Our Infant Feeding Experience and 5 Tips for Feeding Infants

Don’t compare your infant feeding journey to anybody else’s infant feeding journey because they’re different. Every baby is different. And every feeding experience is different too. Remember that! Seriously, I mean it. I have two kids and both of my infant feeding journeys have been different. So I can’t even imagine comparing our experiences to someone else’s.


For example, as soon as Luna was born, she was immediately placed on top of my chest and into my arms for that skin to skin goodness. And almost instantly, she found her way to my breast and just latched on. She was a pro. We never had any issues with latch or sore, chapped nipples. Amazing, I know! And our breastfeeding journey was just shy of two years.

Now, my little Sol was different. Like Luna he was immediately put onto my chest and into my arms after being born. But, he just wanted to cuddle and nuzzle right into me. I’ll admit, I almost started asking myself WHY he wasn’t interested in my boob, but then I remembered to RELAX.infantfeeding-happy-family-brands-formula

Babies are different and each breastfeeding journey is different too! Also, my midwives reminded me that he was was just born, that both of us needed to rest, and he may show interest in a couple hours. So, a couple hours later, I offered him my breast, and tried latching him on.  It was different. A couple days down the road, and he still didn’t have the latching down, leaving my nipples sore and super tender/achy.

But, my mom and midwives were great breastfeeding support! They would remind me to remain calm, that he was still little and that we would figure this out together! And my midwives breastfeeding tip was to put him in the football position, and put him on my boob all the time. And sure enough, about a couple weeks into our breastfeeding journey our latching improved, and he got the hang of things! No more sore nipples, just leaky boobs hahaha.

5 Tips for Feeding Infants:

  1. Feed on demand.
  2. Don’t compare your feeding experience to someone else’s.
  3. When baby eats, mama drinks. Gotta stay hydrated!
  4. Don’t worry about the mess.
  5. Feed with confidence. Fed is best!

Babies are different. And so is each feeding experience. From breastfeeding, to formula feeding, bottle feeding, and solids too!

For example, I remember trying to feed Luna all kinds of foods when she started solids. From purees, to cereals, finger foods, ANYTHING and the girl just didn’t budge. She had no interest in solids, and that lasted a good while.

Her brother on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He’s been into solids for about a month now, and is just loving food. I think he’ll eat just about anything you put in front of him. From purees, to little pieces of salmon and even soups. Seriously, today he had pho tai.

So remember, each baby is different, and so is their eating. I know, it’s hard not to compare and stress out. What’s that saying, “Food before one, is just for fun?” But, if you’ve ever had any questions about infant nutrition, make sure to head over to the Happy Family Infant Feeding Platform where you can find infant an array of feeding advice and infant feeding support.  And chat live with Happy Mama Milk Mentors.

The Happy Family Infant Feeding support Platform with premium products and expert resources. Happy Family arms parents with nutrition experts, lactation consultants, and trustworthy products to help achieve exceptional, tailored nutrition for their infants.

Happy Family is the only baby food brand to offer expert feeding advice through live chat with Cornell-Certified nutritionists and lactation specialists (and all moms!) that are available up to eight hours a day. They’re there to answer your lactation and nutritional questions and to offer support.

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