Bamboobino After-Bath Hat for Baby Review

Our little Moon has a ton of hair, which I often dried with a baby cloth. But, I often found myself wondering if there was something else that could help her hair dry naturally, like the hair towel wrap I use. And, that’s when I was pleasantly surprised to find Bamboobino After-Bath Hat.bamboobino-afterbathhatreview-ninaonthemoon-yvrmoms

Bamboobino is a nationally recognized brand and an industry leader in bamboo children’s clothing, bed + bath and accessories, that is made right here in Vancouver. Bamboobino was created by a mum of 2, Sharon Chai, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bamboobino is the result of wanting the softest, most practical and least damaging (to humans and to the environment) fabric.

I love Bamboobino After-Bath Hat, it is super soft and very absorbent. Bamboobino After-Bath Hat is made of  70% rayon from bamboo, 30% organic cotton, which is more absorbent than cotton. The After-Bath Hat wicks moisture away naturally, is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Little Moon uses her Bamboobino After-Bath Hat for only about half an hour after her bath. Not only do we use it for after-bath, but for after-swimming too! It keeps her head warm while absorbing that last bit of moisture after bath and swim time toweling.

Bamboobino After-Bath Hat  is so great, even Gabriel uses it after his showers. The  After-Bath Hat fits Gabriel like a glove, it’s very snuggly. So, it doesn’t just have to be for baby, it can be used by siblings, and even dad.

Bamboobino After-Bath Hat is eco-friendly, as bamboo is a sustainable choice. Bamboo is perfect for baby skin as it gets softer and more absorbent with each wash. And don’t worry, it’s easy to care, just machine wash and tumble dry, or hang dry.

Bamboobino has a great assortment of super soft, absorbent, easy care wear and accessories for baby and toddler. Oh, and a couple things for mom too, like nursing pads.

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