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A little about me huh? Well, I’m a native Southern California girl, and I still live about ten minutes from where I grew up! I love it here, and over the last several years have really fallen in love with the Mexican culture. I’m Mexican-American, and I’ve always loved the culture, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really learned to appreciate it. I’m also really inspired by the bright colors, and the warmth that they represent. I actually started out sewing children’s clothes, which I loved, and still do occasionally, but my true passion is my home, and making it feel warm and welcoming. I work in my tiny (and I mean tiny) home studio surrounded by the sounds of my two daughters, Sabrina and Coco (they are 12 and 8), and I’ve been married to Oscar, for almost 14 years (this month!). I truly love what I do, and look forward to continuing to grow my business in the coming years.

Vanessa is generously giving away a $40 credit (to her Etsy shop) to ONE lucky Nina on the Moon reader! She is also offering a 10% discount to you, with the code NINAMOON10.

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