Summertime Beauty Essentials

For the past two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some skin care essentials and makeup by Lise Watiér, Marcélle, Annabelle and NYX and they’ve proven to be Summertime Beauty Essentials!

The Age Control Supreme skin care line by Lise Watiér have become a big part of my morning routine. After hopping out of the shower, I start my day by applying the ‘Age Control Supreme – Ultimate Body Butter’ made from rich and creamy Shea and Argan Butters and Labrador Tea Extract to awaken the skin. It’s Paraben Free, which is a bonus! For those who aren’t familiar with Parabens – they are a synthetically produced preservatives that are linked to skin irritation, contact dermatitis and rosacea for those with sensitive skin. There are also links to cancer, but it’s not 100% proven – so, I’m happy to avoid them when I can!


After applying the body butter, I apply the ‘Age Prevention Supreme – Global Preventer Serum’ to my freshly cleansed face. Like the body butter, the Age Prevention Serum creates a long lasting barrier to contain moisture and protect my skin from harmful UV rays, pollution, stress and fatigue (a much needed potion for a downtown living & working girl).


Next up is the ‘Age Prevention Supreme – Moisturizing Emulsion’ which has a similar effect as the serum, providing another much needed layer of protection against harmful environmental stresses. I especially enjoy the ‘eye dropper’ design of this product, it’s fun to apply!


After this, I add the Age Prevention Supreme ‘Specific Eye Care’ to get rid of the dark circles that show up uninvited on Monday at 6 AM when I have to get up for work. It works wonders, after just two weeks I’ve noticed that I look much less tired – despite my unchanged sleep schedule.


At night, rather than the Moisturizing Emulsion, I use the Marcélle Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Boost ‘Power Serum’. Which is Hypo Allergenic, Gluten and Paraben Free. This serum works to improve the texture and radiance of my skin with powerful peptides, which are anti-aging proteins that help to repair damaged skin and hold moisture in (a key proponent to the anti-aging process as dry skin ages faster). I prefer this lotion in my night-time routine because I like to allow the product to settle into my bare skin over night to work it’s magic, rather than be covered with makeup.

After prepping my skin for the day comes the makeup.


I apply the Annabelle ‘Instant Perfecting Base’ (also Paraben Free) on my whole face. It leaves my face feeling smooth without being too oily (unlike many bases I have tried in the past). The base works to neutralize my skin and reduce redness for an even complexion.

I dab a bit of The ‘Angel Veil Primer’ by NYX under my eyes, as primer is great for sealing any lines so makeup can be applied smoothly. This product is also great for all over coverage, it’s just a matter of preference!


Now that my face is ready for makeup I start with the NYX Stormy Skies eye shadow palette. The variety of cool colors gives me many options to play around with. My favorite are the dark grey, neutral and shimmery white I use to make my eyes really pop and appear larger.

Next, I apply the NYX ‘Two Timer’ eye liner. I absolutely love this product! One side is a fine tip marker and the other is an eye liner stick. The fine tip marker works wonders to create a perfect line. Because it has a thin to thick pen shape, it works really well to create both subtle fine lines and a thicker winged look. The other side, which is the eyeliner stick, is great for filling in the lower eyelid for a more dramatic smoky eye.


After I’ve finished my eyes, I apply the Annabelle ‘Matte Biggy Bronzer’ in the creases of my cheeks, forehead and anywhere the sun would naturally touch my skin. The bronzer gives me a natural sun kissed glow without looking too heavy. I’ve had many compliments on my ‘tan’ when I wear this bronzer!

When I want a more flushed look, I apply the Annabelle blush to the apples of my cheeks. In combination with the bronzer, it looks as though I’ve spent a lovely afternoon in the sun.


Last but not least comes my lips. The NYX ‘Lip Butter’ in Licorice left them feeling smooth and hydrated with a deep color for a more dramatic look. The NYX ‘Butter Gloss’ in Madeline is great for a more glossy neutral lip and pairs perfectly with a smoky eye created with the ‘Stormy Skies’ Eye Shadow Palette and ‘Two Timer’ Liner for nights out.

I absolutely adore the ‘Lipsies’ by Annabelle in Cherry and Lychee (two of my favorite flavors!). Both are perfect on summer days for moisture and protection, while adding a subtle pop of color. I carry these around in my purse and apply them throughout the day.


It’s hard to choose my favorite products out of this bunch but I have to say, I’m really impressed with the ‘Two Timer’ NYX liner, the Lise Watiér face serums and the Annabelle ‘Lipsies’. I would highly recommend using these in your day to day makeup and skin care routines. There’s no better accessory than a fresh face, defined eyes and a pop of moisturizing colour on your lips for the summer!

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