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Momzelle Breastfeeding Clothes Review

So, I don’t know why with my first pregnancy I never really bothered looking into breastfeeding apparell or nursing wear. Was it because I didn’t care for it? Thought it was ugly? Unflattering? Too expensive? Or, I just didn’t get around to it? Honestly, I think it was probably a mix of all the above hahaha. Oh, wait, I think I bought one nursing bra, from Target and it didn’t last very long. Hahaha, anyways, my closet suffered the consequences; I wrecked several shirts, and bras. That’s why, when I got pregnant again, I knew I had to get some high quality nursing clothes at affordable prices. And that’s how I discovered Momzelle, a Canadian family business serving moms since 2007.

Momzelle = Confident and Comfortable

Sometimes, breastfeeding in public can be a little tricky. Your either trying shove your nipple in your babies mouth without exposing too much of your breast, or you’re just whipping it out and your partner isn’t too cool with that (haha, yup, Gabriel). Anywho, I’m a little bit of both, depending where I am and who I am with. For example, if I’m with other mom friends, I’ll probably just whip it out, but if I’m with my mom friends and their partners are around, then I’ll be discreet. And wearing Momzelle breastfeeding clothes allows for dicreet and easy breastfeeding anywhere.


Honestly, Momzelle products are so discreet, that most of the time, people don’t even realize your breastfeeding while talking to them. For reals. This act alone is so liberating, and helps mothers feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding anywhere.


Momzelle nursing bras and clothes are made with high quality fabrics so their products hold up really well. The elasticity in my sweaters is as the first day I got it, perfect fit. And the colour is just as vibrant, even after many washes. And, the fabric is also very soft. The fit is flattering and I love how easy and discreet the nursing access is.



Momzelle offers a variety of breasteeding apparel (beautiful nursing dresses, long sleeves,tanks, and tshirts) to maternity wear and even nursing bras. My favourites happen to be the hoodies. I’ve got two: the Nursing top HOODIE and the Nursing top GABY.  The hoodie fabric is thinner than the fabric used for Gaby.



Because Momzelle’s nursing clothes are great quality and timeless, I know that the pieces I have now will hold up for my next babe, if we have more. And since their breastfedding apparel is affordable, I’m sure I’ll be picking out a couple more pieces in the future. Looking forward to what products the team at Momzelle innovates and creates to continue encouraging and supporting mothers on thier breastfeeding journey.

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