hey’all! hope everyone had a rad weekend ^.^ i did…worked 5am-1pm saturday.partied…mmwine! and sunday we chilled all day & obviously went 4 pho/vietnamesephuuuud.then to my parents place. and now its monday and we chillin….we made pancackes&fruit salad 4 breaky…went to get our dining room table set.and soooofa 4 the living room,YAY!  now, i’m waiting for the pizza to be done, Gabriel made Mushroom &shrimp pizza…with a nice bottle of Merlot….mm

the dress i am wearing is my moms from the 80s~! ^.^  many years ago, she was going to throw it away, but i told her that i wanted to keep it because it was something that i’d love to treasure foreverrr!! because it was a part of her closet…and that i’d wear it out once i was around the age that she got it..(24ish)… I don’t know how to explain what i felt when i put this dress on…it was so energizing and took me back, made me feel like my mom… like a special bond, it!

Anyways, hope you all had an amazing weekend and that you have an even better week!!! Each day is always better than the last 🙂 keep on smiling and the universe will smile back!!! many blessing to all!!! xo~
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