Mudderella Whistler 2015

“I participated in an Influencer Campaign on behalf of Influence Central for Mudderella. I received complimentary admission to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Our excitement was building up as we drove from Vancouver to Whistler for Mudderella 2015, the first and only full-day “athletic” event series designed for women, by women, to challenge all-round strength, balance, endurance and agility in a team environment. It was the first time any of us would be participating in a mud-run obstacle course, and as we got closer to “Mudderella Village” our nerves started to kick in.

You could feel the buzz as soon as we stepped out of the car, teams of women getting pumped to rock Mudderella. As we worked our way through the registration, we had one last shot of tequila to warm up our bodies and cheers to Liz’s birthday. Hahaha. We were pumped and ready to rumble, but first we had to hit up “The Works” and put the finishing touches on our team spirit!

After some temporary tattoos on and face paint, Muddy Mamitas were ready to rumble. We headed up to the starting line, where everyone was led into a brief warm up and then off we went.

I thought that the beginning would be “easy,” but boy was I wrong. Hahaha, the first 3KM was a steep hike up Blackcomb Mountain. But, you know what? After that steep 3KM hike, I felt like I could do anything. And I was determined to keep positive and take Mudderella by storm, while being strong, having fun and enjoying the day with my Muddy Mamitas.

There were some moments where members of our team were exhausted and felt like throwing in the towel, but we banded together as a team and encouraged one another to keep on going. Positive words and acts of kindness because we were a TEAM and were going to complete the course together.Ninaonthemoon-Muddderella2015WhistlerBC-LatinaBloggerVAncouver

One of the most beautiful things that I witnessed on the Mudderella course is how teams would encourage one another. For example, one of our members was having trouble with an obstacle course and after several tries decided that she wanted to “bypass” the obstacle. But as she was heading down, another team shouted YOU CAN DO IT, DON’T GIVE UP! And other teams joined in on rallying for her. And they made her get back up there, and even gave her a push up, and just like that…she climbed the wall! The roars were loud once she got up the wall and down the other side. It was electric and we felt so proud.Ninaonthemoon-Mudderella2015Whistler-OwnYourStrong-LatinaBlogger

I had never been a part of something where the energy  was so contagious and where other teams were so encouraging and motivating. It was such a wonderful experience. I think that my favourite obstacle was the last one “Hat Trick” where we had to climb up a rope and go down a huge slide into a pool of glacier cold water. Brrr

We thoroughly enjoyed Mudderella from start to finish, and are already looking forward to next year. If you have ever wanted to participate in a mud-run obstacle course, you should definitely do it. The sense of accomplishment and PRIDE once you complete the course is amazing. I felt like I could do anything. And the last time I had that feeling was when I birthed my Little Moon, lol.


Remember, you are strong enough to do anything you set your mind to! I would love to hear if you have you participated in a mud-run before? 

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