5 Must Have SANTE Natural Cosmetics Products

SANTE Natural Cosmetics is one of my favourite beauty brands. Sante’ Natural Cosmetics are one of the extraordinary, high-quality brands produced by Logocos of Germany. Sante’ comes from the same manufacturer that manufactures the Logona line of natural personal care and cosmetics products. You can check out my review of various LOGONA products, here.

SANTE Natural Cosmetics presents a new extraordinary assortment of decorative cosmetics: incomparably beautiful colors on a natural basis. The high-quality formulations with vegetable oils and extracts while gentle care and ensure optimal compatibility, even with very sensitive skin. For a naturally beautiful makeup, do your skin good.

SANTE Natural Cosmetics

“SANTE Natural Cosmetics” – Young, Trendy, Fresh Products

I have been using SANTE natural cosmetics for about two and a half years now, and I have to say that it’s one of my favourite beauty brands. I love the quality, selection of natural colours and the fact that SANTE Natural Cosmetics are Certified Natural Cosmetics.

This means that SANTE “uses natural raw material such as plant oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and essential oils and aromatic materials from controlled biological cultivation or controlled biological wild collection. In addition to the careful selection of raw materials, the ecological impact of each product plays an important role.”

Natural cosmetics serve to beautify and care for the human body by means of ingredients from nature. 

Below I am sharing five must have SANTE products that will most definitely become staples in your makeup bag.

Eyeshadow Trio

Sante- Eyeshadow Trio-Smokey Eye

“SANTE”- Eyeshadow Trio (Smokey Eyes)

Sante’s Eyeshadow Trio in Smokey Eyes is a very practical palette to have in your makeup bag because the colours can be used from nude to glam looks. The colours are rich, great pigmentation and smooth, almost creamy to the touch. Not tested on animals.


SANTE Lipstick "Soft Red"

SANTE natural cosmetic Lipstick -“Soft Red”

Hands down, SANTE lipsticks are my favourite, especially this colour, Soft Red. SANTE Soft Red lipstick is intense (colour) and classic. It provides soft lip care and gentle protection. For irresistible lips. It’s long lasting and doesn’t bleed.

With organic jojoba. Skin-friendly, free of synthetic coloring agents, fragrances or preservatives. Not tested on animals.

Eyebrow Pencil

SANTE Natural Cosmetics- "Eyebrow Pencil" No.2

SANTE Natural Cosmetics- “Eyebrow Pencil” No.2

SANTE Eyebrow Pencil in brown is my go-to eyebrow filler. Eyebrow pencils are so easy to use, I just outline and fill then style with brush.

I find that eyebrow pencil’s are less intimidating than brow palettes, but that’s probably because I don’t know how to use one properly? Hahaha.

Pressed Powder

SANTE -"Pressed Powder" in Porcelain

SANTE -“Pressed Powder” in Porcelain

SANTE Pressed Powders. The perfect finish enriched with ultra-fine mineral pigments. For a powdery, transparent and even soft-matte complexion. With organic jojoba and camomile. Not tested on animals.

Mascara Volume

SANTE Mascara Volume is awesome, it gives your eyelashes amazing volume, dramatic curves and long-lastings coverage. SANTE mascara volume is not waterproof, making it is easy to remove. I usually just remove with water or a bit of coconut oil.

The formula is a perfect balance between wet and dry. SANTE mascara volume has natural waxes and purified mineral pigments that nurture your eyelashes.

If you are looking for some new essential beauty products to add to your makeup bag, I really recommend trying SANTE natural cosmetics, especially any of the five products listed here.

SANTE is a brand that cares about your body and the environment. Experience the beauty of nature in a unique color palette for each type: young, fresh and trendy. Discover the “pure colors of nature” by SANTE natural cosmetics.

I would love to hear which SANTE product you are most likely to try!

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