Thankful + 25 years

*updated: october 8th, 2011*
I’m always THANKFUL,
for every sight,
for every smell,
for every taste,
for every touch,
for every sound.
For every breath,
for everything,
Tomorrow, I will be 25 years young! 🙂 These 24 years have been full of smiles, laughter, frowns, tears, sorrow, angst, happiness, dreams, ambition, conquering, learning, and most importantly, LOVE. 

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Interesting enough, 25 years  wraps up a chapter of my life, yet, is the beginning of a new one!! I am ready for what’s coming because it’s going to me AMAZING;

I’d also like to say Happy Thanksgiving (on the 10th) to all mis compatriotas Canadienses!!!

And  a warm thank you to everyone reading and leaving some love!

besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras.
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