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Around here, there’s no better way to welcome the NEW YEAR…A brief, yet INSPIRING introduction to one of my friends, Judyanne Ibargaray!

What’s your motto for life?
Philipians 4:13 – Holy Bible 

How did you stat sewing/crafting?

My Mami (mah-me=mom) is a professional seamstress by trade.  I have memories as a child sitting next to her sewing on my child’s Singer sewing machine creating clothes for my dolls and for my beloved pet Chihuaha at the time.  My Nana also taught me how to embroider, knit, crochet, and quilt at a very young age as well.  I was the child in elementary school selling my creations on the school yard.  My desire to create, as well as my entrepreneur spirit, began sometime in the early 1970’s.

Who inspires you?
Dreams. I will actually dream that I designed and created something.  The dreams are crystal clear and the vision of a new creation or design lasts for weeks long after I’ve awaken.  

How do you motivate yourself to not give-up
As the old cliche goes, “Haters are my motivators”.  Determination and my rebellious “in your face” attitude toward local kooks have done wonders for my art and my business endeavors.

5 things on your to do list for life!
Ironically, as an individual who functions daily by crossing off her “to do” list, I have never taken the time to consider a life’s “to do” or “bucket list”, so to speak. The request of 5 desires is a challenge.  I want to one day move back home to the ocean.  I truly desire to sell our home and purchase some land out in the country where the nearest neighbor would be miles away.  I’d convert an old barn,  ideally nestled amongst haystacks and behind a modest weathered house, into a huge studio where I would escape to create.  I’d also adopt many strays and rescue many black cats and black dogs from shelters and allow them to roam free throughout our property.  
Move back to the ocean, sell our house, own a farm, convert a barn into my mega studio, adopt strays and spoil them rotten:  That’s 5.

Any word words of advice/tips for people who want to express their creativity, but don’t know how?
To those who want to create but don’t know how, I would suggest that they simply dive in.  Practice makes for perfection.  Look to others for inspiration and ideas but NEVER reproduce a carbon copy of another person creation.  Add to it, alter it, make it your own and ultimately make it much better with your signature twist stamped all over it.  That’s what I do.

Judyanne, is going to gift the apron and pendant, pictured below, to one Nina on the Moon reader!
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