Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Gabriel and I finally made it up to the iconic Griffith Observatory for the first time on our most recent trip to Los Angeles. We were SO thrilled to finally explore and observe the most visited public observatory in the world!!!

We decided that we were first going to take in the views from atop. We walked around the Griffith Observatory and enjoyed the astronomical views of LA, the Hollywood Sign and beyond. Yes, that little white blur in the first photo is the famous Hollywood Sign hehehe.  

After taking in the views from outside, we headed in towards the Ahmanson Hall of the Sky where we got to explore the Sun. In this hall you can learn about what causes the day and night, seasons, and Moon phases. My favorite part in the Ahmanson Hall of the Sky was being able to use the Solar telescopes to get a LIVE view of the Sun!!! 

Besides being obsessed with the Moon and the rest of Space, Gabriel and I also enjoy watching pendulums (energy), so we were excited to see the Foucault Pendulum while walking through the W.M Keck Foundation Central Rotunda towards the Wilder Hall of the Eye. You can also find beautiful Hugo Ballin Murals at the Rotunda, I fell in love with the mural on the ceiling from where the Pendulum hangs.

In the Wilder Hall of the Eye we learned how observing the Sky has changed over thousands of years and how it affects the way we perceive Earth and the universe. My favorite learning activity in this hall was the Sky dioramas, where illustrations explained how different peoples used the Sky to improve their lives. I could also sit and stare at the Tesla Coil for hours, it’s so cool! 😛

The Gottlieb Transit Corridor is a tool that demonstrates how the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars are linked to time and the calendar. 

Ok, so my FAVORITE section of the Griffith Observatory may be the Edge of Space because it’s where I got to see a part of the MOON!!!!!! YES!!!!! Nina got to see a part of the Apollo Moon Rock up close and personal! I also got to see a Meteorite collection, Cloud and Spark Chambers and other objects from space.

And finally, the Gunther Depths of Space where we were able to explore exhibits dedicated to The Planets, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Stars and so much more of what’s out there in the Universe!

I still can’t believe that the Griffith Observatory is FREE!!!! THANK YOU Griffith J. Griffith for the amazing gift you’ve given to millions and millions..and millions of people. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the view from the Roof Terrace is UNREAL. Next time we visit the Griffith Observatory I’d like to go at night to look though the telescope on the Roof Terrace. Maybe a picnic too?

Have you ever been to the Griffith Observatory?
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