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Good morning, today I want to introduce you to the amazing husband and wife team behind the indie shop, LoFi Nomad, Becky and Graham. Like all of the interviews on my blog, this one is truly inspiring! Read the brief interview and get to know a little bit about how this couple and their shop, LoFi Nomad.
  1. How did you and your husband decided to start LoFi Nomad? Three and a half years ago we started our travel blog, my husband takes the photos and I write about our experiences, the more we travelled the more people started asking about our photography. We were even lucky enough to gain to a few award nominations along the way. After a few Jack Daniels and cokes in a Los Angeles bar we decided we decided to turn our favourite travel photos into products, we came up with a brand name and Lo-Fi Nomad was born. The range combines our love of abstract and lo-fidelity style photography and travel.
  2.  How would you describe your style (your art)? We have a love of retro, vintage inspired photography so we wanted to give the range that kind of feel. We also use bright abstract style shots as these always look good when printed.
  3. What inspires you and how do you keep yourself motivated? Travelling to new places always inspires us and we find beauty in every place we travel. Thinking about what we can discover on our next venture and striving for the next set of beautiful photos is what mostly keeps us going.
  4. What is your creative process? My husband takes hundreds of shots from each destination and then we both spend hours sorting through them. The most powerful and emotive images always stand out by themselves so they are the ones we look to use on our products. Although saying this that they don’t always translate well onto to products! Some of my favourite images just didn’t look good enough when printed so sadly we had to leave them out. A lot of trial and error is involved.
  5. What do you enjoy most about creating your pieces? When an image you really hoped would look good does and it fits perfectly onto the product, it’s actually quite a rare moment if and when it happens it’s easily the most enjoyable part of the process.
  6. Any words of advice/tips for people who want to express their creativity, but don’t know how? The actual idea is often the most difficult part, so work hard on getting this right. Take inspiration from the beauty in the world around you whether it’s from nature, landscapes or urban areas. Once you have your idea stick to it, work hard and everything else will fall into place.

Becky and Graham would like to giveaway one Pacific Cove MakeUp Bag to one NOTM reader! 
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