfort & home products for sale in the boutique. Of course, I had to pick up some lavender essential oil for our little moon and myself and a bottle of lavender syrup before saying hasta luego.

The Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm  is a very peaceful and calm place. I really can’t wait to go back.

We were also able to visit two wineries and a winery boutique:missionhillfamilyestatesummerhillpyramidwineryssandhillwinerycadonaboutiquekelwonaninaonthemoon

Summerhill Pyramid Winery: I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Summerhill is committed to producing 100% organic wine! Their famous pyramid was being renovated when we visited, so we didn’t get a tour. Summerhill wine is made in the most unique winery in the world.

Mission Hill Family Estate: WOW. Probably one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to in my life. The architecture, views and outdoor amphitheatre are spectacular. I bet the food is too, but we didn’t eat here. We had our first wine tasting experience at the wine tasting bar, and it was good. Although the wine tasting bar was packed, the customer service the sales associates provided was great. You can also book private tastings.

There are also 42 life size works of acclaimed Icelandic artist Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir throughout the property. Beautiful art with an amazing natural backdrop.

Calona Vineyards Winery Boutique: This is BC’s oldest winery location. It offers wine tastings of the largest selection of Sandhill wine, including many rare and hard to find small lots. The experience here was amazing, Ken from Sandhill wines was so descriptive and even helped us with pairing wines and food! My favorite was the icewine, so delicious. We also brought home a bottle of the Wayne Gretzky Chardonnay and Merlot.

This trip to Kelowna was a very memorable one, as it was our very first as a family. During this trip there were many firsts for us; Luna’s first time in a pool, Luna’s first time in a lake, and our first winery tour/tasting. Kelowna is definitely a family friendly town to visit, ago shouldn’t deter you from exploring this beautiful place. I look forward to visiting Kelowna during the Fall/Winter so we can experience Kelowna a different way, snowshoeing perhaps?

Do you remember you first family trip? Tell me about it and relive those beautiful memories!

Besos y Bendiciones~

6 Tips to Staying Active with Young Children #MovingMoments

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Huggies and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Little Movers It’s amazing how fast babies grow, from being a dependent newborn to an independent toddler. Our little moon has started to try rolling over, and I bet with a blink of an eye, she will start crawling. Each of these moving moments mark a milestone in our babies lives that we will remember forever. With so much movement in babies lives, parents often look for a diaper that is comfortable, and flexible; the NEW! Huggies® Little Movers Diapers with Double Grip Strips gives baby a comfier fit over time than Pampers Cruisers+. The new Double Grip Strips – soft Velcro strips on the sides of front diaper panel for a comfy fit that lasts. We are always by our baby girl’s side cheering her on when she is attempting to roll! She also loves to bounce around in our arms while listening to some music.  It’s important to teach our children the value of an active lifestyle from  a young age and through action. We can’t only preach to lead an active life, we must LIVE it. 132 I’ve always led an active lifestyle, from a young age. My parents always made family time something active, like bike riding or going for walks. They also put us into soccer, swimming and other recreational activities. So it’s no surprise that I am now an active mom! Although my little moon is only 4 months old, I make sure we are active together. I like to go for walks, whether she is in her stroller or carrier. We also like to go to the pool and dance hehehe. Below are some of my personal tips on how you can stay active with young children:

  1. FAMILY  TIME: Pick a day of the week where the whole family can get out of the house to do something active, like swimming or a bike ride.
  2. BALLS:  Have some balls around the house/yard. Whether it be a basketball, soccer ball or volleyball..any type of ball really, so you can roll/pass/kick it around the yard.
  3. DOG: If you have a dog, take it our for a walk as a family.
  4. DANCE: Put on your favorite music and just dance in your house. Grab your kids, partner and ENJOY! Make it a fun family affair, we usually get some laughs because of our funky moves hahaha.
  5. FRIENDS: Invite a friend (and their kids if they have any) to go for a walk.
  6. CLASS: Take a class together, like swimming or pottery.

Huggies recently partnered with a leading fitness movement expert, Nikki Glor, and MyGym (national children’s fitness center) to show parents how to embrace those “Moving Moments” and to encourage parents to keep moving. Celebrate your little one’s moving moments by visiting Huggies.com/moments and upload a photo or video of your baby’s best moves! You’ll receive a Huggies® coupon for $2.00 and get the chance to be featured on the Huggies Facebook page. You can check out the hashtag #MovingMoments on social media to see all the fun families are having.

Huggies is giving away a pack valued at $50.00 to ONE Nina on the Moon reader:

    • Pack of Diapers
    • Pack of Wipes
    • Red gym/tote bag
    • Re-usable plastic water bottle
    • My Gym Class Gift Certificate
    • NikkiFitness DVD

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Huggies® Little Movers are available in grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. For more information make sure to check out:

Sears “Rock the Halls” for Back to School!

“Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Back to School Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

Back to school shopping was always one of my favorite parts about going back to school in the fall! Especially during elementary school. My parents tradition was to buy us one back to school outfit, and my mom always searched for where there were good deals on quality clothing. She wanted pieces that would last, but wouldn’t be to hard on the wallet, and Sears was one of the places where she could find different styles of clothes for her four children.  Check out Sears Canada and Rock the Halls for Back to School.

As we got older, our back to school shopping changed. When we were young, my mother would choose what she was buying us. And as we grew older, she  would let us choose our own clothes, but she would make sure that we had the staples for our wardrobe; new shoes, a pair of jeans and a good sweater.

After buying our new outfit for back to school, my mother would ask us to look through our gently worn clothes and pick items that we no longer used, so we could donate it. And it’s a habit that has stuck with me since childhood, to this day if I get something new, I make sure to pick a couple things out of my closet to donate.

Did you know that Sears Canada has been a proud supporter for over 40 years of Boys and Girls Club across Canada (BGCC), Canada’s leading provider of quality after school programs that support the healthy physical, educational, social and mental development of Canadian children and youth.  Sears shares Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada’s philosophy that providing all Canadian children and youth with access to opportunity is essential to helping them achieve their full potential and create a better future. And to help out with this year’s back-to-school season, Sears Canada and Converse will be providing the BGCC with $10,000 worth of Back to School Apparel!

Our little moon is still a couple years away from going to school, but it’s something I have been looking forward too even before I had kids. Right now I have fun choosing her clothes and dressing her, and will probably continue to do so until she can start choosing her own clothes. It’s important for her to be able to choose her clothes because I think  it plays an important part in expressing her personality, style and individuality. I wonder if she will be like our family friend, who is six and loves wearing dresses, big floral headbands and sparkly shoes everyday to school? Or will she be like me? A tomboy who loved wearing sports realted attire, like tearaways, nikes and sweats?

Sears Canada (The Kids Room) knows that Back to School shopping can take a toll on the wallet, especially if you have more than one child; they have been helping families Across Canada with school-aged children get ready for back-to-school so they can Rock the Halls, surprising shoppers by providing their purchases to them for FREE!

Watch the video below, can’t help but SMILE! I love seeing the looks on their faces when they get that awesome surprise!!

That’s not all! Sears Canada will be rewarding their Facebook fans by surprising them throughout the month of August with opportunities to win a $100 Sears gift card. AND YOU can also win a $100 Gift Card to Sears Canada on my blog, just follow the rafflecopter form below:
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You may enter to win across multiple blogs, but can only win on one. They must be 18, and live in Canada (excluding QC). Expect to receive their prize 4-6 weeks after the contest closes.

Family Adventure: Splashdown Waterpark

ninaonthemoon-latinablogger-yvrbloggersfamiliesatsplashdownwaterparkbcA couple weeks ago, my family and I joined other YVR Bloggers and their families at Splashdown Waterpark, in Tsawwassen. Splashdown has 13 waterslides, a toddler waterplay area, volleyball and basketball court, video game arcade, a goodies store and a concession. Splashdown is Greater Vancouver’s ONLY waterslide park.

I have many awesome memories at Splashdown; from childhood visiting with my family or a daycamp during Summer vacation, to adolescents with a group of friends. And now, here I am about 15 years later visiting Splashdown with my own little family, creating more memorable moments. I was happy to share a part of my childhood with my husband, and relive so many good times, this was his first time there. 

It was also our Little Moon’s first time at a waterpark, hehehe. At four months young, I sat her on my lap and we went down one of the six children’s slides, another first! We also played (and by played I mean, I held her in my arms while walking under the sprinklers hehehe) in the Children’s splash area. ninaonthemoon-lattinavancouveryvrblog-splashdownwaterpark

I remember when I was a kid, The Black Hole seemed to be sooo tall, but as I walked up to it for the first time in about 15 years, I was surprised at how small it looked. I was curious to see if the sliding experience was going to be as much fun as I remember, and it sure was! It’s so dark that you can’t see where you are heading, it was so much fun.

Big Jim’s River Run, is another Splashdown favorite; like the Black Hole  is a tube slide, only difference is that it’s open air. This is my favorite slide at Splashdown because you can go with a group, you’re not supposed to link, but that doesn’t stop most people. It’s so much fun trying to hang tight or be pulled away from the person(s) you are linked to.

I’m going to be honest, I was a little nervous about going down the four advanced body slides alone. I couldn’t decided whether to sit and go slow or lie down and go fast…but as soon as I sat down on the slide, I said what the hay and laid back. Oh, it was so much fun, I was “wooooooo-ing” all the way down! I felt so ALIVE and happy. There are also two intermediate body slides, which are slighty slower than the advanced ones.

The grounds at Splashdown are a lot bigger than what I remember from my childhood. They’ve added tents, BBQ’s, picnic tables and even a volleyball and basketball court. We set up our picnic right under a beautiful tree, which provided great shade. There is a lot of green space where you can play frisbee or even tag ;)

I had a wonderful time at Splashdown park reliving childhood memories and creating new ones with my family, especially with my Little Moon.


Splashdown Waterpark
4775 Nulelum Way
Tsawwassen, B.C.
V4M 4G9

My Brestfriend Review

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for my editorial consideration and I decided to review it, based on my own experience and opinions.


Breastfeeding needs to be comfortable for mama and baby, especially since we do it  all day, everyday. Before receiving My Brest Friend I was using pillows to support my arms and her head. And I must admit that after a couple of minutes it wasn’t very comfortable for me; my arms, back and neck  ached. It seemed like I was always adjusting baby girl since the surface wasn’t firm.

As soon as I received My BrestFriend, I put it into use. I thought it was going to be a hastle to adjust it, but it was very easy. I simply wrapped My BrestFriend around my waist and clicked the buckle. The waist strap is easy to adjust  for the perfect fit.

My BrestFriend is firm and flat, which keeps baby girl close to me and latched-on. My BrestFriend has a back rest that helps posture during feeding, which totally prevented my back and neck from aches. There are also arm/elbow rests that prevent my shoulder tension.


The fabric is soft and plush. The cover is easy to clean; you can machine wash on gentle cycle or even spot clean. There is also a convenient pocket on My BrestFriend that is great for storing nursing accessories and anything else you want to have within reach. I usually had chapstick, burp cloth, nipple cream, granola bar, and a watter bottle in the pocket.


My Brest Friend retails for $51. I highly recommend this product for all breastfeeding mothers, it really makes breastfeeding more comfortable.

My Promise to My Baby

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® Baby and Latina Bloggers Connect. ninaonthemoon-mypromisetobabyjohnsonbabycampaign

I’ve always dreamed of being a mother; I would help my parents around the house and I’d jump at the chance to babysit. It’s always been in me to care and nurture those who surround me, especially those who are younger than me.

As I started to grow up, I noticed how much and how hard my parents worked to take care of us; to make sure we had food on the table, and a roof over our ahead, but most importantl, that we felt loved and security.

Long before getting pregnant, I had always imagined what kind of mother I would be; loving, nurturing and caring. And when we found out that we were expecting, I prayed to God every night, thanking Him for the amazing gift that was growing inside me.

God wasn’t the only one I talked to every night during my pregnancy, I also talked to my little angel. I would place my hands on my pancita, close my eyes and connect. I promised my baby that I would:

  • Love unconditionally
  • Nurture
  • Listen
  • Be their cheerleader
  • Educate
  • Support
  • Keep safe

I think that if  we show our children unconditional love, and safety everything else will follow.

It’s been about a year since we’ve been reading labels on the back of beauty/health products, and since our little one was born, we have been doing the same for her products. It’s nice to see that some big brands are listening to the concerns of moms and have promised to make products safer.

Just as moms make promises to their children, JOHNSON’S® Baby also makes promises so moms don’t have to worry about the products they use on their little ones.

JOHNSON’S® Baby has created an inspiring story through the “Our Promise” video, which can be viewed on YouTube, as an open letter to moms showing their scientists and their families coming together to build an origami stork mobile, symbolizing the delivery of  JOHNSON’S® Baby  promise to always listen to moms. This video concept was inspired by a Japanese legend that folding 1,000 origami cranes will result in a wish granted and a promise fulfilled, which is thought to be a big labor of love.

Changing the JOHNSON’S® products was their labor of love for moms and babies, just as the Japanese legend was a big labor of love.  They used storks instead of cranes to represent the delivery of babies and the hopes and promises of families. The JOHNSON’S® Baby Family is excited to introduce you to our seven newly reformulated products:

  • JOHNSON’S® Baby LotionJOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thick and Curly Hair
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thin and Straight Hair
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo with Calming Lavender
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Soothing Vapor Baby Bath


Maxi-Cosi Kaia Stroller: Bohemian Blue Review

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for my editorial consideration and I decided to review it, based on my own experience and opinions. All words are 100%  honest and my own.ninaonthemoon-maxicosikaiabohemianbluereview-vancouvermomblog This particular Kaia is part of the special edition Maxi-Cosi “Bohemian Blue”  Collection.  For me, it was love at first sight with the Kaia Bohemian Blue; it has Nina written all over it, playful, free spirited, adventurous and happy.  The Bohemian vibe quickly got my attention, you can’t help but smile when looking at it, right? The Maxi-Cosi Kaia is a light weight umbrella stroller that is perfect for every family. It can be used from birth with an infant car seat up to 50 lbs;  it actually comes with the car seat adaptors for the Maxi-Cosi Mico and Prezi. The Kaia is very easy to assemble, you simply insert the wheels into place until you hear a click. It took me about a minute to insert all four wheels. The wheels are small and made out of hard rubber, phew, no need to pump here. The front wheels swivel and have a lock option as well. I like the “brake” system on the Kaia, it’s very easy to use. You gently step down on the “red” to lock the rear tires and on the “blue” to release the lock. ninaonthemoon-maxicosikaiastrollerreview-bohemianblue-frontwheelrearlocktires-yvrmom The basket is large for an umbrella stroller, it easily fits my large diaper bag. I actually managed to put some groceries in their when I went out the other day.  The basket is removable (snaps) for washing, which is awesome, because we all know how filthy these baskets can get! The Kaia is a convenient stroller; I use it for walks, running errands, and even shopping. It is very smooth and easy to steer. I’ve tested it out in my local grocery store where the aisles are tight and can confidently push and steer with one hand, without worrying about bumping into people or the wall/aisle.ninaonthemoon-maxicosiaiastrollerbohemianbluecollectionreview-yvrmom I also like that I can quickly and easily fold (and unfold) the Kaia up to either put away for storage or into our car’s trunk for outings. What pleasantly surprised me was that the Kaia not only folds compactly, but it also stands upright. This is perfect for my family because we live in a small space and need all the extra room we can get; the Kaia fits right into our small jacket closet.ninaonthemoon-maxicosikaiabohemianbluestrollerreview-yvrmom So, just how easy is it to fold? First, you must unlock the frame by lifting a lever in the back with your foot. Then pull two levers (one located on each handle) and push down until Kaia folds and you hear the lock. ninaonthemoon-kaiamaxicosistrollerreview-removableparts-ninaonthemoonblogvancouvermomThe Kaia has several parts that can be removed for easy cleaning: (1)Canopy, (2) Straps, (3) Bohemian Blue (striped) Cover, and (4) basket. Once you remove the seat cover, a natural beige seat is revealed. The Kaia has a multi position recling seat, but does not recline all the way flat, so you can’t use it for a newborn (must use carseat adaptor). To recline the seat, you can use one hand with the strap system, but in order to sit back up, you must use both. The leg rest is adjustable, perfect for my little one. It has a 5 point padded harness system. The buckle is a little hard to buckle/unbuckle, I have to use both hands. ninaonthemoon-maxicosikaiabohemianbluereviewstroller-yvrvancouverblog-cupholderincludedA cup holder is included with that Kaia, which was a wonderful surprise because most strollers don’t come with one. You can insert the cup holder on either side of the handle bars, and switch sides too! It fits my coffee tumbler and water bottle. I especially like that it does not move/tip over. Bohemian Blue, the unique collection, inspired by hand-crafted items, is also available on Maxi-Cosi’s popular Pria 70 and Mico AP. Make sure to check out the rest of the collection on  Maxi-Cosi.com

Style rules for looking and feeling good

FB_49-455x600 (2)Every Miami photographer, every New York broker and every single girl have personal rules. These are life rules that are made up by ourselves in order to live the way we want to and to achieve goals that matter. The same thing goes for fashion and the way we dress up. If you want to look always and feel always good, you have to follow a few style rules:

1. Dress according to your silhouette. Dress for the body you have now: not the one you had when you were in college, or for the one you want. When you’ll dress clothes that fit your body type you’ll be able to focus on what you do and how you feel, not how you stand in that tight skirt or what you wish to see in the mirror. Focus on the parts you like and yes, absolutely all women have an area of ​the body that they’re secretly in love…

2. Find the right balance. Just like everything in this life, you have to consider balance and symmetry when creating an outfit. You can do it by avoiding the excessive volume, wrong textures( because you simply can’t have silk, cloth, knitwear, jersey, organza, brocade and shantung all at the same time!), mixing too many style(rock+minimalist, bohemian + dramatic? No way!) .

3. Keep it simple. Clean your wardrobe and let a serious foundation of quality, stay. Let it be made of the best parts that make you look and feel good. Of course, the process will downsize your wardrobe, but you can always add them selectively, depending on the season trends. And never, but never forget the golden quote: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

4. Don’t fall for the ‘sales magic’. Just because they’re in sales, it doesn’t mean you have to buy them! We all need this little sales discipline. When on sale, buy the clothes you really want and need. Leave away the blouses, the sweaters and the shoes that everyone else will also buy. There must be a reason why a specific piece of clothing is sold not at a full price.

HALO’s Bassinest Swivel Sleeper + SleepSack® Giveaway


There are the classic items that you need to have when you are expecting a baby, and with time some of those products get improved. For example, the bassinet has evoloved over time; the material it’s made from (wicker, metal, plastic, etc), the mobility, the settings (music/vibrations).

And this Summer (2014) HALO is introducing the breakthrough design of the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. The cool thing about the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is that it rotates a full 360 degrees from two different pivot points. This means that you can pull it into the bed next to you and also rotate it circularly, making it easy for you to angle it as needed, which also makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed.

The first month when Luna was sleeping in her bassinet I never felt close enough, eventhough her bassinet was right beside my bed. I had to sit up and touch her because it was uncomfortable for my arms if I was laying down and reaching in. I  know I’m not the only mom who was always popping my head up and leaning over into the bassinet to make sure that baby was breathing…right?! With lack of sleep, I often felt like a zombie rolling out of bed when I had to get up to get her out of the bassinet for feeds/diaper changes. Hehehe.


Imagine not having to do any of that? Well, it’s possible now with the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. The unique design allows baby to be closer to you while providing both convenience and safety. The mesh walls provide maximum visibility, allowing baby to be at eye level with you while in bed. Another unique feature is that the mesh walls are retractable, which means that you can easily lower the wall closest to you, allowing you to reach in and soothe baby quickly while still being in bed. It’s convenient and comfortable, not only for baby, but mom too! You don’t have to get out of bed to tend to baby.

Here is a link to a video that shows the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper in action:

The Bassinest also has some other unique features like a nursing timer, nightlight, soothing nature and womb sounds, music and gentle vibration. It is designed for babies from birth to 30 pounds or five months of age. The Bassinest  is available this Summer (2014).

I would love to hear what you think about HALO’s Bassinest Swivel Sleeper?

Make sure to check out and follow HALO via

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