PURiiN SPA & Wellness: Flotation Therapy Experience

I have heard all about flotation therapy from family and friends who had experienced it, and it sounded like something that would be right up my alley. I mean, who wouldn’t want 90 minutes to themselves in complete solitude, away from the hustle and bustle from City life? So when I got the chance to experience flotation therapy at Puriin Spa, I was ecstatic, to say the least.



Flotation Therapy

Flotation therapy, also called sensory deprivation, inspires deep relaxation and physical benefits as you float weightless in a tank of Epsom-infused waters. Floating in a flotation therapy suite can help achieve a deep state of relaxation. It allows the body to recover from stress, relieves pain, stimulates blood-flow through all tissues, and helps the body release natural endorphins.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the Puriin Spa team, and shown around the quaint little spa. Shortly after, we popped into the change room and got ready. In the change room, you will find your robe, sandals and locker provided by Puriin Spa. We then headed to the lounge for a bit of pre-flotation relaxation.




After settling in, and feeling ready for our flotation experience, we were shown to our sensory deprivation suite. We had opted for the “float suite” because my girl friend was a little nervous and didn’t want to experience sensory deprivation alone since she is a little claustrophobic. The float suite features a large flotation tub, in which two adults can float together. There is no “lid” like the individual pods, that you can pull down. Also included in the suite, a large  enclosed shower, equipped with beautiful shower heads and the best Aveda products.

One of my favourite features in the float suite for couples was the appearance of  dim “stars” up on the ceiling. We had complete control of these tiny little lights, if we wanted them on or off. We went for the later.


My 90 minute flotation therapy session was amazing. Being able to float, in complete silence without a care in the world was bliss. I was able to escape my mind, and get into a meditative state of relaxation, releasing everyday tension and stress. When it was announced over the room speaker that our 90 minute session was over,  I couldn’t believe it.  We took our time exiting the flotation tub because after 90 minutes of floating, you can feel a little dizzy.  A warm shower was just what we needed, we left that suite feeling like a million bucks, lol.


Puriin Spa- [Floataion Suite]- For Couples

As mentioned, the flotation suite is great if you have anxiety or claustrophobia, but still want to experience flotation therapy. It is an open, spacious alternative, that will give you the same experience of relaxation as a pod. Also, a great couples 90 minute retreat. I can totally see Gabriel and I doing this together for an anniversary, something relaxing and romantic!


In our cozy robes and sandals (provided by Puriin Spa), we headed back to the relaxation lounge. We each cuddled up on a chair, by the fire place and indulged in some much needed girl time. The relaxation lounge is a warm and inviting room with comfortable chairs, blankets, and fire place. In the lounge, you also have the options of hot tea, fresh flavoured water, and a light snack (fruit). The relaxation lounge is the perfect spot to unwind before heading into your 90 minute flotation session, and after it too!




The individual float pods are in private rooms, which also includes a shower. The pod has a “lid” that you close for complete darkness.


Puriin Spa [Float Pod]- Individual Floating Therapy

In addition, Puriin Spa also offers the most technologically advanced tools for colon hydrotherapy. This personalized experience transforms a procedure into an enjoyable, holistic experience.

Puriin Spa is located at Unit 200- 1128 West Hastings Street, in Downtown Vancouver.

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