Tiny Teethers Silicone Teething Necklace Review

No teething experience is the same, every child is different. From when teeth emerge to the symptoms they have, and that’s totally normal. For example, one of our little friends is just breaking a tooth in at 13 months, and our Little Moon now has 7 teeth and 4 molars emerging, OUCH! Symptoms of teething can be short, or linger around for some time. And some of these teething symptoms include, but are not limited to drooling, biting/chewing on everything , difficulty sleeping, lower appetite, and irritability.

When I notice a couple of these symptoms together, I know that my Little Moon is teething and I quickly offer remedies to  treat the discomfort. When we are home, I will usually give her a couple teething tablets, frozen fruit,veggies to chew on. But there are times where we are out and about and I don’t have any homeopathic teething tablets or frozen goodies for her to chew on, and thankfully I have been wearing my Tiny Teethers, silicone teething necklace, phew!


Tiny Teethers, silicone necklace has now become one of my favourite accessories because it’s not only fashionable, but functional! Before, I would tuck my necklace into my shirt because I didn’t want to worry about Little Moon putting it into her mouth, tug it so hard she would brake it. Or, I would just opt-out of wearing a necklace, it was so much easier. But since discovering Tiny Teethers, silicone teething necklaces I have been wearing a necklace almost daily, especially when we are going out.

Tiny Teethers are teething necklaces that look good on mom and are safe for babies to chew or suck on, a win-win for both parties! 🙂 Tiny Teethers are made of solicone, the same material used for pacifiers and bottle nipples. They are free of BPA, Lead, cadmium and pthalates.
Luna loves to teeth on my Tiny Teethers necklace while she is in her carrier or sitting in my lap. She also loves to play with it while nursing (sensory tool). I’ve also been able to use it at restaurants when she is being fussy, I will snap it off and put it on the high chair so she can play/teeth on it. I also really like that it is super easy to clean, simply wash with soap and water.

Tiny Teethers offers affordable, on-trend styles and colours while being completely safe for baby to touch, tug and teethe on. I love my ivory Tiny Teether silicone necklace, the colour and simplicity of the round beads allows for this necklace to match well with any outfit. So I never have to think twice, I just grab it, put it on and voila 😉 Looks great.

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