Lafe’s Baby Shampoo and Gentle Wash Review

I was first introduced to Lafe’s Baby about a year and a half ago while searching for a natural and organic shampoo or “2-in-1”  (shampoo and body wash) for Luna. One of the main reasons I decided to try Lafe’s Baby Foaming Shampoo and Wash is because it is fragrance free. I don’t like fragrance in body care, unless it is natural. Also, for some reason I am attracted to foaming pumps for baby products. It seems to make bath time that much easier.

We have been using Lafe’s Baby Foaming Shampoo and Wash for about a year and a half now and love it. If you are looking to add a safer shampoo and wash into your baby’s (or child’s) bath time, Lafe’s Baby is a great choice. We’re sharing our top 10 reasons why we love Lafe’s Baby Foaming Shampoo and Wash.

Lafes Baby-"Foaming Shampoo and Wash"

Lafes Baby-“Foaming Shampoo and Wash”

Safer Plastic

Lafe’s Baby is the only mom, kids and baby skincare line that is packaged in special Baby-Safe Plastic. Lafe’s unique packaging reduces exposure to common endocrine disrupting chemicals found in conventional plastic including BPA and phthalates as well as many of the harmful synthetic estrogens (Xenoestrogens). Most plastic bottles leech chemicals that may be harmful to infants and children.

Safe Ingredients

Lafe’s Baby uses all natural ingredients…because what goes on your body goes in your body.

Free of 10 Toxic Ingredients

All of Lafe’s products are:

・Proplyene Glycol Free
・Parabens Free
・Triclosan Free
・SLS/SLES/Sodium Laurel Sulfate Free
・PEG Compounds Free
・Petroleum Free
・VOCs Free
・FD&C Colors/Dye Free
・Mineral Oil Free

Mild & Fragrance Free

Reduce skin irritation and eczema. Although Lafe’s Baby is fragrance free, baby still comes out of the bath smelling fresh and clean.

Leaves skin soft and refreshed

Can be used by the whole family

Yes, you read that right! Everyone can use it. From baby to boomer, head to toes! I’ve used it a couple of times as my body wash.

Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Uses organic oils

Foaming pump

1% of company profits go to support breast cancer awareness and prevention

Lafe’s is natural and organic brand that produces a wide array of products for the whole family; including natural deodorants, baby, and hair care. Lafe’s produces only a high standard of quality products…because what goes on your body goes in your body. You can check out Lafe’s website for their whole product line.

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