Family Adventure: Splashdown Waterpark

A couple weeks ago, my family and I joined other YVR Bloggers and their families at Splashdown Waterpark, in Tsawwassen. Splashdown has 13 waterslides, a toddler waterplay area, volleyball and basketball court, video game arcade, a goodies store and a concession. Splashdown is Greater Vancouver’s ONLY waterslide park.

I have many awesome memories at Splashdown; from childhood visiting with my family or a daycamp during Summer vacation, to adolescents with a group of friends. And now, here I am about 15 years later visiting Splashdown with my own little family, creating more memorable moments. I was happy to share a part of my childhood with my husband, and relive so many good times, this was his first time there. 

It was also our Little Moon’s first time at a waterpark, hehehe. At four months young, I sat her on my lap and we went down one of the six children’s slides, another first! We also played (and by played I mean, I held her in my arms while walking under the sprinklers hehehe) in the Children’s splash area. ninaonthemoon-latinablogger-yvrbloggersfamiliesatsplashdownwaterparkbc

I remember when I was a kid, The Black Hole seemed to be sooo tall, but as I walked up to it for the first time in about 15 years, I was surprised at how small it looked. I was curious to see if the sliding experience was going to be as much fun as I remember, and it sure was! It’s so dark that you can’t see where you are heading, it was so much fun.

Big Jim’s River Run

Another Splashdown favorite; like the Black Hole  is a tube slide, only difference is that it’s open air. This is my favorite slide at Splashdown because you can go with a group, you’re not supposed to link, but that doesn’t stop most people. It’s so much fun trying to hang tight or be pulled away from the person(s) you are linked to.

I’m going to be honest, I was a little nervous about going down the four advanced body slides alone. I couldn’t decided whether to sit and go slow or lie down and go fast…but as soon as I sat down on the slide, I said what the hay and laid back. Oh, it was so much fun, I was “wooooooo-ing” all the way down! I felt so ALIVE and happy. There are also two intermediate body slides, which are slighty slower than the advanced ones.

ninaonthemoon-lattinavancouveryvrblog-splashdownwaterparkThe grounds at Splashdown are a lot bigger than what I remember from my childhood. They’ve added tents, BBQ’s, picnic tables and even a volleyball and basketball court. We set up our picnic right under a beautiful tree, which provided great shade. There is a lot of green space where you can play frisbee or even tag 😉

I had a wonderful time at Splashdown Waterpark park reliving childhood memories and creating new ones with my family, especially with my Little Moon.


Splashdown Waterpark
4775 Nulelum Way
Tsawwassen, B.C.
V4M 4G9
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