Style rules for looking and feeling good

FB_49-455x600 (2)Every Miami photographer, every New York broker and every single girl have personal rules. These are life rules that are made up by ourselves in order to live the way we want to and to achieve goals that matter. The same thing goes for fashion and the way we dress up. If you want to look always and feel always good, you have to follow a few style rules:

1. Dress according to your silhouette. Dress for the body you have now: not the one you had when you were in college, or for the one you want. When you’ll dress clothes that fit your body type you’ll be able to focus on what you do and how you feel, not how you stand in that tight skirt or what you wish to see in the mirror. Focus on the parts you like and yes, absolutely all women have an area of ​the body that they’re secretly in love…

2. Find the right balance. Just like everything in this life, you have to consider balance and symmetry when creating an outfit. You can do it by avoiding the excessive volume, wrong textures( because you simply can’t have silk, cloth, knitwear, jersey, organza, brocade and shantung all at the same time!), mixing too many style(rock+minimalist, bohemian + dramatic? No way!) .

3. Keep it simple. Clean your wardrobe and let a serious foundation of quality, stay. Let it be made of the best parts that make you look and feel good. Of course, the process will downsize your wardrobe, but you can always add them selectively, depending on the season trends. And never, but never forget the golden quote: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

4. Don’t fall for the ‘sales magic’. Just because they’re in sales, it doesn’t mean you have to buy them! We all need this little sales discipline. When on sale, buy the clothes you really want and need. Leave away the blouses, the sweaters and the shoes that everyone else will also buy. There must be a reason why a specific piece of clothing is sold not at a full price.

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