Wedding Wednesday: La Mesa de Novios and Centerpieces

It’s wedding season, so I figured I’d continue where I left off with my Wedding Wednesday posts! 

A few days before our wedding, Gabriel and I decided that we wouldn’t have the traditional head table at our reception. We wanted to be seated alone, just the two of us! Hehehe. Luckily, at la Hacienda, they had a media luna mesa (half moon table?), that was perfect for what we wanted! 

At our venue, we had candles, like the ones pictured above, all along the paths that led you from one place to another in la Hacienda. So, it was only fitting that we have a romantic candle set up behind our head table!

As you can see, our center pieces were simple: A glass vase, with some white sand at the bottom, and some dyed..I don’t know what that’s called..grass? Help? Hahahaha.  Oh yeah, and the center piece at our table was a subtly different, our vase was long, thin and circular, while the other ones were shorter, wider and rectangular. Also, our had two white pin wheels placed on the top! 

I actually didn’t even know what our center pieces were going to be three days before the wedding. AND I actually didn’t pick or decide how our center pieces would look like, SERIOUSLY! Hahaha, my father in law was in charge of picking/assembling the center pieces and he did it all two days before the wedding. Yeah, I was a pretty relaxed bride to be 🙂

Oh yeah, our table was also situated right by the dance floor, not in front of it because we didn’t want to have our back to anyone, but on the left hand side!

Did you have a head table at your wedding? Who was sitting at it?
Who do yo picture sitting at your head table? Bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, the whole sha-bang, or just the two love birds? 

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