Truth Tuesday [#26]

Truth is, my husband and I have decided to pull the plug on our love (and loyalty) for McEverything, ahahaha, SERIOUSLY. No more fast food chains for us! This is a big deal for us because we love going on dates for our Jr. Chicken, Double Cheeseburger and 2 small fries! Munching away, while reminiscing for an hour and a bit. A

 But, after seeing that gross McDonald’s “chicken” nugget paste photo and the photo of the McDonald’s meal that has been out for year and looks the same, we had to cut the cord. We read a few articles on all the horrible chemicals that are in the processed food, and were disgusted. Since we cut McDonald’s, we had to cut the rest of them out too! So far, it has been a week 🙂

What’s your truth?

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