Wedding Wednesday: Religious Traditions

The Lazo (above)
The tradition of the Lazo or wedding Rosary is prominent in the Hispanic culture. This wedding rosary is used to symbolize the unification of the couple through prayer. The traditional belief is if the couple prays the rosary together every night their marriage will endure. 

The wedding rosary is actually two individual and complete rosaries which meet and become one before the crucifix. It is placed by the priest over the couple after they have exchanged vows usually as they kneel to receive communion.
Las Arras (above)
The Arras (The Coins) is a small box that contains thirteen gold or silver coins, which represent Christ and His twelve Apostles. The groom gives the Arras to the bride after the vows have been exchanged as a symbol of his readiness to provide financial support in their married life. When the bride recieves them, she promises to use them wisely.

 Devotion to The Blessed Virgin Mary
Mary, the mother of Jesus is the ultimate role model for the Catholic bride, as she will strive to mirror Mary’s perfect love for God and devotion to her family. Brides often wish to seek the guidance and blessings of The Lord, through a ceremony that requests the intercession ( to request on your behalf ) of the Blessed Virgin Mary, through prayer and the laying of flowers.
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