Los Alteños in Guadalajara, Mexico

By now I am sure you are very aware of my love for tacos. Los Alteños is one of the tacos spots I regularly frequent when I am visiting Guadalajara, Mexico. You bet they always have a good variety of fresh salsitas, from the pico de gallo, to salsa roja and verde and my ULTIMATE FAVORITE salsa de aguacate! Yum, my mouth is watering…ahaha
At  Los Alteños they serve the most common kinds of tacos; pastor, bistec, chorizo, mixto, cabeza, carnaza, lengua (cow tongue) and sesos (cow brain). You can also choose to eat some vampiros/volcanes and gringas. 
It seems like every time I visit Los Alteños I get a minimum of 4 tacos de bistec. I like that the guys at Los Alteños are generous with the meat portion because I can make 4 tacos into  8 little tacos and add as much salsas as I want, without them looking like mountains hahaha. Tacos range in price from $8 MXP (about 60 cents) and $12 MXP (about 90 cents), VERY affordable!
To drink they offer  juice, milkshakes and aguas frescas in many flavours in a small (1/2L) or large (1L) option. I have personally only tried their lima and horchata aguas frescas which were refreshing and light.
They also offer a couple of dessert items, none of which I have tried yet because I am always to full of tacos, hahaha. Maybe next time? If you are ever in Guadalajara, Mexico you should definitely visit Los Alteños. They are open Sunday to Thursday 10am- 1am, and Friday/Saturday 10am- 2am.

Los Alteños

  • Av. Tepeyac #1207 esq. Cubilete Col. Chapalita
  • Zapopan, Jalisco
  • Mexico
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