Saludos from Guadalajara, Mexico

Hola, desde la bella ciudad de Guadalajara; home of the mariachis, tequila and tortas ahogadas. We arrived Sunday en la madrugada and will be here for exactly two months. We are really looking forward to spending some quality time with the Gabriel´s family.

The days before our departure from Vancouver were pretty crazy, cleaning, packing and more cleaning. I´m the type of person who has the luggage packed two weeks before, but this time around was a whole different story. There I was, the night before packing and unpacking because I had no idea what to take. Just to give you an idea, we have three weddings, baptisms and Christmas posadas, and beach time…so it seemed like I should be taking everything I own. Hahaha. It doesn´t help that I have to pack for two extra peoplebut atleast they are easier. For little moonpacked just about everything, imcluding her collection of cloth diapers. And for Gabriel, easy too, just have to make sure I pack his favorite Reef shoes, a couple jeans and button ups.

As the hour went by, I was getting more anxious, I would put something in, then and hour later take it out. About two hours went by because I was being so indesisive, I was exhausted by the time I finally zipped up my maleta and said YA, ya no me importa and I just zipped that maleta up and put it by the door.

Oops! Now here I am, missing several items, like my leather sandals, dress and Gabriel´s calzones, jajaja. Thankfully, I packed more than enough for little moon. Anyways, yesterday we went to the plaza to pick up the things I forgot! We picked up some sweet slip-ons for Gabriel, that are easy to dress up or keep casual for everyday use. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to find anything for myself.

I´m hoping that one of my sister in laws can help me out by lending me a couple dresses for the weddings. Por lo menos, si alcanze a empacar un par de tacones, uf, porque si no lo hubiera hecho, I probably wouldn´t be able to borrow a size 10 from

I think next time I have to pack, I will make a check list of the special items I have to take on the trip, lol. Will probably save me the headaches hahaha.

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