Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Mt 6:34

 Good Morning, I hope you are having a wonderful day!
My husband and I are loyal customers to good eats, especially if they are family run, so we tend to always go to the same five restaurants, cafes, bakeries in our neighborhood. I was born and raised in this neighborhood, and as the years go by, the streets are forever changing; store fronts close, get renovations, demolished and new duo commercial-housing complexes are going up… 
The other day, one of my best friends informed me that “the Chinese bakery, on this side of the street” had been closed down. WHAT, wait, which Chinese bakery, the new one or the old one? WHAAAAT, the old one? A rush of memories came flashing before my eyes, it was as if time was standing still, like how they do it in the movies, everything froze around me. 
I remembered being a child, walking hand in hand with my parents and siblings to buy apple turnovers, almond cookies and on special occasions, gingerbread men. Oh the men, with their Smartie eyes, icing smile and 3 Smartie buttons…
When I was old enough, my parents would send me on  “bakery runs” for the pan dulce staples. Yall know that cafe tastes so much better with some pan to dip! 😉 
It wasn’t until Spring time in high school that I had discovered their delicious strawberry tarts. Mouth watering, just thinking of them. Hahaha me los estoy sabrosiando y me da lastima que nunca los voy a comer de nuevo! You know Spring has arrived, once you see their strawberry tarts on display in their window! Their Fall/Winter tarts were Pecan, and Summer was Blueberries. 
This experience made me emotional, and got my wheels turning. I am in the middle of planning a project with my husband, which will be dedicated to my beautiful neighborhood. 🙂 I can tell you that it requires us to try new places, keep track of names, menus and even interviews!
The photos above were taken at Master Chef Cafe. This was the first place we decided to record, since we had always had curiosity to try it out 🙂 Tony and May, are the owners of this rustic joint. Everything on the menu is cheap and very filling, and no tax! Gabriel had the bacon burger; the patty is freshly made in the restaurant and comes with home made fries, all made by May! I ordered the Turkey clubhouse with fries! 🙂 So tastey. We’ve been back several times, trying the cheeseburger delux and bacon delux, mout watering! Next, we’re going to try their fish and chips! mmmm…
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