Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun Saucer – Update!

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Hi guys its Jessika,

As promised I wanted to follow up my previous post about the Evenflo Exersaucer. I am so glad to report back to Nina on The Moon that we still love it! And I am so relieved! Not only does Nina Rose enjoy her time in it, but also I’ve noticed that she has really started jumping in it! The first time she realized she could bounce in the Exersaucer the laughs and excited screams were adorable! So there you go mammas, if you are looking for a safe, educational, and entertaining solution (and who isn’t?) to keeping your little troublemakers safe and contained while you try and accomplish tasks or to play with together this is it. If you visit Babies R’ Us and decide to try it out there is a 20% off promotion going on now, here is the coupon. Let us know what you think of the Evenflo ExerSaucer World Explorer and how your family enjoys it!


Thanks everyone!

-Jessika Sabillón

That truck sure must taste good!

That truck sure must taste good!

Don't bother me Mama, I'm playing!

Don’t bother me Mama, I’m playing!

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