2016 Ford CMAX ENERGI Review


The 2016 Ford C-MAX ENERGI is a cute little hybrid car that seats up to five, comfortably. We got to drive around in the new 2016 Ford CMAX ENERGI for a week, and enjoyed it for several reasons. Below, are our 5 favourite features of the 2016 Ford C-Max ENERGI.

2016 Ford C-MAX ENERGI Hybrid

2016 Ford C-MAX ENERGI Hybrid


Gabriel really enjoyed the next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide because it provides real-time information to help you maximize efficiency from your C-MAX ENERGI. He also really enjoyed the fact that he could have so much control from the steering wheel, with the easy-to-use five-way steering wheel-mounted controls (hands-free calling, music search and control).

Another cool feature that caught our attention was the Trip Summary that was provided at the end of each trip. It provides the distance travelled, energy use, brake score and total km. As your driving efficiency increases, the right-side cluster display screen grows leaves and vines.

2016 FORD C-MAX ENERGI 5 way steering wheel

Ford C-MAX ENERGI -Easy-to-use five-way steering wheel-mounted controls

2016 Ford CMAX ENERGI [SmartGauge with EcoGuide]

2016 Ford CMAX ENERGI [SmartGauge with EcoGuide]


Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid gives you the option of plugging in for a recharge or not plugging in. Designed for efficiency by combining an advanced high-voltage lithium-ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine. The plug-in capability allows you to fully charge the vehicle in 2.5 hours, using the available 240-volt home charging station, or overnight, with a 120-volt outlet and standard convenience cord. C-MAX Energi uses an air-cooling system to regulate battery temperature and help maximize battery life, so you can maximize kilometres from each charge. Another feature, EV Mode, lets you choose which mode to drive in – electric only, gasoline only, or a combination of gas and electric.

If you want to recharge the vehicle, simply plug the convenience cord that comes with your vehicle into a standard 120-volt outlet. Very convenient that you can charge right from your home!

2016 Ford C-MAX ENERGI [Hybrid]

2016 Ford C-MAX ENERGI [Hybrid]


Simply have the available Intelligent Access key in your pocket or purse near the driver’s door (the system senses when the key is nearby). Then touch the door handle to unlock the driver’s door or all the doors. Once inside, just press the brake pedal and then the start button. Shift into gear and go. Standard on Ford C-MAX Hybrid SEL and C-MAX Energi.


Probably our favourite feature is the foot-activated, hands-free liftgate. With the available Intelligent Access key in your pocket or purse, just kick your foot under the bumper and the available foot-activated, hands-free liftgate will automatically open, providing easy access to the trunk space. This is especially helpful when your hands are full. I’ll admit, it took a little bit of practice to get it right away. It wasn’t as easy as it looks in the commercials.

2016 Ford CMax Energy- Trunk Space and Battery PLug-In

2016 Ford CMax Energi- Trunk Space and Battery PLug-In


As you slowly back up, the available Reverse Sensing System beeps as you near objects behind your vehicle. The closer you get, the faster the beeps. Gabriel loved this feature, it was easy and convenient to just look at the screen or listen for the beeps.

The Ford C-MAX ENERGI also has a good amount of storage for spacious little car.  The second-row seats fold flat, providing more space if needed. And there is second-row in-floor storage compartments in the footwells behind the front seats. In the back, we were able to fit all of Gabriel’s work equipment (light stands, cameras, tripods), Luna’s stroller and a little carry-on.
We definitely enjoyed having the Ford C-MAX around, and got used to all the technologically advanced features. What would be your favourite feature of the C-MAX?


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