Meet Monk3y Jam

Roberto and Ann [Photo Credit: Monk3y Jam]

You’ve probably seen their designs on Chris Brown a couple of months ago, or maybe, all over your Tumblr Dashboards. Cousins Ann Mcfield (21 yrs) and Roberto Johnson (18 yrs), Who are natives of Honduras, created Monk3y Jam. Fashion design wasnt a goal of theirs, it just happened.

The two chose the name of their accessories (Monk3y Jam) because they believe monkeys are friendly, so they wanted to create a friendly product. And since none of them are perfect, the jam comes into play.

Chris Brown wearing Monk3y Jam pin

Both Roberto and Ann design, sew, and sell the products. These cousins do not plan on designing accessories. They are currently working on a clothing line. They started out with the accessories first to help them to brring their ideas to life.

For a company that was started in April of 2011, Monk3y Jam is rapidly gaining a fan base and supporters. The pieces go for $20- $35 a piece.

Show them some love by sending them an email or by liking their Facebook page:

Photo Credit: Monk3y Jam
You can order your Monk3y Jam pin here:
You HAVE TO visit their AMAZING blog: full of amazing photos of themselves, and their friends that have a unique personal style.

Ann and Roberto are giving away one Monk3y Jam pin (the one Chris Brown has) to a lucky Nina on the Moon reader! 🙂

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