[Truth Tuesday #36]: Marrying into Family


It’s true what they say, when you marry your partner, you also marry into a new family. Everyone hopes that they will be loved and accepted by their spouses family, especially when you get married…right? I know I did, and since the day I met Gabriel’s immediate (extended too!) family they welcomed me with open arms; his sister and brother love me like a sister, and his parents love me like their own.

I’m blessed.

To my sils Monica, Mariana, and mother-in-law Tita thank you for loving me unconditionally, and always supporting me! The three weeks went by so quickly, who will I play dress up with (Moni)? Who will I drink a cafecito with while we watch Revenge (Ma Tita)? Who will I talk about the awesomeness of being married (Mars)?  Hehehe the memories we made together are on repeat during my day. I miss you so much.

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