Keep your little explorer warm with these 5 Winter Essentials

Luna is a Spring baby, so I didn’t have to worry about the cold, and how to bundle her up before heading out on an adventure. But, our newest member of the family was born during the colder months, and Winter was right around the corner. So, we had to get him some Winter essentials for our outdoor adventures. These top five Winter essentials will keep your infant cool, cozy and comfortable all season long.


Now, I am a hoarder of toques, so you can only imagine how many I have for each of my little ones. And they’re separated for the seasons, the warm and fleecy ones for Fall/Winter, and the light and cool ones for Spring/Summer.

For infants, I especially love toques that cover the ears. Bonus points if they have a snap or tie under the chin, local brand Wings and Roots make cute toques and cowls like this one.

PADRAIGSwinteressentialsfor-infants-padraigs-knitwoolbootiesPadraig Baby Slippers are made from pure wool, right here in Vancouver. Dyed and crocheted by hand with a extra soft sheepskin lining and tough leather soles for long lasting comfort. We discovered our love for Padraigs with when Luna was a newborn, and loved them ever since. If you are in the Lower Mainland, you can buy Padraigs for $20 on FRIDAY’S at their cottage in North Vancouver.

BUNTING/SNOW SUIT5winteressentialsfor-infants-vancouver-childrensplace

These are perfect for those extra chilly days. I size up, so that little squish is easier to get into it. Another benefit of sizing up is that your little one will have extra room to wiggle around inside. I used this particular suit while wearing baby boy in a Happy wrap up all day at Grouse Mountain, so it’s cozy and comfy!


These pants are a recent discovery! They’re actually wool diaper covers, but can also be used as cute pants. I have our little star in these all the time. If you size up, they will fit like harem pants at first. And once little babe grows into them, they will fit like capri/shorts. They are super cozy, comfy and cool. Like other wool clothes, these will keep babe warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I love these so much that I’ve stocked up for a while!


Clothes made out of wool are great to have in your children’s wardrobe because they are great transitional pieces that can be worn all year. Wool will keep your little ones warm during the colder months and cool during the warmer months.

Although Spring is just around the corner, it is still snowing here in Vancouver, believe it or not! Our local mountains are packed with fresh snow, so enjoy the beauty, bundle your little ones up and get ready to explore beautiful British Columbia.

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