5 Reasons To Use Bamboo towels NOW, feat. Cuddledry

Our family is eco-conscious, as we continue on the green path, making our home and life more eco-friendly. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, as that can get very expensive. We’ve been on this lifestyle change for about two and half years now, slowly accommodating and changing things (mostly food, skin/beauty care, and lifestyle products) to be more “green.”

One of the easiest, and not so expensive rooms in our house to convert into a green space, was our bathroom. We have the eco-friendly toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products, skin/beauty products and clean with homemade concoctions. One of the last eco-conscious decisions we made for our washroom was invest in bamboo towels.

We have a handful and have really noticed a difference in quality between bamboo and cotton. The bamboo towels feel amazing, and after so many washes, they still feel ultra soft and don’t have any piling. Since we hang dry our clothes, our cotton towels would sometimes dry a little rough, and would irritate our skin. But, our bamboo towels on the other hand, dry soft, even when they are hung to dry.

Bamboo is perfect for the whole family, from baby to parents for many reasons, but below are our top  5 Reasons To Use Bamboo towels NOW:

  1. Soft and Strong: Bamboo is very soft, especially compared to “regular cotton.”  It doesn’t irritate skin. Bamboo will outlast cotton in keeping shape, strength, and durability. Bamboo also requires less washing than most cotton which also plays a part in life cycle of a product.
  2. Allergy Friendly: Bamboo is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to synthetic fabrics and natural ones like wool and hemp.
  3. Highly Absorbent and Breathable: Bamboo is a lot more absorbent than cotton. This highly absorbent, natural fabric wicks moisture away from the skin much faster because bamboo can absorb much more water than its weight. So you dry easier and faster.
  4. Anti-Bacterial: Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant fiber.  It has a unique antibacterial quality is due to an antimicrobial bio-agent called “bamboo kun” which is found naturally in the bamboo fiber. Because of these anti-bacterial properties, you don’t have to wash bamboo towels as often as cotton.
  5. Made from sustainable resource: Bamboo quickly regenerates and require little or no pesticides.

Now I must admit that our little moon has the best bathroom set in our house! Since day one, she has been using bamboo towels, organic shampoos/body wash, and even ethically sourced sponges. Below, are a couple of my current obsession for baby/children.

Cuddledry products: Sea Sponge, The Original Cuddledry, and Cuddletwist.

Cuddledry products: Sea Sponge, The Original Cuddledry, and Cuddletwist.

Cuddletwist bamboo hair towel

For any child with long hair, the Cuddletwist bamboo hair towel is a must have. It makes drying children’s hair quick and easy! It’s made with silky soft natural bamboo fibre, so they are 60% more absorbent than cotton towels. I love this product because it really dries hair quickly and effectively, no wet clothes or PJs and it’s so absorbent that we never have to use a blow-dryer. We’ve also used it after swimming.

Cuddletwist Bamboo Hair Towel

Cuddletwist Bamboo Hair Towel

I also feel like since the Cuddletwist is silky soft, it doesn’t damage the hair while twisting.

The Cuddletwist is very simple to use. You just put the towel on the child’s head, twist at the back and secure into the stretchy loop on top.  The Cuddletwist is comfy, soft and stays in place perfectly.

cuddletwist bamboo hair towel

cuddletwist bamboo hair towel

Bonus, the bamboo fabric is stretchy, so it can fit parents too!

Cuddledry Apron Bath towel

I wish I would have had this towel years ago, this particular bath towel is apron-style, meaning it serves double purpose as it keeps your clothes dry while bathing and lifting, and is long enough to cocoon and cuddle baby dry. “You simply cuddle your baby dry. What could be more perfect?” Making bath time another sweet bonding experience.

As mentioned, the bamboo has natural antibacterial properties – perfect for sensitive skin.

The Original Cuddledry Apron Bath Towel - CuddleTwist Bamboo Hair Towel.

The Original Cuddledry Apron Bath Towel – CuddleTwist Bamboo Hair Towel.

I love it because it keeps my clothes dry while lifting Luna out of the bathtub and carrying her over to our bed. With a couple of  snaps right on your collar, it’s easy to undo and keep baby in arms.

It’s made of pure cotton and natural bamboo fibre, staying soft after every wash. It is silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying.

Cuddledry Sea Sponge

Since the first time I bathed Luna with a natural sea sponge, I had to go out and get one for Gabriel and I as well. Cuddledry’s natural sea sponge is ideal for washing baby, and the whole family, really!

The sea sponge goes incredibly soft when immersed in water, and is highly absorbent, making it a lot of fun for toddlers to play with during bath time. Luna loves to squish all the water out of the sponge, then soak it again, and repeat a million times while washing her skin too.

Cuddledry Natural Sea Sponge

Cuddledry Natural Sea Sponge

The sponge perfect for those with sensitive skin because it has a very low pH and contains no harmful chemicals.

Cuddledry’s Sea Sponges have been ethically sourced from a carefully managed culture farm run by generations of the same family in the Philippines.

To maintain your Cuddledry Sea Sponge in top shape, make sure to rinse after each use and leave to air dry.

Have you ever thought about making the switch to bamboo? Hopefully, my top five reasons will give you an idea of to why you should switch to bamboo towels now. If you think it’ll hurt your wallet, remember that you don’t have to buy everything at once, you can do it little by little. Maybe start with the original Cuddledry for your child, and work your way from there.

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