Benefits of High-waisted Jeans

I’ve never really been fond of low rise jeans, hell not even mid rise jeans for several reasons. The first being that both fits seem to distort my body! Hahaha, yes, you read it right, it’s the cut that doesn’t fit my body right. Not the other way around. And now after having a baby, I avoid them at all costs! I don’t want to restrict my pancita, no quiero un muffin top…y me choca tener que estar subiendome el pantalon y preocupandome si se me sale el calzon when I bend over, hahaha. I’m just being honest.

Ahora, mas que nunca me esfuerzo en vestirme bien y apropiadmente. My post-partum body is different, and I love it. I have learned to embrace and appreciate my new figure. And I have learned that the high waisted cut, or “mom jeans” really flatters my new body.

The awesome thing about women’s jeans, is that you can find many different styles. For example, I have a couple of high-waisted skinny jeans, and even a boyfriend fit.

Here are the benefits of wearing high-rise denim:

  1. No “Muffin-Top”: Prevents the dreaded “muffin-top.” Yes, high rise jeans don’t cut you off at the hips, it sits comfortably at the waist.
  2. Is My Chon/Thong Showing?: Prevents you from wondering if your chonies are hanging out every time you bend over.
  3. No Sucking in Your Stomach: High rise jeans do the work for you, they keep everything in place!
  4. Easy to Style: Just because you are wearing high-rise denim doesn’t mean you have to show that they are. The great thing about high waisted denim is that you can style them many different ways, and can either be worn casual or dressed up. For example:
  • You can pull tops down right over the high waist.
  • Wear them with a loose blouse/shirt.
  • Tuck in shirt, to show waist.
  • Tuck in tank-top and throw on a chunky cable knit cardigan.
  • Wear a crop top/sweater
  • Have fun and wear coloured denim

One of my favorite high-waisted jeans is made by True Religion. They are black and easily transition from day to night, which is always important for a closet staple. Stay tuned for an updated-post where I show you how I style my high waisted jeans from day to night.

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