La Casa Azul, El Museo de Frida Kahlo: Diego Rivera’s Bedroom

Last week I shared some of the photos I took of the kitchen and dining room in La Casa Azul (click here to see). Today I present to you some of the photos from Diego Rivera‘s personal bedroom in La Casa Azul. Yes, although Frida and Diego were married while living in La Casa Azul, they did sleep separately.
The first thing that I noticed when I walked into Diego Rivera‘s room was the pair of signature denim overalls hanging on the wall. I was able to close my eyes and envision  him wearing them while painting one of his many famous murals. His signature overalls and hats also reminded me of the Portrait of Ignacio Sanchez, which is an oil on canvas  he completed in 1927. I felt his presence.
I carefully examined the small bedroom and spotted a miniature of Diego Rivera‘s death mask on top of the cabinet (pictured in photo #2, far right). I also noticed that there were couple of Pre-Hispanic pieces on that same cabinet, which is nothing compared to the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of pieces he collected
Do you have a favorite painting/mural by Diego Rivera?
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