5 toddler approved rainy day activities to do at UBC

There is always something to do around Vancouver, even when it’s raining. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful places that can be enjoyed during all seasons, even when it’s wet out. I think that’s one of the qualities that makes people fall in love with Vancouver! That even though it may be raining and cold out, we don’t mind dressing accordingly to enjoy the beauty of our indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of our favourite rainy day activities can be found on UBC grounds.

As mentioned, rain has never stopped us from going out to explore our beautiful city. Like many toddlers, Luna absolutely loves playing in (or with) water, so it’s no surprise that she loves the fresh rain. Below, are some of Luna’s favourite rainy day activities to do at UBC, that Gabriel and I also enjoy!

5 toddler approved rainy day activities to do at UBC

5 toddler approved rainy day activities to do at UBC

UBC Museum of Anthropology

The museum of Anthropology is a place of architectural beauty, provocative programming and exciting exhibitions. Luna loves running walking through the different galleries that showcase more than 10,000 object from around the world. I appreciate that the staff at the UBC Museum of Anthropology really encourage little visitors to explore and participate in activities. For example, in one gallery, staff encouraged Luna to open the drawers to view what was inside.

You can also enjoy free tours and the shop. Bring your own lunch, or visit the cafe.

Museum of Anthropology UBC

Museum of Anthropology UBC

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Immerse youself inUBC’s spectacular biological collections. The museum features more than 500 exhibits, including Canada’s largest blue whale skeleton, which is probably Luna’s favourite piece in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum! The museum also boasts the third-largest fish collection in the country and the world’s largest collection of B.C. plants.

With six permanent collections (cowan tetrapod, marine invertebrate, herbarium, entomological, fish and fossil) there is plenty to explore. Luna’s favourite collection is the Spencer Entomological one, where there are many beautiful butterflies (her favourite), but it’s a little tricky since she isn’t very fond of other insects like arachnids, hehehe. But, slowly, she is starting to see the beauty in those too.

Nitobe Memorial Garden

Listed among the top five Japanese gardens outside of Japan, this exquisite eden can be enjoyed throughout the year. Enjoy visions of harmonious nature, stone lanterns and rare authentic Tea Garden and ceremonial Tea House.

Luna’s favourite thing to do at the Nitobe Memorial Garden is to look for the beautiful koi fish in the pond, and look for birds in the beautiful trees.

Nitobe Japanese Garden UBC

Nitobe Memorial Garden UBC

UBC Botanical Garden

Canada’s oldest university botanical garden, UBC Botanical Garden is a place where visitors of all ages can explore and learn about plants from every corner of the world. Enjoy walking tours too.

Luna’s favourite garden, is probably the food garden; where there are edible plants/herbs and fruit. She really enjoys smelling the herbs and tasting too!

Pacific Spirit Park

The park contains over 73 km of walking/hiking trails, 50 km of which are designated multi-use and available for cycling and horseback riding as well. Enjoy the beaches along the Pacific Spirit Park.

Luna loves walking through the trails and listening for birds. Splashing down by the beach is always a good idea. We make sure to bring Luna’s little shovel and pail, as she loves collecting rocks along the shoreline. Also, a great opportunity to show her the different species and eco-systems that live in our area.

With the rainy season days about to start here in Vancouver, I hope this list of toddler approved activities leaves you a little less stumped on what to do with your little one(s) on those wet days!

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