A very special day: One year engagement, Twenty-forth birthday, First blog giveaway

Exactly one year ago,today (September 9, 2009), Gabriel proposed to me! ­čÖé He did it on the field of one of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world, “El Azteca” in Mexico City, Mexico.(fact: This stadium hold 107,494 seats!) This day was already special even before he proposed because we were going to watch the game, which was a World Cup Qualifying match between Mexico (where Gabriel is from) and Honduras (where my parents are from, and basically I’m a the craziest Honduras soccer fan!lolz)….

It’s a verrrrrrry long story (that i love, but i think may bore you,lol) about how he planned everything!┬á and how his cousin and him had tricked me into thinking that we were getting field access because Gigo (cousin) had to do a report on the fan atmosphere for┬á work(TvAzteca).. How i didn’t realize Gigo was filming me the whole time, while i recorded myself! lol. Here’s the video, that i recorded…it’s the 3 clips i took on my camera: the one before the proposal, and 1 after, and during the game ­čÖé

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