What are Parabens? And why should I care if they are in my products?

Hmmm…What are parabens? I found myself asking this particular question when I finally started reading the labels on cosmetics and realized that there are different types of parabens and that they come in just about every comestic product…seriously! Oh, and you can even find butylPARABEN in your Buckley’s cough syrup, ewh!!
Parabens are a kind of chemical that are most commonly used as a preservatives in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Why should you care about parabens? Well parabens are known as “estrogen mimickers” and have been found in breast cancer tissues and
may also interfere with male reproductive functions. By all means AVOID the paraben family, especially propyl-and butylparabens!! The rest of the world should be like Denmark and BAN the most heineous of parabens!!

Paraben Free

So, what are you waiting for to go paraben free??? Next time you are thinking about purchasing a new lispstick, shampoo, body wash, body cream,foundation…ANYTHING, choose PARABEN FREE.

And if your favorite brand doesn’t carry Paraben free..TWEET them and get your online community involved in the conversation so the brand can hear you and take note.

Do you own any paraben free product? If so, what is it?

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