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"La Casa Azul" Museo Frida Kahlo: Room #1 and #2

Third time’s a charm…

I had always wanted to go to el Museo de Frida Kahlo on our previous trips to Mexico City, but for one reason or another, it never worked out. So, it was a DREAM COME TRUE when we finally went to Frida Kahlo‘s home, “La Casa Azul”  in November 2012.

As soon as we drove up to La Casa Azul, I couldn’t believe it! Everything I had seen and read in books was right before my eyes. And I got a rush of excitement and energy that I could’t contain, I was BEAMING, smiling from ear to ear! I was eager to dedicate a whole day to feeling Frida, to walk through her home and astounding garden I had read so much about. 

The first five rooms in La Casa Azul are dedicated to Frida Kahlo‘s paintings, sketches, personal/family photographs, Diego Rivera, and ofrendas (devotions). The following images are from the room #1 and #2 in La Casa Azul. 

It was an amazing feeling to be in the presence of Frida Kahlo
[Above: Frida and the Cesarean Unfinished]
[Above: Don Guillermo Kahlo, Frida’s dad]
[Above: Portrait of a Girl Unfinished]
[Above: Self Portrait Unfinished]

[Above: Frida’s Family Tree Unfinished]
[Above: Viva La Vida Watermelon]
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