Wedding Wednesday: The Flowers

It is that day of the week again, Wedding Wednesday
I am having so much fun posting photos and writing about our wedding, and the  planning that came with it! Especially because I get to remember all the fun my husband and I had during the whole process. A big thank you to our family, who also helped a lot in bringing this memorable event together.

Today, is all about the flowers! 
Two days before the wedding, I’m for real, my husband went to a flower market in Guadalajara and ordered 8 bouquets for the bridesmaids, 1 for the Virgen de Guadalupe, and 1 bouquet for me, the bride! A friend of ours picked up the bouquets the morning of our wedding. 

The bridesmaid bouquets, were white roses with “nubes.” I don’t know what nubes (means clouds in Spanish) are called in English, but they are the tiny white flowers surrounding the roses. Check them out in the picture above, and if you know what they are called, please let me know! Greatly appreciated.

My second bouquet for La Virgen de Guadalupe, was made up of light peach roses. In Catholic ceremonies, the bride offers one of her bouquets to the Virgen, asking for her to bless the new family with happiness and fulfillment.

During the ceremony, this bouquet is held by one of the bridesmaids and at the end of the wedding ceremony is given to the bride, so she and her husband can offer it to the Virgen. In our case, I asked my mother if she would do us the honour.

My bouquet, was beautiful; simple and elegant. It was made up of lillies and orchid 

The day we were deciding on the flowers, Magii, my sister in law, showed me a picture of one of the bouquets that Jacky Bracamontes used for her wedding. We decided that a much simpler version would be perfect for me, and voila, it was! Gracias Magi, por la inspiracion y ayuda! 

The flowers that decorated the interior of the church were provided and arranged by the church. It was included in the fee we paid for the service, very convenient and VERY affordable!  Yeah, I was pretty happy they matched my bouquet, everything worked out perfectly.

Besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras!

What’s your favorite kind of flowers?
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