Wedding Wednesday: Hacienda Herradero Viejo

Buenas Dias! I’m going to dedicate a few Wednesdays to my wedding, that took place in Guadalajara, Mexico on November 11th, 2011. I will take through some of my planning, bridal shower, THE BIG DAY, and our honeymoon! I hope you enjoy these posts, as much as we do!XO

Without further a do, I present…
Hacienda Herradero Viejo BY DAY:

[All photos courtesy of Hacienda Herradero Viejo]

Hacienda Herradero Viejo, the best party I have ever been to was at this AMAZING location! Hahaha, I’m talking about the reception for my wedding, that took place on November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11).

Exactly a year before our big day, my husband and I traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to visit family, friends and to hunt down the perfect church for our ceremony and location for the reception.

So we dedicated one whole day to finding “THE ONE,” the place that  would hold some of our best memories, and possibly, the greatest day of our lives. I had always envisioned my reception in a big and beautiful Hacienda (Ranch). So, that day, with my vision, my mission was to find it! Thankfully, in Guadalajara, there is a town called Santa Anita, in the district of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, that is known for their abundant (and beautiful) amount of haciendas. 

We visited 10 haciendas; some were small, some were big, and others were huge.  There were ones that were more modern, and some that were more rustic. Some had themes, like Asian and African tribal. There was one that was like a zoo; there were horses, zebras, deer and raccoons wandering all over the place.  

Before, visiting Hacienda Herradero Viejo, I wasn’t really convinced of what I had seen. Yes, I liked some of the beautiful haciendas, but they were missing something. I  didn’t feel like they represented us. We knew what WE wanted, and that was something romantic and rustic

When we drove up the rocky, un-pavemented road and pulled up to the large rustic gates of Hacienda Herradero Viejo, I hoped that this last viewing would take my breath away. 

The walls that enclosed la hacienda, were made of old ladrillo (la-dri-yo= brick). The buildings (washrooms, kitchen, bedrooms) that connected throughout the hacienda were also made of ladrillo. The jardin (har-din= garden) was huge, and surrounded by all sorts of trees, even palm trees! There were rustic chairs and benches scattered throughout la hacienda. The walkway (path) that led to different parts of la hacienda was made of ladrillos, pebbles and mosaic. The light stands that were along the path were rustic, too! The bar, was awesome, looked like a rustic shed. And I loved the idea that the bar was separate from where our guests would be sitting, dancing, eating; yet it was very close (10 steps) and visible! 

I couldn’t stop smiling!  I could see everything I had envisioned, right before my eyes, our dream was coming true. Hacienda Herradero Viejo, was love at first sight. This was where we were going to have our reception. 


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