Truth Tuesday [#25]

Truth is, I went for my breast biopsy yesterday. I was nervous, but thankfully, I had the support of my husband! He was at my bedside the whole time, holding my hand, and keeping such great eye contact with me! I got so lost in his beautiful eyes that I didn’t pay much attention to the pain. And yes, it hurt, just the freezing part where they wiggled the needle around *cringe*

The technician and doctor were great, they both had very calm vibes. Their voices were gentle, warm and welcoming, which made me feel at ease. They talked me through the whole procedure, and asked me if I was ready before the two injections. The injections did not hurt, as my breast was numb from the freezing (this hurt), but I could feel a pressure that was uncomfortable.

My husband and I got to see the samples that they removed from the  tissue, pretty cool, right! They looked like fish bones and were about 4cm long. 

Since the freezing wore off, I have been in a little bit of pain in that area. But, it is manageable, just have to toughen it out and put an ice pack on it. I will know the results from the biopsy in about a week, I am praying that it is nothing bad. Please, keep me in your prayers.

I am very thankful, for all of your warm comments regarding this experience. It is great to know, that I have a strong group of women who I can count on for support. It really means a lot. GRACIAS.

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