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One of our favourite weekend activities consists of checking out markets. From farmer’s markets to flea markets, gem shows to handmade market. The Make It Show in Vancouver happens to be my favourite. It is a fun, upbeat shopping experience that showcases local artists, crafters and makers. With over 200 exhibitors, or “Makies” selling gorgeous handcrafted items, artisan treats, and even exquisite liquer!

During the Christmas Make It Show in December, I picked up several goodies for people on my shopping list. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t share during the holidays. Hehehe.

Make It Show Haul

Make It Show Vancouver- Robbie Vergara- BebedeLuxe-NettleCo- PeregrineSupplyCo-FableNaturls

Robbie Vergara– I’m a huge fan of Robbie Vergara’s unique screen printed t-shirts, so obviously I had to pick up another t-shirt for Gabriel. I specifically grabbed this shirt for Gabriel because he was in a movie called “El Bufalo de la Noche,” or “The Night Buffalo” in English. And I like buying cool things that have buffalos on them for that reason, LOL. We also got a sweet onesie for our littlest star, a dog on a cow!

Peregrine Supply Co– A sweet beard oil for one of my brother’s in “Orient Spice.”

Bebe de Luxe– Their  coconut and oat milk bath is heavenly and isn’t just for babies! The whole family can bathe in this luxurious milk bath. It leaves your body feeling soft, hydrated and moisturized. Bebe de Luxe is natural and free of toxins, parabens and carcinogens. Made with 100% certified organic, food-grade ingredients.

Not pictured, is the baby bar. Also made with organic ingredients and free of chemicals.

Nettle & Co– Wild Child Vapour Rub is the natural alternative to petroleum-based vapour rubs! Wild Child Vapour Balm has a cocoa butter and beeswax base and works wonders for easing symptoms (stuffy nose, aches and pains) of coughs and congestion in kids and adults.

Fable Naturals– One of my favourite local skincare brands. At the Make It Show I picked up the quinoa and almond exfoliant for my sister, as she is trying to use safer (natural and organic) beauty/skincare products.

Unfortunately for fans, Fable Naturals recently announced that they are closing and will no longer be. They are now having a good bye sale, 30 percent off.

Make It Vancouver’s SPRING SHOW is April 21-23, 2017 at the PNE Forum.

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