Stanley Park Ghost Train- Day of the Dead

Stanley Park Ghost Train

Each year the Stanley Park Ghost Train takes riders on a journey through a mystical and magical world, inspired by Hallowe’en and other spooky tales. This family event is open to all age and offers a fright free glimpse of the whimsical world of ghosts and ghouls. Plaza activities include the Haunted Maze, arts and crafts, exhibits by the Stanley Park Ecological Society, and a pumpkin match.

2016 Ghost Train: Day of the Dead

This year was the first time Luna got to experience the miniature train ride. And it was a special one, as this years theme was Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in English.

Day of the Dead is a seasonal holiday with origins in Mexico and other Latin American countries, in which family and friends gather to honour the returning spirits of loved ones, celebrating life and death.

Gabriel and I were a little hesitant to take Luna, as she gets spooked really easily. But, we figured, it shouldn’t be so spooky, as Day of the Dead is often BRIGHT and COLOURFUL.

An Offering

The Ofrenda and the little pumpkin patch were the first activities entering the Ghost Train Plaza. At La Ofrenda, there was a beautiful altar dedicated to those who had passed away; full of photos, sticky notes from loved ones, and favourite treats of some of the deceased. Seeing people of other cultures learning and engaging in this Dia de los Muertos ritual was beautiful.

Lunita was really excited as we made our way onto the train. As we figured, some of the music on the train started to spook her, but nothing a little “Let it Go” can’t fix, right.

As we rode along, we spotted several “famous” characters, like La Catrina, and La Llorona. Which reminded me of the haunting stories my couisns would recount about La Llorona in Honduras during my childhood. The dancing cucarachas were a highlight, too! They provided many laughs.

The bright colours, lively music and spookingly beautiful imagery was spot on. It was great to see so many people enjoying, and most importantly learning about Dia de los Muertos.

Stanley Park Ghost Train- Day of the Dead Celebration

Stanley Park Ghost Train- Day of the Dead Celebration

On the eve of Día de los Muertos (October 31),  the Stanley Park Ghost Train is  kicking off the festivities with performances from Mariachi Los Dorados and Caudillos del Sur Ballet. Join an all-ages Costume Parade and be judged on your creativity, attitude & overall impression with prizes for the top three! Finally, get an insider’s look at this year’s #GhostTrainYVR with a Behind the Scenes talk from co-artistic director Peter Hall, who will discuss the inner workings of the performance and provide insight into how our Day of the Dead production came together. Don’t miss this special night on October 31! Get your tickets online now:

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