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Hi NOTM readers, it’s Jessika from L.A. again! Hope you all are enjoying the recipes I’ve shared so far. Our little family has finally recovered from all of the holiday and New Year madness that always accompanies January. Little Nina Rose is about to turn one (where has the time gone?) at the beginning of February and we are in the midst of planning her first birthday party! All of this build up to her birthday has really had me reminiscing over the last year and all the amazing ups and unexpected downs of my first year of motherhood.

One thing I never expected to experience was the constant justification of the big three. Breastfeeding, Vaccinations, and Sleeping. There is such an overwhelming amount of information on these topics it can seem dizzying. As parents we all have the same motivation, to do the best thing for our children. We want them to be safe, happy, and healthy.

Busy day in Venice Beach means an early bedtime in her Halo® Sleepsack for Nina Rose

Busy day in Venice Beach means an early bedtime in her HALO® SleepSack for Nina Rose

While so much of parenthood is choosing what feels right for your family, one choice I think we should all make is to have our babies sleep on their backs in cribs that are safe. I was so excited to decorate and so bummed when my babies crib had to go without all the adorable accessories they sell. Then Nina Rose came home and I was terrified every time she slept. I think I watched her sleep her entire first month home! I had done everything to ensure she was safe. No blankets, stuffies, bumpers. But she seemed so cold and our little escape artist was out of that swaddle in no time flat. It wasn’t until my Mom picked up a HALO® SleepSack that I felt comfortable knowing she was warm AND safe. I so often roll my eyes at all the niche baby gadgets aimed at overwhelmed parents (check this out if you think I’m exaggerating) but the HALO products are a must have for every mom out there. I’m currently pining away for their sweater knit SleepSacks, so cute! Nina has two at the moment in the cutest prints and they are the perfect weight to keep her warm without overheating her with our temperamental California weather. If you live in colder climates they also offer warmer versions to keep your little bugs nice and snug! If you or anyone you know still isn’t sure why babies should sleep on their backs until they can flip themselves on their own take a look at this article.

A quick thanks to HALO for sending Nina the Sleepsack you see in the picture. We were already fans to begin with!


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