Welcoming Parenthood: The Day Our Lives Changed Forever… a couple months ago while Gabriel and I were waiting for our Doctor to come back with the pregnancy results we decided to take a picture “just incase” this was a life changining moment….this is my rendition of that photo we took.

Ohhhhhhhhhh boooooooooooooooooy, we were just so excited, antsy/nervous while waiting. Anyways, minutes later our Doctor peeked in the room and congratulated us by saying “YOU’RE DEFINETLY PREGNANT!! CONGRATS MOM + DAD!!” We just laughed hysterically and held each other tight for about 10 minutes… 

I’m sure we will be laughing and holding each other tight for what is sure to be a wild ride of parenting!!! I am so thankful to God that I have my best friend by my side; Gabriel, I couldn’t have picked a better partner to spend the rest of my life with, to be the father of my children and  to experience all of the wonders and joys this journey has to offer. Te amo.

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