Stay Healthy and Happy During Your Menstrual Cycle

Let’s face it, periods can be a super huge drag. They make us feel bloated, irritated and tired all at the same time. They make us crave ice-cream, chocolate, binge watching Netflix and staying inside. Here are some ways to stay healthy and happy during your menstrual cycle.



I know you’ve probably heard this a thousand times over, but exercise is a GREAT way to get through the menstrual pains of the month. Natural endorphins will fill your irritated mind with happy thoughts that will bring you back to a calm and clear state of mind. Consider light cardio or even yoga to add into your monthly routine.


Eat Well

If you’re good at tracking your period, or on the pill, be conscious of what you eat before and after your period starts. Stay away from too much sugar or salt, as this can lead to more painful cramps and heavier bleeding.


Keep It Cool With Alcohol & Smoking

If you’ve ever found your period to heavier, lighter, longer or less frequent, it could have to do with your intake of alcohol or your smoking habits. Don’t get me wrong, I love a glass of red wine when it’s that time of the month. But, as alcohol effects every organ in your body, it also increases levels of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Either can lead to an irregular period and catch you off guard. According to many studies women who smoke can experience much worse symptoms of PMS than women who don’t. It has similar symptoms to alcohol; increasing your hormonal levels, causing your period to be much worse than it has to be. (take a look at Shape Magazine’s article for more info on these topics)


Get Enough Sleep

Can’t stress it enough. You need enough sleep during your period. We all feel fatigue during our period, possibly due to lower iron levels. However, because of hormonal changes you might need extra z’s during your cycle. Some things that might help you are a nice bath, a good book before bed, meditation or anything that helps you relax.


Use Organyc Menstrual Products

Ok here comes the actual products you use during your menstrual cycle. This is probably the most important point to make! Like what you eat and what you wear, what goes inside your body (in other ways) matters. Think about it, you don’t want anything toxic inside your body, so why would you let your tampon, filled with synthetic materials, up there. Most tampons are bleached with chlorine, which is a carcinogen – meaning it causes cancer. Organyc tampons are made with 100% organic cotton, meaning there are 0 pesticides. They’re chlorine free, so you won’t increase your risk of cancer. And they’re biodegradable, which means they’re good for the environment! Making a happy, healthy and conscious period a priority!

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