Downtown Los Angeles: Beautiful Architecture and Historic- Cultural Monuments

Downtown Los Angeles has some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve seen. I swear every district has buildings that have such eye-catching detail. The different styles of architecture in Downtown Los Angeles are really breath-taking and I highly recommend walking around and taking a look for yourself. And if you aren’t going to be in DTLA any time soon, why not take a stroll thru your downtown and explore the architecture? ūüôā¬†
Below are some of my favorite buildings in Downtown LA. Some are Historic-Cultural Monuments!

Above: Angels Flight¬†is a funicular railway. Funicular basically means that it’s a little tram that goes up a steep slope. It opened in 1901 and was designated a Historic Monument of LA on August 6, 1962.¬†
Location: Hill Street and 3rd Street.

Above: Eastern Columbia Building¬†was built in 1930s. YES, it’s ART DECO!¬†It¬†stands out from the rest with its beautiful turquoise colour and gold details. It was designated a Historic Monument of LA on June 28, 1985.
Location: 849 South Broadway

Above: The¬†City Hall¬†building¬†¬†was designed by¬†John Parkinson,¬†John C. Austin, and¬†Albert C. Martin, Sr., and was completed in 1928. It is the tallest¬†base-isolated¬†structure in the world. The tower is art-deco. Interesting fact, the concrete in its tower was made with sand from each of¬†California‘s 58 counties and water from its 21 historical¬†missions.¬†The building was designated a¬†Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument¬†in 1976.
Location: 200 North Spring Street

Above: United Artists Building was designed by the architect C. Howard Crane for the United Artists corporation formed by Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.Construction was completed in 1927. Its style is Spanish Gothic.
Location: 929 South Broadway

Above: Pantages Theatre opened in 1920. In 1929 it became Warner Bros Downtown Theatre and in 1988 it became the Jewelry Theatre Centre.

Location: 410 W 6th Street

Above: Trinity Auditorium.
Location: 830 S. Grand Ave.
Above: Not sure what this building is called, but it’s gorgeous! I really like how it seems to have 3 different styles/textures. I tried taking a close up of the 3D faces in the wall in the second photo.
Above: Walt Disney Concert Hall by architect Frank Gehry opened on October 24, 2003.
Location: 111 S Grand Ave
Above: Not sure what this building is called, but it caught my attention while walking around DTLA.
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