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April 27, 2012- Latina Lifestyle Bloggers is a curated group of Latina bloggers who blog about lifestyle topics such as fashion, travel, food, wine and beauty amongst other topics. 

#LALLBLOG was about “exploring the possibilities” and “going beyond the blog.”  The conference consisted of a couple of individual presentation and a few panels of smart, independent and empowering women, who have turned their blogs into successful businesses. 

#LALLBLOG took place at Indie Desk, in Downtown Los Angeles. Indie Desk  is a co-working space, set up with conference rooms, desks n comfy chairs, and all of your office needs like printers, fax, and scanners! Oh yes, and wifi! The building that Indie Desk is located in has some pretty amazing architecture!

Day one started off with a bang, as soon as you walked through Indie Desk‘s doors you could feel the energy beaming. Everyone was getting to know each other and eager to learn about tools and tips from the experts in social media.

Shout out to my home girl Sophia from La Sophia, swear this chick is my long lost sister. I have been following Teresa Garza‘s blog Checa La Movie for quite some time now, so it was so awesome to finally meet my friend in person! I also met sisters Isabel and Sonia from At Home in Pleasanton, CA. It was really a pleasure meeting so many independent and inspiring women in one place! 🙂

Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Pictured Above: Ana and Erika
The morning began with a warm welcome from the very dedicated and hard working Ana Lydia Monaco and Ilse Martinez. The first keynote speaker was Erika Cervantes, the incredibly talented woman (and comedian) behind the super funny website, COMEDIVA! One of their mos recent videos is called Pinsanity, and is bananas, you gotta watch it, so funny!

Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Pictured Above: Deborah

Next up was the extremely vibrant and empowering motivational speaker/life coach, Deborah Deras of Synergy Unlimited. Boy were we in for a treat with Deborah, who’s energy is incredibly contagious. Even before speaking, her body beamed charisma, confidence and positive vibes; I definitely took note and will be practicing! 😉 You should make some vision boards, dedicate one board to your dreams, to your passion, to your travels, etc. 

Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Pictured Above: Ana, Lala, Serena and Shawanna

The Social Media of Blogging was the first panel for the morning. Shawanna Davis, Serena Ehrlich and Lala Castro gave us an astounding number of tips and tools for how to do use social media properly and effectively! 

Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Pictured Above:  Rebekka, Laura, Jasmine and Ana

Next up: Jasmine Powers, Rebekka Lien and Laura Klein who gave us some tips and tools for Using Your Blog to Sell Your Products Online. 

Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Pictured Above: Sylvie, Meghan and Candace

The last panel of the day was From Blog to Book: Candace Davenport, Sylvie Celis, and Meghan Cleary. Pretty cool to see and learn how people have turned their blogs into books; very interesting!

The day closed off with a walking tour from Indie Desk to the Fashion Institute of Fashion and Merchandising.

Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Pictured Above: Sophia, me and my husband
Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Pictured Above: Carlina, and I
Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
Photo Credit: Danilo Martinez
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